• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 26 – A Brand New Day

Chapter 26 – A Brand New Day

With the sunlight beaming down on my face, I gradually wake up with a warm, satisfying smile on my face. Despite the fact Rainbow Dash and I slept very late last night as well as how exhausting our late-night “activities” were, I feel as refreshed as ever, like I just had the best sleep of my life. After a good stretch of my fore legs, I look around my surroundings. Beyond the foot of the bed are most of our Gala clothes scattered across the floor. Heh, Rarity wouldn’t like that if she knew we weren’t taking good care of the clothes she made for us. On my right, is the framed picture I’ve made for Rainbow for her birthday last week sitting on a dresser drawer. I’m quite surprised she didn’t break it in frustration after all the heartache I put her through last night. Maybe I did hold a special place in her heart even before I finally confessed my feelings for her.

And to my left, I see my new marefriend, who’s soundly asleep as she bears a blissful, dreamy smile on her face. I’m so thankful that this wasn’t all just some cruel dream to me! I’m about to rest my eyes a bit longer so I can snuggle some more with the girl of my dreams, but then, I get a marvelous idea to myself as I figure I should take this opportunity to pull off a romantic cliché I always want to try: breakfast in bed!

Excitedly, I’m about to spring out of bed so I can get started on our special meal together, but suddenly, I feel a strong pull on my left fore hoof. Turning my head, I see an agitated Rainbow gripping my hoof while she’s still sleeping.

“Mmm… don’t go.” she mumbles troublingly through her sleep. “Stay with me.” I smile lovingly at her continuous affection for me, so I lean forward, gently brush a little of her mane out of the way, and kiss her softly right on her forehead.

“Don’t worry, Rainbow.” I cooingly whisper to her. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

With my sweet words reaching her subconscious, she shows a relaxing, pleasant smile once more as her vice grip finally lets me go for the moment. With her back into her peaceful sleep, I swiftly and quietly fly out of her room to prepare our breakfast.

In the kitchen, I scurry around on what I can use to make around here as part of our breakfast this morning. I look through the cupboards, the pantry, and the refrigerator to verify my resources until at last I come up with a plan. Not sure as to figure out what’s her favorite breakfast item, I decide to go with the basics: scrambled eggs, toast with jelly and butter set aside, an improvised, mixed fruit salad, a couple glasses of orange juice, and my personal favorite, blueberry pancakes (I hope she likes them too) with a small pitcher of maple syrup. And thankfully, my cooking skills haven’t gone rusty thanks to Granny Smith for letting me help out in the kitchen every now and then. After half-an-hour of cooking, my bountiful banquet is all set on a large carrying tray as I giddily flutter back to her room to awake my sleeping beauty.

Once I’m back inside the bedroom, I sigh happily to myself as I see that Rainbow Dash is still resting soundly in her bed. I’ve made it just in time to wake her. Setting the tray on the nightstand momentarily, I crawl on top of her like a graceful cat walking by himself before waking her up with a morning kiss on the lips. I am about to part away considering that I figure that would be enough to awake her by now, but then, I feel her forelegs tugging around my neck as I’m pulled back in for a longer making-out session. I moan slightly in bliss at her return of affection as we finally part lips to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Good morning, angel.” I greet to her tenderly.

“Morning, Mustang.” she responds sweetly with a soft giggle for the nickname I’ve given to her.

“I hope you didn’t mind, but I’ve made some breakfast for you.”

“D’aww, that’s really sweet of you!” she comments affectionately on my sweet gesture. “You didn’t have to do that for me, Ford.”

“You’re right, I didn’t have to, but I really wanted to.” And that earns me a quick peck on the cheek from my contented marefriend. “Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve made this morning.” I say to her as I bring the tray of food onto her lap.

“Wow! You’ve made all this by yourself?!” she gasps in amazement as she stares at the feast I’ve prepared for us.

“Well… considering how many calories we must have burned off during our passionate night together…” I remark smoothly as I slide back in bed as close to her as possible. “…I figure a good, hearty breakfast might be a good way to start our day together.”

