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hello? are you ignoring me? is your story ever going to be continued?

so.....chapter 3? pretty please?

Wanderer D

This might be a generic message that I'm leaving all over the place... or maybe, just maybe it's intended only for a select few. You might, or not, be one of those few. But, here it is.

Merry winter celebration of your choice! :heart:

And yes, you're awesome. :raritywink:

Or, I would just have left it at that, but Rhiia, you're a pleasure to know and talk to. :raritywink:

224552 All is not lost, it's on its way, just give it time. For various reasons I may go into at a later time, progress on it has been less steady than I had hoped. I still think about it every single day and am still deeply interested in finishing it.

I am extremely pleased with the way chapter 3 is shaping up so far, and though I cannot possibly guess when it may be done, I think everyone will like it. Have patience. :twilightsmile:

Soooooo.... Magic in crimson....

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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