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Manehattan is an old city. There aren't many surprises or mysteries left in it, except for what mysteries the ponies that live there make.

But sometimes, mysteries have a way of making themselves. When one of their own stumbles across such a mystery, the Elements of Harmony need to decide what to do about it...

Set in the Manehattanverse.

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ANother great story dude! Can't wait to see the rest! :twilightsmile:

Batpony! :pinkiehappy:

*ahem* Nice. I'll be eagerly waiting to see what happens :twilightsmile:

Trixie just loves titles, doesn't she.

Silence followed that proclamation. Trixie seemed to have earned some stares from the surrounding ponies, and after a moment somepony in the back, only a purple mane visible from where they were standing, cheered weakly.

I love you too, random citizen!

Great, more Manehattanverse! Looks interesting so far.

Blind Bags make the best background ponies.

Fhtagn means wait. I cannot stop myself from posting this.

Are you familiar with the story "Conviction", by Y1?

If not: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/97042/conviction

It is, arguably, the best-written origion story for the Bat-ponies, ever. (They are called 'Nightkin', 'Children of the Night', and 'Fades' in-story). And is tremendously sad. It also has the interesting destinction of being the only story anywhere that I have ever read that makes me feel sorry for both the 'heroes' and the 'villains' equally (quotation marks used because they exchange hats every other chapter or so, sometimes multiple times.)

It is a deeply, deeply underappreciated fic. and I mention it here because it's also a must-read for anybody looking to write a deep, meaningful Bat-Pony. It touches on issues regarding social stigma, racism, and genocide, so be warned. (Oh, don't worry, it's done in inventive an unorthidox ways. The only part that gets under my skin is the genocide part, but that is more a matter of principle.) The only super-warning is for squick and disturbing imadgry involved in the creation of the Nightkin themselves.

It would be totally awesome if that story got a nod or ten here, it really needs more love!


And as for this story? It looks great! Can't wait until it really picks up! I especially love Trixie, though she really ought to get the chance to play the straight man to Pinkie Pie more often, you know? :pinkiehappy: :trixieshiftright:

Ja Ne,


it was a great pleasure coming back to your profile again to find this. and see you hadn't lost the inclination to write. I love every single word you type, and it would be a sad loss if you forgot about this rich, fantastic little fanon universe you set up. Hopefully you'll keep this up until there are enough chapters on it to submit to EqD where it can be accessed by the multitude of readers you deserve. It should definitely be in the Feature Box.

My two theories for Blossomforth's encounter are, A) a magician trying to rival Trixie's magical prowess, and B) the previously unknown batponies coming out of hiding now that the princess of the night has returned. Whatever the case, it'll be fun to see Spike, Trixie, and Blossomforth poking around for clues like Fred, Daphne, and Velma.

Okay, this is a good little mystery. I hope you get back to it soon.

Good to see an update with this story. I'm loving the whole mystery vibe here.
P.S. Who did your cover art? I'd like a link.

And there goes Spike. Nice to see more of this story, and I like the cover art you have here. I patiently await the next chapter.:pinkiesmile:

Conner Cogwork did the art fer both this an' Wrong Place at the Right Time, as a friend.

Seeing an update to The New Tales was one treat, but this update caused me to initiate a celebratory dance that would have disturbed anyone who saw.

Not sure how many times I've said this by now, but I continue to love you versions of Octavia and Trixie. The former is a cool, gentle character whose mind seems to be always in a state as calm and logical as it is magical (now I'm thinking of a Vulcan Hippie), and the latter incorporates the wackiest EoH perfectly without breaking the personality we've seen in the show. Those two are really something. If only you had more time/inspiration for writing, I would gladly read a short story about just the two of them, even if Spike wasn't in it...and there he goes!


Trixie is one of the best written characters in this AU. She's got the Element of Laughter, but keeping her "Trixie-ness" prevents her from acting in a manner that a lot of Pinkie Pie detractors tend to dislike.

3755536 Yeah. Trixie isn't mind-breakingly annoying like Pinkie can be at her worst.

Anyway... great chapter. I loved each group finding clues and then coming together, and the cliffhanger, oh no! SPIKE! :raritycry:

Heh, feels like the part of Trixie was played By Willy Wonka this chapter.

I like the Kirin theory and I hope it ends up being the explanation.