“Boy, you sure know your way to a mare’s heart, don’t ya?” she says grinningly as she slides the tray right between our laps. “Anyway, this all looks delicious! Let’s eat already!” Rainbow licks her lips as she rubs her hooves in glee over this bountiful meal we’re sharing.

After seeing Rainbow Dash taking her first bite of my scrambled eggs, I grin with pride as I am rewarded with a squealing smile from her delightful satisfaction over my prepared meal. We eat in contented silence together for quite some time afterwards.

“So, Ford… what’s the plan so far?” she asks me in the midst of our half-finished breakfast.

“Well, first off…” I say to her. “…I’m going to see Princess Twilight this morning so I can convince her to let me stay here permanently.”

Rainbow suddenly pauses from eating as she ponders on something before speaking up hesitantly, “Do you think… Twi and the other princesses will allow you to stay here forever?”

I smile over her concern for me as I respond to her assuringly, “I think we’re giving our princesses, especially Twilight, far too little credit on how reasonable they can be towards their subjects, let alone their friends for that matter. I’m sure it will all work out just fine. And if worse comes to worse, I’ll still stand by my resolve for as long as I have you by my side!”

“Well, what kind of Element of Loyalty would I be if I won’t be willing to do the same for you?” she smiles back as she lays a reassuring hoof on my own. This time, it’s my turn to award her with peck on her cheek. After that, we reassume over the remainder of our breakfast.

“Mmm! These pancakes are so good!” she compliments ecstatically as she munches over the stack contentedly. “How did you know that blueberries are my favorite?”

“Umm… lucky guess?” I answer with an awkward grin. She chuckles at my awkwardness before kissing me with her maple-flavored lips. Mmmm… never thought she could taste any sweeter than before!

“Well, you certainly hit the jackpot on that one!” she grins before finishing the last bites of her food as I too am finished with mine. “Thanks again for breakfast, Ford! Where did you learn to cook like that?”

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking even when I was a human back on Earth.” I answer as I lift the tray off our laps. “But as a pony, I’ve managed to rework on my skills whenever I was helping out with the Apple Family in the kitchen.”

“I guess being trained under the Apples must have really paid off!” she chuckles with a smile as I am about leave the room with our empty tray. “Maybe you should just live with me so that we can cook and eat together!”

Before exiting the room, I immediately pause in mid-air after hearing Rainbow Dash saying that. I wasn’t sure if she was just joking or if she was actually serious.

“Wait, say that again?” I flabbergast as I turn around to look directly at her with wide eyes.

“I-I mean… if you really want to move in with me, that’s fine by me of course!” Rainbow stammers greatly with an uncontrollable blush. “I’ve got plenty of room to spare! Plus, I’ve already invited you over to my house once before! But if you’re not ready yet since you’re already well situated with Applejack’s family, I can completely understand that! I just figure since… we kinda in a relationship together, and you can fly right into my house anytime you want, I was just thinking that we… You know what? It was dumb of me to suggest that to you! I’m probably just approaching all of this way too fast like usual! Maybe you should just forget what I said earlier and--!”

As she rambles about the proposition on me moving in with her, I smile broadly on this unexpected opportunity she’s offering to me. I couldn’t contain my excitement any further. I quickly set the tray aside, and immediately rush over towards the bed as I give the flustered Pegasus mare the biggest kiss I can offer on this fine morning of ours. Her rambling lips are silenced instantly as she tenses up to my sudden affection, but ultimately, she moans relaxingly at this unexpected embrace as her pressed lips break into a satisfying smile while her fore hooves drape over my backside.

Once I finish my kiss, I say to her blissfully, “Rainbow, there’s nothing I would love more than to cook for you, to share the same bed together, and to wake up in your tender hooves each and everyday!”


After finishing our breakfast and such, I make my way to Canterlot where I join up with Princess Twilight in her room for some morning tea. There, I tell her about what happened last night between me and Rainbow Dash, well… leaving out the explicit details of course. Eventually, I come to end of my story as I wrap it up from here.

