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Group for people to post Stories involving their own OCs, or who just was to RP. The forums will be used for RP, any other subjects posted on it will be deleted.


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317035 (sorry for not getting to you sooner) The size of the file must be at max 1mb. No more, no less. If you could make a banner for us, that would be great!

This group needs a banner. I can help with that. Not that I'm finding excuses to stop production of one of my fanfictions or anything.

What size does it need to be? Just tell me, and I'll make a bunch of random OCs on the Ponymaker and put them all together.

Yes, but (if you're RPing) tone it down a bit if someone asks you to please! :twilightsmile:

Can blood be allowed because my stories have a lot of blood?

309261 There are some rules, though the "be clean as possible" rule really depends on how clean the person can be, but I don't want anything too bad. Look at the forums for the rules! :twilightsmile:

So... There's no rules? Just roleplaying?

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