• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 2 – Introductions are in Order

Chapter 2 – Introductions are in Order

I can’t believe it. This is so unreal! Standing right on top of me is my favorite pony out of the Mane Six, Rainbow Dash! What’s there not to like about her? She’s cool! She’s awesome! She’s confident! She’s brave! She’s loyal! She’s everything I strive to be and more!

I’ve lost track of time as we continue to stare into each other with wide eyes. Somehow, I have a feeling that we’re going through the same emotions we’re feeling right now as we keep looking into each other’s eyes: surprised, confused, and awestruck.

I know I would have to break the ice eventually. So I decide to speak up firsthand.

“Umm… hi.” I say timidly with a soft smile.

“Uhh… hi.” she says to me while bearing the same expression as mine.

“So… do you mind if I get back up?” I think Rainbow Dash’s pupils shrinked a bit after I ask her that while she blushes.

“Oh right! Of course! Here, let me help you.” She lends a hoof, and I grab hold of hers as she pulls me up from the crash landing.

“Thanks Rainbow Dash.” I say with gratitude.

“No problem. Again, I’m really sorry about that! I usually have this really bad habit of crashing into somepony every now and then.” She says with guilt and embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about that.” I respond with a reassuring smile. “I’m a lot tougher than I look as you can see.”

Rainbow Dash sighs with relief. “Well, that’s good to hear.” Then, her expression changes from relief to shock in an instant as something just clicked inside her head.

“Wait a minute. We’ve never met before. How do you know my name already?” she asks suspiciously with a raised eyebrow as she walks toward me.

Crap! I should have been more careful about that! Every step she takes towards me, I take a step back.

“You’re not a spy, are you?” she glares with narrowed eyes. She gets so close to my face, I immediately freeze at her Medusa-like stare.

I have to think of something quickly. I know so much about Rainbow Dash, that maybe there’s something I could use to my advantage. Something that could stroke her ego. Wait… her ego. That’s it!

“Well, duh! Of course I know who you are!” I exclaim boldly. “You’re THE Rainbow Dash! The most incredible Pegasus who’s one of the best flyers of all time! Not to mention the only one who has ever been able to pull off the legendary Sonic Rainboom! There’s probably nopony here on Equestria that hasn’t heard about you and all of your amazing accomplishments!”

And from all of that praise I’m giving to her, Rainbow Dash smiles widely as she holds her chest and head up high with pride for all of her feats I have acknowledged.

“Well, I guess news of my awesomeness does travel just as fast as me, huh?” boasts the athletic Pegasus.

“What can I say? You’re quite an inspiration to me.” I admit.

“Thanks! Well, since you know my name, how about you tell me yours?”

“Oh, of course! I’m Ford. Ford…”

Then I pause from what I was about to say. I can’t use my full name here! It will be too suspicious enough if my name isn’t even as close to that of the Equestrian names!

“Ford what?” Rainbow Dash puzzles.

Come on, Ford! You got yourself out of one situation! You can get yourself out of this one! Just got to think of the right surname for yourself! Just think of one word that pops into your mind, and use it from there!

“Mustang. Ford Mustang.” I say with fake confidence.

Really? That’s the best you can come up with? “Ford Mustang?” You choose that name not only because it relates to a well-known Ford car model, but because it’s also a horse-related pun?! Out of all the names to choose from, that should be the last name that would ever come into mind!

“Ford… Mustang.” Rainbow Dash repeats to herself.

You see?! Even she doesn’t buy that! Face it, Ford! You blew it! There is no way on this Technicolor world of theirs that anyone would ever buy that name--!

“I like it. It’s unusual, but a cool name to have none of the less.” she approves with glee.

Or… maybe she will.

“Oh… t-thank you.” I stumble humbly.

“So what brings you out here?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I’m kind of lost actually. You see, a strange, magical light teleported me from where I used to live, and somehow I ended up here.”

“Magical light, huh? Where exactly are you from anyway?”

“I… I can’t remember.” I lie with hesitation.

“Oh no! It wasn’t because I crashed into you, is it?” Rainbow gasps in horror.

I wave my hoof in dismissal to ease her worries. “No no no! Of course not! I just can’t remember much of my past right now after that mysterious light incident.”

Rainbow shows some relief from hearing that, but she couldn’t help but feel some pity for me.

“Still, that kind of sucks that you’ve lost some of your memories like that. I wonder why you can still remember me though?”

“Like I said, you were quite an inspiration to me.”

Rainbow Dash blushes a little bit as she turns her head away from my gaze. She’s so cute when she blushes like that. Suddenly, her blush disappears as her face lights up with joy.

“I’ve got it! I know who we can turn to!” she squeaks with excitement.

“Who?” I asks, despite knowing who Rainbow Dash was going to suggest.