“…and so you see, Twilight, I don’t want to return back to Earth. I’m far too happy with being here in Equestria, and more importantly, I fell in love with Rainbow Dash, and she loves me as well. So I’m asking you… no, I’m begging you, princess!” I determinedly plead to Twilight as I get down on all knees before her. “Please don’t send me back home! I don’t think I can bear it to myself if I never get to see Rainbow ever again!”

She stares at me speechlessly as I look at her with pleading eyes. After a moment of silence, she breaks out of her stunned trance as she finally speaks to me, “Oh, Ford, you must have been mistaken by what I said last night! I wasn’t planning on forcing you back to your homeworld! I only wish to discuss this more with you!”

“…What?” I respond in quiet disbelief.

“You see…” she continues. “…while I did perfect this inter-dimensional spell, there is a downside to that. From my research, I have discovered that your world doesn’t have any source of magic like what we have here in Equestria. Basically, this spell is a one-way ticket; if I send you back to Earth, then there is no way for you to come back to Equestria without any kind of magical aid from us. That’s why I wanted to discuss this with you first, so that you can be absolutely sure on your final decision before I cast it.”

“Then… does that mean…?”

“Yes, Ford!” she says with an approving smile. “You can stay here in Equestria for as long as you like!”

It takes awhile for me to accept this joyful news, but eventually, I increasingly break into a wide smile as I without hesitation get down on all four knees and kiss her fore hooves repeatedly. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” I say to her with extreme gratitude as I continue my groveling.

“Okaaay.” Twilight responds uncomfortably. “That’s enough, please.”

I stop at her command as I gradually stand up before her. “Sorry, it’s just that… I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that for me! Thank you, princess!”

“You’re welcome, Ford Mustang.” she smiles sincerely.

“Do you think… the other princesses would mind me staying here as well?” I ask gingerly.

“Not at all, Ford! You’ll be more than welcomed here and treated equally just like the rest of us!”

“I’m sorry that you did all that research for nothing, Twilight.” I apologize to her. “I only wished that I’ve come up with my decision sooner.”

“Don’t be!” she surprisingly responds with a gleeful smile. “In fact, I’ve quite enjoy it a lot while discovering another world! It’s quite a contrast compared to our world in so many ways! I was deeply fascinated with how advanced you humans are when it comes to your technology! Phones, televisions, video games, music players, computers! The list goes on and on!” I begin to smile a little when I see just how excited she is over the discoveries of my world.

“And I’m especially intrigued when I discovered a popular cartoon series featuring magical, talking ponies!” But then, my smile drops instantly as I fear on what Twilight is referring too.

“In fact…” Twilight continues with an all-knowing grin while rubbing her chin. “…these six main ponies from the show kind of look and sound just like me and my friends! And their adventures are quite similar to ours! Why, they even share the same names as us! What was it called again… ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ or something like that?” I remain motionless as I frantically shift my eyes around while keeping my mouth shut.

“You won’t happen to know anything about that, would you?” she asks grinningly.

“I… might have come by it ever once in a while.” I give my answer timidly.

“It’s okay, Ford.” Twilight reassures me with a gentle smile. “You don’t need to hide it any longer.”

I smile in relief as I say to her, “You’re surprisingly taking all of this too well, princess.”

“Why do you say that?” she puzzles at me.

“I mean… aren’t you supposed to be freaking out by now upon this startling revelation?!”

“Ford, I hang with out with Pinkie Pie while dealing with all of her constant shenanigans and randomness on a daily basis.” Twilight smirks at me. “Considering with what I have learned when it comes to finally accepting her Pinkie Senses for what it is, a cartoon show based on our universe isn’t going to going to cause me to go through another mental breakdown. Besides, I’m a princess, and I must learn to act like one when handling these kinds of things in life!”

“Plus…” she adds. “…it’s not like the show is a hundred percent accurate.”

“How so, princess?” I raise an eyebrow curiously.

“Well for one thing, we don’t spontaneously sing random, musical numbers right on cue.”

Oh, thank God! I think contentedly to myself.

“Also, Princess Luna didn’t appear as her younger self after being free from her Nightmare Moon persona. It was just a pilot episode, and they haven’t confirmed the final design for her character yet. All those ‘animation errors’ and misuse of continuity don’t relate to anything with our history or with our lives.” I nod my head as Twilight’s analysis starts to make sense to me.

