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Talon and Thorn


Rainbow Dash wants to take her marefriend Fluttershy out to a nice meal on Hearths Warming Eve, she'd got something important she wants to tell her. If only she can get up the nerve to get the words out.

Written for SuperWriter2329] for Jinglemas 2022 based on the prompt I would like to have Rainbow and Fluttershy on a romantic date in Cloudsdale, not the EQG one. You can put in some funny and comedy elements in there, but not too much. Also, make it so that the two kissed at the end of their date.

Many thank's to Rixizu for suggestions.

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It's several years after her retirement and ex Princess Celestia has fallen into a lazy life of sun bathing and cake eating.

To try and get her out of the rut her life has become her sister suggests that she try's out for a place in a Hearth's Warming Pageant. Will the prickly producer in charge of the production be enough to change Celestia's life? Or will she drive the ex-princess way from ever acting again?

Written for Rune Soldier Dan for Jinglemas 2021 based on the prompt Harshwhinny/Celestia shipfic! Either comedic or sweet, not looking for sadness or drama.

Many thank's to Rixizu for editing and suggestions.

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It's Hearth's Warming and Smolder would like to invite a certain young dragon to a dance but she can't get the words out, can her changeling roommate help her make this the best Hearth's Warming ever?

Many thanks to Rixizu for editing.

This was written for The Bricklayer as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Queen Celestia has a problem. Although her court consists of many mighty beings willing to aid her in the overthrow of her sister and the retaking of her throne they seem unable to work together. In order to try and get her court to bond she decides to organise a Hearth's Warming Helper so that each member needs to provide another with a gift.

A non canon story set in Rainbowdoubledash's Lunaverse AU where Celestia was banished to the sun for a thousand year by Luna.

Chapters have been written by thatguyvex, Rainbowdoubledash and myself and will be released daily leading up to Christmas.

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In order to try and simplify their Hearth's Warming shopping the Lunaverse Mane 6 decide to have a Hearth's Warming Helper so they only need to get one present each.

Based on 'The best Gift Ever' but set in the Lunaverse

A festive writing event including Rainbow Double Dash, RK Striker JK 5, Rixizu and myself.

Chapters will be released daily until Christmas Eve.

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This story is a sequel to Why?

It's Hearth's Warming and Dash like most of the population of Equestria are preparing for a day of spending time with their loved ones. However a chance meeting with Wind Rider shows her that not everypony is as fortunate for some the holidays can be very lonely.

She tries to help her former enemy reconnect with his family for the holiday, even if her target doesn't seem to appreciate it and might not deserve it.

My second attempt at a story in the shows cannon and this years Christmas special.

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When Ponyville school is given money to set up their own band it look like it will be good business for Medley but when a pair of flamboyant stallions turn up in town offering cheaper instruments Bluenote and Cheerilee have a hard decision to make.

A story in three movements.

Part of the Cadenceverse

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Hearth's Warming is just around the corner and the school in need of extra funds Cheerilee decides that it would be a good idea to put on a play to celebrate the season.

However, with unexpected costs, feuds between the cast and her role going to a certain young actresses' head will the play, or Ponyville itself survive until opening night?

Set in RainbowdoubleDash's Lunaverse.

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After Wind Rider betrayed her Rainbow Dash only had one question on her mind, she decided to confront him, but does she really want to know the answer?

Based on a few idea's I had after watching 'Rarity Investigates!'

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A series of short stories and extended scenes featuring various characters from the Lunaverse all on the general theme of families.

New chapters should be added daily for about the next week

1) New Arrival - Raindrops
2) Picnic - Trixie
3) In Loco Parentis - Cheerilee
4) Sick Day - Ditzy Doo
5) The Argument - Lyra
6) Sweat of her brow - Carrot Top

7) Growing up - Luna
8) My Family's File - Puissance

9) Missing - Cheerilee Guest chapter by thatguyvex

My entry to the April Lunaverse writing challenge.

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