"Fhtagn," Twilight agreed.

No, Twilight, you do not use Lovecraftian-era words! Ever!

Hmm, the flaky green stone could have been shed from a gargoyle pony... though specifying the shape and caller seem to take away from the idea. If it is a kirin, it may be thinking along the lines of rescuing his fellow dragon from the ponies or something. Who knows, maybe it's just a bat pony like Luna's guards.
Hopefully another chapter comes out sooner than the last one.

An' now Fimfiction seems to have decided that it should be showin' me ads for Gargoyles DVDs. Go figure.

Comment posted by Kind of Brony deleted Feb 6th, 2014

Well, I was going to just do the sound with youtube, but I guess this will have to do...
... It's just not the same. On a side note, Fimfiction is watching us.

I like this story. I like it a lot.
I desire more.

I know I heard the word 'kirin' somewhere before, but I just can't remember where...:applejackunsure:

Oh well. I liked reading this chapter, and the revelation to our mysterious bat pony.:pinkiesmile:

It's the Chinese/Japanese equivalent of a unicorn. They're covered in scales and have cloven hooves, though I'm not sure about the wings.

You'll notice ah'm not followin' kirin lore 100%, either classically or within the fandom.

But of course! I don't think anyone does it exactly like the original mythology.
Especially seeing as the original had a single deer antler for a horn. That's just weird.
I like your version.

Neat Mario reference. :raritywink:

I'm not familiar with whatever mythology or lore you drew from, but it was pretty clear that they all inherited different elements of nature.

On the story, having Twilight nearly break down was very heartening; it's always great to read fics that show how deeply she cares for her li'l buddy. My two favorite mares were kinda lackluster compared to earlier chapters, but that makes sense what with all the exposition that was needed.

Octavia is most likely whistling the X-Files theme.

3755536 She also worked in a little fourth wall breaking.

Well, good to see this starting to be sorted out. :twilightsmile: Methinks their eyes were glazed over about halfway through Spike's tales about Octavia. :p

Octavia is the one of them that thinks of bat-pony? Octavia?

Yeah I'm getting a Gargoyle vibe as well.

Gedion Exing was interesting I havn't seen to many Griffin characters. Is Halcyon him and Lovestruck's kid? A Hippogriff? Another species I've not seen much of.

Yep, hippogriff. He'll come up again later, along with his parents.

So technically the kirin's story is pretty much the same as Gargoyles right?:trixieshiftright:

Mostly. Consider it an homage of sorts.

Except that the kirin were created by ponies, while the gargoyles appear to be a natural race. An' there is no pony Xanatos. An' ah have full plans ta have 'em assimilate with pony society at large. And... ah guess it ain't that much like Gargoyles aside from the stone-by-day thing an' the thousand-year-sleep thing.

That pun... :rainbowlaugh:

Great conclusion. Good to see them working together to help the Kirin out. :) All in all, a great tale.

I can't help but wonder how the Kirin would react if they encountered the Weeping Angels :eeyup:

New York City sculptures, huh? Yeah, I wouldn't 'a gotten that.

Loved the sweet ending.

I liked reading this story. Good moral too. Good work.:pinkiesmile:

This should be itneresting, I sense Scoobey Doo antics.

Oh dear, whoever took Spike made a very powerful Twilight Sparkle mad, this should be good! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this is getting interesting...

A hippogriff as a Cutie Mark Crusader...I like that idea. Very original, and I'm pretty curious now as to how each and every Manehattan CMC will interact with one another.:pinkiesmile:

A hippogriff? Nice idea I like to see what come him becoming a CMC.

A hippogriff in the CMC. I like! I also like him and Tangerine there interacting. Great finish, here!

I'm really glad you did! I couldn't figure out what on earth that was supposed to mean. I guess it makes sense, kinda, since they're having a cryptolinguistics club meeting... Do you mind if I ask what language that is? If you don't feel like answering, years after the initial comment, don't worry about it.

It's from hp lovecraft "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" ("In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.")
It's technically gibberish? I think? It's not based on a real language as far as i know. I've always just assumed based on the sentence structure fhtagn means wait, though it could be dreams too.

Agreed. Rule number one of the Buffy research club: Do not read the mysterious words written in an ancient book in some obscure language out loud.

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