“And for its featured film, ‘Equestria Girls’ was it…?” she continues her statement.


“Yeah… that never happened.” she confirms while shaking her head.

“Heh, figures!” I mutter to myself.

“My point being…” she reaches her conclusion. “…is that no matter what the show depicts in their next episode or what we do in our own lives, neither of our actions would have any consequences between our two worlds!”

“Then… all this time… I was worried for nothing?”

“Pretty much.”

“Wow… that’s… kind of anticlimactic.” I admit with a chuckling smile.

“Are you disappointed by this?” she asks puzzlingly.

“Not in the slightest.” I confirm with a smirk.

“You know, when I first arrived here…” I reflect on this with an amusing smile. “…I’ve been really worried on whether I’ve been dreaming all this time or not! Even now, after all that has happened to me recently, I still find it hard to believe that all this is so real to me!”

“Well… I can think of a way to put those worries to rest.” she grins at me.

“Oh, really?” I smirk at her. “And how do you plan on doing that--? OW! OW! OWW!” I yelp repeatedly in pain as I feel an orb of Twilight’s magical aura pinching my cheek harshly.

“There, does that hurt?” she asks me after her magic vanishes from my face.

“Yes, of course it hurts!” I confirm sharply as I rub my poor, sore cheek with a hoof. “What did you do that for?!”

“Good, you acknowledge pain!” she glees with a smile that borders right between innocence and deviousness. “You wouldn’t feel that if you were dreaming just now, would you?”

I pause briefly after Twilight once again proves her point before I answer with a chuckling grin, “No… I guess not.”

“Then that settles that!” she says with a prideful smile.

“Well… not quite everything just yet.”

“What else is there?”

“I still haven’t figured out on how I got here from Earth to Equestria, and why I’ve been turned into Pegasus Pony as well.”

“Oh yeah. We still have a mystery on our hooves, huh?” Twilight contemplates while rubbing the back of her head. “Well… I may not be able to tell you on how you got here, but I can at least theorize on how you’ve been transformed into a pony. You see, compared to our two universes, each of them has their own cosmic sets of rules ranging in physics, genetics, and sometimes even magic. Your human genetic makeover must have been so complex to our universe, that when you jumped from one dimension to another, the magic in our world must have reconfigured your genetic structure into a more suitable form.”

“Okay, but why was I transformed into a Pegasus instead something else like an Earth Pony or a Unicorn?”

“Maybe this world’s magic must have answered some of your preferences subconsciously such as favorite colors, lifestyle, or perhaps a secret desire upon which you never would have experienced back on Earth.”

For my favorite color, it’s definitely blue, which shows on my coat, eyes, and mane. But as for secret desires, usually, my biggest desire is to be some kind of superhero. Since flying is a traditional superpower, perhaps that's why I became a Pegasus. But then, I start to think about Rainbow Dash. How I’ve always admire her heroism and her immense freedom of flight. Maybe… that was it all along; to be just like her.

“The only thing I can be certain is that no great amount of magical properties happened here around the time of your arrival. So, there’s no connection that may link to your mysterious appearance. Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t provide all the answers for you.” Twilight wraps up regretfully.

“That’s okay, Twilight.” I say to her with a reassuring smile. “Some of life’s mysteries are just best left unsolved I guess.

“In that case, why don’t we head over to the Golden Oaks Library? I hear from Pinkie Pie that there’s a special party going on down there to celebrate the newest couple in Ponyville!”

“Really?” I smile sarcastically. “Who could that be?”

She giggles smilingly before responding, “Well let’s go and find out!”

“Wait!” I stop her before we take our leave. “There’s something I want to ask first!”

“What is it, Ford?”

“Instead of another life form…” I ask curiously. “…can your inter-dimensional spell send something inanimate, like a piece of paper for example?”

“Of course!”

“And with this spell, you can send it to any specific location, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct!”

“Well… in that case, may I send something else in my place instead?”

“I think I can do that! What would you like for me to send?”

“A long-overdue letter… to my family.”


