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I figured it was time I wrote something here. Done.


Teaser · 12:58am August 23rd

So, some of you might have seen that I posted a new story. Before you panic, I AM NOT canceling Night Wing, or puting it on Hiatus. I just had to get the other story idea out of my head before I could write anymore of Night Wing. So, now that I’ve explained myself, go lemme know what you think of the other story teaser. Would you like for that to be my next story? Or one of the other ideas I’ve put out before?

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Soooooooo Busy · 4:30am February 25th

I’m for the long wait guys. Life has been so.....stressful lately that I haven’t really thought about Night Wing much. Between working, sick family, some school stuff, and thinking about starting a business I’ve been a little stressed. So, I’m trying guys and gals, but it may be a bit. Sorry!

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Problems · 12:19am Jun 20th, 2019

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I have the next chapter half written, but I’m going through a bunch of family problems right now. I may not be able to be on fimfic much for awhile. So, please don’t be disappointed if I don’t update soon. I am NOT canceling my story, but I may not be able to update for awhile. If I can, then I will. Sorry everybody.

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Busy · 9:14pm Mar 27th, 2019

Sorry for the lack of a chapter. I’ve been busy lately trying to get started in something I really want to do. (Hint hint: it’s falconry) big surprise, I know. It actually was a surprise to me, but I really want to try and become a licensed falconer. This DOES NOT mean my story is canceled. I will try to update soon.

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Proof Reader · 11:54pm Mar 8th, 2019

In light of my last chapter, I realize I need a proofreader. Hunter has been proofreading a few of my chapters, but not the whole chapter. Usually just the first few paragraphs when I’m not sure about them.

Anyways, anyone who wants to help me would be great. And you’ll get the contributor role in my discord.

Edit: I just don't want to pile stuff on Hunter when he didn't even say he wanted to be my proofreader.

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Discord Server · 10:02pm Feb 16th, 2019

Hello guys and gals! The story now has a Discord server! This server will also be used for my future stories, but I thought it fitting for it to be named after my first story.

Here is the link!

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