“Twilight Sparkle!” she answers with enthusiasm. I guess great minds do think alike sometimes.

“Twilight Sparkle?” I ask with fake curiosity.

“Yeah!” Rainbow Dash explains. “She’s actually our newest princess, but don’t worry. She’s cool. She’s not that keen with formalities and such. Anyway, if there’s anyone who’s good with magical mysteries, it’s Twilight!”

“Then there’s a chance for me to get back home!” I glee with renewed hope.

“And to get your memories back.” Rainbow Dash adds.

“Right. And to get my memories back. Of course.” I chuckle sheepishly.

“Well, come on! What are we waiting for?! She’s probably in Ponyville right now!” Rainbow Dash says with anticipation as she takes flight towards the cozy town.

I begin to follow suit as I prepare to take flight for the first time. I’m so excited to finally use these babies. After a few flaps, I leap into the air, spread my wings, and… plummet back to the ground.

I don’t get it! I just need to flap my wings a lot and I should be good to go! I try flapping them while I’m on the ground, but it isn’t working. I try flapping even harder, but it wasn’t improving my situation as well. I was just pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. Then I see Rainbow Dash flying back to me with concern. This is going to be so hard to explain to her.

“What’s taking you?” she asks impatiently. “We could have been in Ponyville ten seconds flat by now.”

I… I can’t fly.” I confess quietly with shame and embarrassment as I hang my head low.

“Sorry, could you repeat that?”

“I can’t fly.” I repeat again, this time a little louder.

She just stands there. As if I spoke of something so unheard of. After that awkward silence, she begins to laugh. She laughs so much and so uncontrollably that she rolls on the grass as she couldn’t contain her laughter anymore. I couldn’t lower my head any further after enduring all of that.

“Oh man! That’s a good one, Ford! Boy, I really need that!” she giggles gleefully.

But as her laughter starts to die down, she finally looks up as she sees my shameful expression. Her laughter comes to a sudden stop once she notices how embarrassing it was for me.

“Seriously?” she inquires. I merely nod my head in response as I still avoid eye contact with her.

"WHAT?!" she shouts, which snaps me out of my shame so that I got her full attention. “That’s awful! How can a full-grown Pegasus like you not be able to fly at all?! That’s like taking away a Unicorn’s ability with magic! Or taking away an Earth Pony’s ability with… umm… whatever Earth Ponies are best known for their abilities!”

Her expression begins to soften as she comes closer to me to offer her sympathy while resting a foreleg on my back.

“I’m really sorry for laughing like that. I honestly thought you were just pulling my leg.” she apologizes.

“Believe me, I wish I were.” I smile sheepishly.

“Well don’t you worry! Once we find Twilight, we’ll be able to work all of this out!” she says with reassurance. “So, since you can’t fly right now, how about I just walked you over to Ponyville instead? I could use the moment to stretch my legs anyway.” That’s just another reason why I like Rainbow Dash so much: no matter what, she will never leave anyone (or in this case, “anypony”) hanging.

“Thanks Rainbow.” I say to her as we begin our trot towards Ponyville. “I really appreciate--”

In the blink of an eye, Rainbow goes from a trot to a full-on gallop as she races to Ponyville. I was bewildered by this sudden change.

“Last one at the main entrance is a moldy carrot!” she shouts back to me. I chuckle at this notion.

“Hey! No fair! You gave yourself a head start!” I whine jokingly as I gallop right behind her.


After our race, we are now in Ponyville. Compared to the two of us, Rainbow Dash barely made a sweat, and I was completely out of breath. I definitely need to work on my equine physique more if I’m going to blend in with the rest of these ponies.

“Looks like your wings aren’t the only things that are out of shape.” she chuckles.

“You… don’t… say.” I retort as I continue to gasp for air.

“But don’t worry. Once you follow my standard exercise routine, you’ll be in tip-top shape in no time!”

By the time I’ve managed to catch my breath, I have a better look at my surroundings. It’s just as I have imagined: a lively town filled with very friendly ponies just merrily going about their lives. Sure, this place doesn’t have all of the same technological privileges back where I’m from, but this place makes up for that with its simplicity and tranquility. It’s that kind of peace and cleanliness that I envy so much compared to what’s back on Earth.

As Rainbow Dash leads me to our next destination, I begin to notice a lot of ponies staring at me. Some of them even start to gossip with one and another. This is the kind of unwanted attention I definitely don’t want to deal with right now.

“Say, Rainbow Dash.” I ask her. “Do I really stand out that much from the crowd?”

“Probably it’s because what’s on your flank.” She points to my backside.

“Why? What’s on my flank…?” I turn my head eagerly to find nothing more than a blank flank once again. The realization hits me like a ton of bricks for forgetting about my missing Cutie Mark. “Oh right. Nothing.” I sigh with disappointment.