It’s been three long months since my stay in Equestria. By now, my parents must been having a depressing time after my sudden departure. Since I plan to stay here with Rainbow Dash and the others, I figure that the best thing I can do for my folks is to tell them that I’m alive and well, and more importantly, I’ve found love. Of course, I don’t want to reveal everything, considering it would too hard for them to believe that I’m in a world of talking, magical ponies. So for this letter that Twilight is nice enough to send for me, I can only pray that my final words will give my family some peace and comfort over my mysterious disappearance.

After finishing up the letter, Princess Twilight, her number-one assistant, Spike, and I pick up Rainbow Dash before we head off towards Ponyville’s library where Pinkie Pie and the rest of our friends throw Rainbow and I a party to celebrate our new relationship. There, I decide to tell the others about the fact that I was human and to tell them what kind of world I came from. I am a bit worried by their initial reaction, but those fears are put to rest as all of them give their full support for me.

Before we left for the party, I asked Twilight if it’s safe to inform our friends about the otherworldly cartoon show about them. She said to me it may not be best to tell them that due to some of the reactions we might come to expect. Most notably, we didn’t want to scare dear Fluttershy if she constantly fears over an immense group of anonymous fans watching her every move from another world. I agree with Twilight and so did Rainbow Dash before we enter the library. And thankfully, nopony questions me about that.

At the party, I start to think about Hindel, the dragon I’ve encountered a couple months ago. Considering that it was some of his wisdom that helped guide me where I am today, I haven’t thought of a proper way of thanking him for that. Seeing Spike, I get an idea as I ask him what his favorite kind of jewels he likes to eat. The little, purple dragon ponders about this, but then he informs me that his favorite kind is usually sapphire. After getting the info I needed, I ask Rarity if she knows where I can find sapphires. Luckily enough, she has plenty of sapphires back at her shop she can spare for me. After the delightful party, Rarity leads me back to her Carousel Boutique as we prepare my cargo.


“Hindel! Hindel, are you in there?!” I call out to him in the once-familiar cavern as I carry a harness on my back which is balanced with two buckets worth of sapphire gems. Can’t believe I’m able to remember this location after so many weeks since our fateful encounter.

Then, I hear a thunderous yawn from the awakened, golden dragon before saying to me, “Ahh… once again, my sleep has been disturbed by an unwanted guest.”

“Hindel, it’s me, Ford Mustang!”

“Yes, yes. I know it was you. What brings you to my chambers so unexpectedly?”

“Well… I haven’t had to chance to properly thank you since the last time we met, so I brought some sapphires for you, as a token of my appreciation!” I smile at him as I unload the buckets on the ground next to his ginormous bed of coins and jewelry.

“You didn’t need to do that for me, little pony.” Hindel says to me with a gentle smile. “I have plenty of food here to last me for another century.” Then, I see his large claw reaching for my gift as he dumps the blue jewel shards onto his other claw. “However… I do appreciate the exquisite flavors of these tasty jewels you’ve brought for me, so thank you for your kind generosity, Ford Mustang.” he says with graditude as he eats his favorable gems.

“You’re welcome, Hindel! Actually, that’s not the only reason why I’m here to see you.”

“Oh?” the blind dragon responds nonchalantly as he munches on his snack.

“I thought I should let you know that I’ve decided to stay here… indefinitely!” I announce happily.

He pauses momentarily before he breaks into a toothy grin and says to me, “I see that you’ve made the right decision for yourself then.”

“You knew what my choice was going to be all along, didn’t you?” I inquire with a smirk.

“Well… I may have foreseen that happening…” he all-knowingly smirks at me. “…but not everything is set in stone, little one. The choice will always be yours, Ford Mustang, and no one else’s.”

“In any case, I don’t hold any regrets from here!”

“Then I’m glad to hear that from you.” He smiles at me as he finishes his appetizing meal before reassuming his sleeping position with his back facing at me.

“Say Hindel…” I ask timidly


“Do you think… we can be friends?”

He tilts his head with his enlarged frilled ear facing to my hesitant voice. Then, he turns his head away from me as he answers casually, “I don’t see the harm in that. It’s been a very long time since I had someone to talk to. Sure, why not? Feel free to drop by anytime. Just… be a little quieter next time, will you?”

