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Hearth's Warming is a magical time of year, and not just because of the actual magic. Joy and friendship fill the air.

Joy and friendship and magic. That's still important.

Today, Twilight is tasked with meeting Trixie at the train station. However, the experience may prove to be more than she expected.

Because of the magic, you see.

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Comments ( 8 )

Very nice. Well-written and just the right length. Also a very interesting and thought-out expansion of the Hearth's Warming Eve tradition that stands on its own; while being clearly a variant of Christmas, it's unique rather than being just Christmas shoehorned in, and fits perfectly with the feel of the canon show. A very good piece of worldbuilding that I'll be sure to remember for future stories. Excellent work.

Trixie is Princess Platinum's identical stranger? Yet it seems Rainbow Dash is still Commander Hurricane's counterpart. Fitting.

This was a sweet and good story. Nice work.

It's a Hearth Warming miracle!

So in Equestria toys are made by Viking ponies? Cool!

Bwuh? You can't post a Christmas story on April Fool's Day! It's totally unseasonal!

...Ah. Well played. :trixieshiftright:

I so did not see that ending coming. Well-played, sir. Wall-played.

Huh. That was an interesting story, and an even more interesting ending. So is Trixie a dead-ringer for Princess Platinum, or did Platinum just decide to take on a form that some of the Manehatten ponies were familiar with?

The real question is, does the real Trixie put on Hearth's Warming Eve performances for free?

I'm seeing what you did there. Referencing Hurricane having a mare back home, which could explain Rainbow's resemblance. And no doubt Platinum had some sort of descendants, or decedents of relatives, that went on to become the Lulamoon family.

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