“Hey, buck up now!” she softly nudges me. “Ponyville is the friendliest place to be on Equestria! You don’t need to worry about being left out as an outcast here.”

“But if anypony even dares to mess with my new pal…” she announces to the gawking crowd. “...they might as well as kiss their sorry flanks goodbye one last time before I kicked them into orbit!” The sudden outburst causes most of the bystanders to turn the other way while trying to not pay any more attention to me.

“Thanks but… don’t you even find this a bit strange that I lack a Cutie Mark?”

“Hey, I’m a Pegasus born with a mane that has every color of the rainbow. I don’t think even I have that right to judge what’s strange and what isn’t. Besides, what makes one thing strange makes us more unique and cool, right? And whether you have a cutie mark or not, doesn’t affect the kind of pony you want to be in life, and I like you just the way you are right now.”

I never heard such kind and comforting words before in such a long time. Her words begin to melt much of the shame and doubt I been having with myself regarding with my missing Cutie Mark. Rainbow Dash, you truly are the best thing a friend could ask for.

“Heh, since when have you become quite the philosopher, Rainbow Dash?” I chuckle.

“Phil-o-what-now?” she baffles with a confused face.

But before I can think of another word to substitute for that, Rainbow Dash turns her attention to another familiar pony as she bounces happily towards our direction.

“Oh hey look! There’s Pinkie Pie!” Rainbow points to her pink, fluffy-headed, springy friend. Pinkie Pie comes to a gentle stop before us from all the skipping she was doing.

“Go on.” Rainbow nudges me. “Say 'hi' to her.”

“Umm… hello?” I greet to her timidly.

After my shy greeting, Pinkie Pie leaps high into the air, lets out a big air-sucking gasp, and zooms away in the opposite direction without even touching the ground. Yep, definitely Pinkie Pie.

“Whoa.” I say with mild amazement. “Déjà vu.”

“Care to translate that, Ford?” Rainbow Dash inquires jokingly.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a phrase I picked up somewhere.” I needed to change the subject so that I can make no mention of any references from the animated show. “So, where are we heading again?”

“We’re heading to the Golden Oaks Library.” she says as we continue our stroll through town. “That’s usually where we will find Twilight. It was her previous home before her coronation as a princess. But every now and then, she stops there for our usual get-togethers.”

“It’s funny.” she giggles. “You can take the egghead out of the library, but you can’t take the library out of the egghead.” I chuckle along with her little joke. Well, at least it’s nice to know that even as a princess, Twilight isn’t so out of touch from being with her very best friends.


We finally arrive at Ponyville’s Golden Oaks Library, and the sun is beginning to set. It must have been an hour or two since we began our journey to this enormous treehouse.

“So who runs the library now?” I ask.

“Nopony really.” she replies. “It’s a public library, so anypony is free to walk in and out with any book they wish to carry with them. The only catch is that if the books are not returned within a month after they leave the library’s premises, the late books are automatically teleported back to their proper shelves thanks to their special enchantments. Courtesy of Twilight Sparkle of course.”

Rainbow Dash opens the door for me and I enter the library first. Inside the library, it is pitched dark. So dark, I couldn’t see anything, not even my own hoof.

“That’s weird.” Rainbow says right behind me. “I don’t recall the library to be closed this early. I wonder what’s going on here.”

Just then, the lights go on, and a large, unknown crowd says one word in unison, which causes both me and Rainbow Dash to be very startled:


In front of us are dozens of party-enthusiastic ponies crammed in the main floor of the library with confetti flying everywhere and party blowers and big cheers filling the air. No doubt this was all a grand scheme set up by that party pony extraordinaire, Pinkie Pie.

“Hi!” Pinkie Pie appears out of nowhere, which gives me a bit of a fright. “I’m Pinkie Pie! We’ve never met before! Well, we sort of did about an hour ago, but anyway, we finally get to meet for the very first ever! You see, I first noticed you when you were with Rainbow Dash, and I was asking myself, ‘Who is this pony? I’ve never seen him before.’ And once I got a better look at you, I realized that you were new, and if you were new, that meant you haven't met anypony yet, and if you haven't met anypony yet, you must not have any friends, and if you don't have any friends, then you must be really lonely! So I was like *SURPRISE GASP* and I zoomed across town gathering as many friends as possible to setup my patent-approved, super-duper, spectacular welcome party all in the name of you! Speaking of which, what is your name, and does anypony else get a case of déjà vu all of sudden? But enough about me. Tell me something about you.”

‘I… well, I mean… I…” I stammer greatly as I was unsure of how to introduce myself, especially in front of large group of colorful ponies and Pinkie Pie as they wait eagerly on what I have to say. I need to escape from all of this. I frantically look overhead for a means of salvation. And at last, I have found my own private sanctum. That only leaves me to say my first words to the welcoming crowd: