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I laid awake, staring at reflected light from the window on my ceiling.  Tomorrow was going to be important, I knew I should try to sleep, but it was being difficult.  On the other side of the upper floor she slept, in that room for the last time. It was never going to happen, but I worried that my breathing, maybe even my heartbeat, would wake her.

I spent the whole time thinking, about our past together, the good times, the fights, everything we said we would do together.  I remembered it all, and one by one, let it go. It didn’t matter anymore, none of it. Tomorrow, Vinyl Scratch was going to leave, and I would never see her again.

Story is canon only up to the end of Season 4. This story also uses the original fanon last name for Octavia, because I like it better.

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first off, that cover pic is absolutly adorable!
and I really like Tavis parents here. While I don't have anything against the most used 'one parent is good, one is bad' motion going on it's nice to seee them interact like this :twilightsmile:

I also get the feeling that Vinyl has some heavy luggage carrying around, regarding how she avoided the parent question and that tavi never saw her at school, but there could be good reasons for that.

looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

An adorable start. Each filly feels well-written in a realistic way instead of coming across as overly childish despite their age.

Gosh, I really want to read that next chapter now. This is good stuff: funny, well-characterized, and with hints of drama.

Noooo, homeless Vinyl on the horizon! :fluttershysad:

I really enjoy Octavia's immensely supportive family.

This was cute. I enjoyed it.

I'm betting Vinyls sleeping in the park and when she left is when the patrols usually roll by.

“Just think about it. If you’d asked Filly Rosin how many princesses there were, she would have looked at you like you were crazy, and said one. Now there’s four.

If I’m not mistaken, this is happening in the past, so wouldn’t there still be one princess?
I don’t mean to be a bother

Not a bother at all. It's set after season four, but it's a pretty loose timeline. It's been a bit since I watched it, but we have Celestia, Luna, Cadence. I thought I remembered Twilight turning sometime around season 4, so I've got that one in too.

Ah, then my bad. If you’re going off your own timeline then, as the young folks say, ‘we Gucci.’

No, on further review with quick, you're totally right. Now I have to fix it...
E: Fixed, and credited you in AN. I appreciate it.

No problem bud. Happy to be of help.


Yeah, this appears to be a case of us taking our proposed timeline (after s4) and forgetting that the part of the story we're in is actually before the events of the show.

So, good catch!

Poor Vinyl :fluttercry:

This story is wonderfull. Im on chapter two and already love it. Excellent work.

I'm glad you like it! It's been in the project list for some time, and I've spent several months slowly chipping away. I believe the draft doc is five chapters ahead of where the story is currently? And there's still a lot to come.

Octava is so cute. Its the first story I see her as a filly in such a happy state. Well done.

I must say im afraid that maybe vinyl wont be there when she came to the park... Well lets find out.

Oh my celestia. This is so exiting. And for some reason I think thing gonna get a little sad now

Emotions I knew it.

Jajajajaja I love this chapter so much fun. I laugthed so hard that mi family asked me what was wrong with me. Jajajaja.

I love this story soooo much. :twilightsmile:

It has been a great story

I am actually a little worried abouth how this will end but im glad to see vinyl and tavi together. They are so cute

Such a great story thus far. Deserves more love I say!

Thanks, I'm glad you're liking it so far.

This really is a fun ride. I'm enjoying watching them slowly age and become the mares we all know and love.

It really means a lot that you think we're managing to do that well. It was something I was really worried about when I started writing this, because honestly most of it happens when they are much older, but it was important to me to get all this in the beginning too.

Might be rolling up on time for Vinyl to enter her rebellious stage. Uh-oh.

It's going to suck if Vinyl drops out of school. Just finish school you idiot! Hell, after spending 11 years in school there was no way I was going to punk out of one last year. Gimme my damn piece of paper!!!

What is a philharmonica, anyway? It doesn't even show up in my spellcheck.

It refers to a Philharmonic Orchestra, which is a different way to classifying an orchestral group.

Huh. Giving it a shot after all eh Vinyl? Good for you

That was fun. I like how Octavias group had her back no matter how things would have turned out.

Gotta back each other up in their preferred arts. Hope all goes well.

This sounds really cute and sweet. I can't wait to read the rest.

Thanks, I hope you like it.

More, please

Of course. Next chapter is already done and edited, will go up tomorrow

Sleepover, WOOT! :pinkiehappy:

nice, although I would like to see the point of view of Vinyl about th orchesta

I am still having fun. Snuggly Vinyl seems like a fun Vinyl.

more please :twilightsmile:

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