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Noi! Who is she? She's a background filly, that's who. We don't know her real name, her family, or even her cutie mark.

What we do know is, she's adorable. Whether she's an extra in the Smile Song, a one-line wonder in "Ponyville Confidential", or co-star in the awesome fan animation Lyra's Gift, Noi's there to make your scene 20% cuter.

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(Noi) Ci piace questo gruppo!

That is all. Equestria is ours.


396859 Well a certain lavender princess would be the one to find the rule book for that. I'm all for this it would make for a great cute and funny little random comedy. :yay: :heart:

396859 Oh I so would love to see a cute-off between these two.

396853 I have actually imagined a Noi/Sweetie Belle cute-off. It ends in disaster. ^^

I don't know. Sweetie Belle is pretty cute. You think this pony can give her a run for her bits? :unsuresweetie:

epic lulz
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i ought to make that into a story

394124 Poor Noi...

*Hugs her*


Why is she so cute?!:rainbowkiss::heart::raritydespair:

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