“I’ll try my best!” I chuckle a bit before making my exit out of his cave. “See you next time, Hindel!”

“And it doesn’t hurt to bring in more jewels every now and then!” he calls out to me before going back to his usual napping.


Late in the afternoon, I go back to Sweet Apple Acres to pick up what’s left of my stuff and packed it all up in my saddlebags. Once my bags are all set, I meet with the Apple Family outside on the front porch to say my goodbyes to them before taking my leave to Rainbow Dash’s house.

“So, you and RD have finally got into the swing of things, huh?” Applejack asks of me.

“Yep.” I respond happily as I strap my saddlebags onto my back. “Rainbow offers me a chance to move in with her, so I want to take this opportunity to see where our relationship goes from here. She’s also going to help me get a job as a weather pony here in Ponyville. It might be nice to make good use of my capabilities as a Pegasus now that I’m staying here for good.”

“Well, Ah’m very happy for ya, Ford!” AJ comments with a pleased smile. “Ah’m sure you and Rainbow are gonna get along just fine!” Applejack then gives me a big hug before Applebloom approaches me with a cute, pouty expression.

“Will we ever see you again, Ford?” Applebloom pleadingly asks of me.

“Don’t worry, Applebloom.” I reassure her with a soft smile. “I’ll still come by every once in a while in case you need an extra hoof around here. I’ll even stop by on the weekends.” Satisfied, the little filly gallops to me before hugging my foreleg tightly. I gently pat her red mane before she reluctantly lets me go.

“Take care, Ford.” Big Macintosh says to me as he extends a hoof towards me.

I shake his hoof with my own as I reply back, “Thanks. You too, Big Mac.”

Next up, I lower myself to Granny Smith’s stature, and I gently hug the kind, elderly mare as she hugs me. “Here, sweetie.” Granny says to me kindly as she places something on my fore hoof. “Something to help ya along the way.” I gasp in surprise as I stare at Granny’s gift for me: a bag containing some jangling coins for me! There must be less than a hundred bits in there.

“Granny, I… I can’t accept this!” I try to dismiss her gift politely to the sweet Apple matriarch. "This is way too generous for you to give me something like that!” Of course, like all grandparents, they won’t take no for an answer when it comes to giving their gifts.

“Well, there’s no harm in spoilin’ yer own kin every now and then, now is there?” she winks at me with a smile. I stare blankly at Granny Smith for her choice of words. She considers me as one of her kin?

“Sugarcube…” Applejack grabs my attention gently. “…when Ah said to you on Cider Season that you’ll always have a special place with us as a member of our family, Ah really meant that! You’re a part of our family, and family always looks out for each other! So don’t be a stranger in these here parts, ya got that?”

I… I couldn’t contain myself any further as I start to break into soft tears. I weep joyfully over the Apples’ touching affection for me. As I wipe my tearful eyes, I say to them tenderly, “Well… since you’re my family now… can I… get a group hug?” Without any need for words, the Apples pull me in the center as they embrace warmly in this heartfelt moment we’re sharing together.

After we gradually end our group hug, Applejack says to me with a smile, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

“I will! And thank you for everything!” I wave goodbye to them before taking off to my new residence.


As fast as possible, I finally reach Rainbow Dash’s floating mansion. As I land on the front entrance, I stare at the door for a brief moment. I couldn’t believe all that has happened to me since last night! I’ve confessed to the mare of my dreams, we’ve spent the night together, and now I’m moving into her home... our home! Life has been very good to me recently, and I have a good feeling that it’s just getting started!

After a deep, contented sigh, I open the door as I am greeted with the lovely presence of my marefriend. As she turns around to see, I greet to her warmly, “Hi, Rainbow. I’m home.”

She smiles at me before floating up to me and giving me a nice, welcoming kiss. “Welcome home, Mustang.” Rainbow says to me lovingly.

My heart flutters at her affectionate greeting before I respond to her with a endearing smile, “Thanks.”

Author's Note:

One more chapter to go: the Epilogue!