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    Trying my best

    Hello everyone, I'm not in fact dead though in terms of excuses I feel like I don't have any.

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    Remember Don't Panic

    Hey everyone, if you saw I've put the two stories on hiatus. I'm sorry I havent been able to keep up with my writing lately since like November last year I've kinda had a real bad time getting everything to come out.

    I figured that it might just be that I switch it to hiatus since I havent been able to put anything down on my docs.

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    So after rereading my story a few dozen times, sorting out all I wanted and what I needed to focus on Im able to actually start writing again! :twilightblush:

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    Sorry for the long wait everyone, I'm trying to work on it as much as I can but I'm having issues with basically overwhelming myself when it comes to what I wanna do.

    I've been mad at myself because I want to write but I end up not doing it. Which trust me I wanna write but I cant force myself to otherwise I only get things done slower.

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Trying my best · 9:21pm Aug 20th, 2020

Hello everyone, I'm not in fact dead though in terms of excuses I feel like I don't have any.

I know I said I wouldnt be one of those authors that disappear off the face of the map but I did, and im sorry for that. All of my efforts have been working with a extremely slow going work help aid and getting myself a job with a certificate from a online course saying hey you are pretty good at IT stuff. With how 2020 was going it was going to take even longer than I had wanted.

I have to do a lot of soul searching to find out what this pony wants to do with their lives and how to live it. I wont promise much but I haven't forgotten my works, it sits right in front of my google docs page at all times looking at me with Jojo style menacing VSX while I procrastinate on what made writing for me enjoyable in the first place. :applejackunsure:

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Don't sweat it. This year kinda sucks all around. I certainly don't blame you for taking time to look after yourself.

To be honest, i totally forgot about this story. I may reread it again soon

Just, please, if you decide to rewrite your stories in a major way, do it in a new story rather than overwriting the original like Forthwith did with Seeking Power

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