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[Complete!] When Rarity finds out how little Twilight gets out of the Library, things get out of hand as she decides to take it upon herself to teach Twilight the ropes of dating. As Rarity drags her around, Twilight begins to have a good idea of who she wants to ask out.

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Huge credit to Kurbz, for grammatic correction; Norsepony, for story guidance; Golden Vision, for a final review; and all three, for pre-reading in general!

I hope to make a somewhat longer romance story for Twilight and Rarity, since there doesn't appear to be a prominent one at the moment, and it's an area where I have some experience. I plan to have this fic light-hearted and full of comedy, contrast to Flying High, Falling Hard, where the relationship is full of drama and angst.

As for fans of that other fic, it is currently undergoing revisions, and the next two chapters are already finished. Be patient, and I'll try to make the home stretch as comfortable as possible for both of us.

first few sentences had me thinking something else :twilightblush:

Haha, okay you got me with that first section. Tracked.

Very nice.... now I await to see how you incorporate Spike... :moustache: Will he be understanding, or will he get jealous? only time, and you can tell us :twilightsmile:

pure brilliance! :pinkiehappy: i haven't enjoyed a fic like this for a very long time!

This is reading like a more light hearted version of the Twility bits of Romance Reports. Thumbs up, looking forward to more!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Master of the bedroom eyes:twilightblush:
I like where this is going:raritywink:

HAHAHA, this story shall be a great pain to me if it's TwixRarity....because there is only SpikexRarity or death by retro lancer.

"Just bash your eyelashes at him while he takes our orders and give him a wink.”
you cannot imagine the mental image this gave me.



Also, this made me laugh pretty hard and seems like a fun story. FAV'D :rainbowlaugh:

Who would've thought Pony-fics would have gotten me to like shipping. This one is obviously no exception. :twilightsmile:

I must say, this leaves ample enough room to work on a sequel if the thought ever crossed your mind. I would be more than eager to read it also.:pinkiehappy:

With that being said, loved the fimfic. :heart:


Edit: Noticed the 'Incomplete' sign. Made my day.

pretty darn awesome :twilightsmile::raritywink: plz do more soon

Twirarity? Yus pleaz

I was kind of hoping Twilight would "accept" Chalice's offer, because there is all kinds of drama that can be found with that option. :twilightoops:

But rarity, i want to know how for ponies would work....:ajsmug:

great story! you've just been tracked!:pinkiehappy:

*see cover
Aww, that's cute. Let's take a looksy.
*See title
That sounds like fun. I can guess where this is going.
*Read first sentence of description
This is gonna be good.
*Read second sentence
*See it's by soundslikeponies

“No, I mean it! I really can’t dance!”

I suffer with you, Twilight. I suffer with you.:ajbemused:

It felt very right, that thing; Rarity is so positive and wants to be so encouraging, so she makes that common mistake: when you tell someone to do X and they tell you they can't do X they are usually right!

“The Salt Around the Rim.”

I'm not sure if i should hit you or give you a hearty pat on the back.

You had me at
"Twilight moaned in ecstasy."

as a man who cannot dance, i feel both twi's and sieurins pain :facehoof: last time i tried to dance i stoped the room :ajbemused:

Pssst! Hey guys,I think Twilight has a crush on Rarity.

they dont have bars in ponyville :rainbowhuh: but nice story

A Rarilight by soundslikeponies :yay:. Story is off to a good start. Looking forward to more.

All aboard the shipping transatlantic! :raritywink:

Awesome. I like how Rarity has some clue about romance without being constantly right about it (eg. "you have to laugh even if it's not funny"), and how you kept it ambiguous whether Rarity has actually picked up on how Twilight is feeling towards her. Fav'd.

>First few sentences
>Know immediately that they're being massaged
The sexual innuendo is a nice and familiar taste of overused.

(sees only Rarity and Twilight character tags. sees a romance tag. sees an image of Twilight hugging Rarity.static.fimfiction.net/images/story_images/23373.png?1335654445 )

It's an RarityxTwilight fic, is it?:ajsmug:

559205 Are you high? No way man! Not in a million years!

Very entertaining fic. I'll be following this one with interest.
Fun fact: I went nearly a year thinking colt-cuddler and filly-fooler were ponyspeak for pedophiles. :facehoof:
559205 disgusting lies and slander :trixieshiftright:

You guys are right, I have no idea what I was talking about, I must have been driven insane by the Pony-Madness, Twilight is totally going to take the knowledge she gets from Rarity, and court her true hearts desire, The Great and Powerful Trixie.

Don't know this all seems a little... Fast for me. :rainbowhuh:
Had a good dose of comedy and I was actually expecting a bar fight to break out during the part with Chalice, so you get my attention. Let's see how this develops =)

Honestly I have only ever read one TwiPie that I didn't think was bad, I found it on EQD a long time ago, and for the life of me I can't find it again, but more importantly, we ALL know that Twixie is the some of the best shipping around, because the only-thing better than The Great and Powerful Trixie is the great and powerful relationship, she will have with Twilight.

560593 I'm just being silly anyway. I don't really favor one pairing above any other.
Twixie has The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle in it's favor, so there's that.

If you limit what you read just because you don't like the idea of a certain paring then I think you have missed the entire point of the show, so I do agree with you on that, and The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle is my favorite hands-down, also I remembered that fic I mentioned, Causality.

560650 I remember Causality! I think that might actually have been the first Pony shipfic I ever read.

Another shipfic by soundslikeponies? I'm on board!

Oooh, and it's one of the less common ship, too! Not enough good Raritwi out there.

Are you serious?! That was the first fic I ever read! Then it was Ponies make War, which was a huge change of direction.

560701 Yeah, it was the fic that really sold me on the fact that yeah, shipfics can be just as good as any other type of fic.
And Ponies Make War is totally second best grimdark fic.

looking forward to see what happens with this next! Please update soon! :twilightsmile:

This is off to a great start! Both in characterizations, details of the settings and situations and overall presentation.

Particular points of enjoyment? The end scene, when Twilight flirted with Carrot Top, and Rarity catching Twilight with her rear in the mirror. One was wonderfully endearing and heartwarming, one was an extremely adorable scene, and the last was a hilarious comedic moment that was utterly original.

Bravo good sir, take my thumb and star! :twistnerd:

Excellent characterizations, sir. You manage mature issues with making the ponies unpony-like. I really hope for a continuation.

Second best? What could be better than Ponies make War?

560812 Fallout Equestria. It's easily the best fanfic I've ever read, in any fandom. Better than most actual books I've read, too.

I really should get around to reading that.


An understandable mistake... okay not really, just remember, it's like calling someone boy or girl when they're in their twenties or older, not youth identification, just familiarity and informalness. Also, while this fanbase on the whole stays away from the pedo scene, I dimly recall ponies who like little ponies inappropiately being called "foal-fiddlers", just a small tidbit for you.

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