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I really like the show. Awesome art, cool characters. Absolutely love the music. Fav characters are Vinyl Scratch and Doctor Whooves. I enjoy reading, manga, and Youtube.

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No problem!! I love reading other peoples story ideas. I aspire to one day write my own fanfic, and reading other ideas helps me try and come up with ideas. Of course, all I end up being able to do is pose plot and story relevant questions. 😅 Even if it's just a quick idea that goes no where. And co-oping seems like a cool thing to do. You'd get all sorts of different viewpoints and interesting ideas when you work with others. Plus, everyone would essentially beta each other. :twilightsmile: My offer will still stand, if you'd like. Even if I can't write for shit, at least I can be helpful for other writers! Coming up with questions for the story is, at least, easy enough for me to do!

Mustache!! :moustache:

Thanks for respond to my comment. To be honest I just put it out there as something that popped into my head real quick. Something I wanted to try for my second story, was to coop it. What I mean by that. Have two writers for it. I think it'd be fun as hell to try.

Thank you for both the favorite on 'My Dear Shy' and its sequel!

901473 Yay! I'm not the only person out there with that problem! :yay: And you totally just reminded me of Castle from the t.v show "Castle" with that comment.
901798 Damn. Your good. You sound like a professional. Oh, and any ideas you get are great! Even if it doesn't late to pinkie getting drunk, let me know. Maybe we can work together on a story too! Colabs are awesome anyways. You have more fun that way!
BTW, crossovers rule!! And: rrrraaaaannnnndddddoooommmmmm mmmmmooooouuuuussssstttttaaaaaccccchhhhhheeeeee!!!!!!!! :moustache: Muhahahahaha!! *evil grin*

900935 901473 I could help if you want. I could help with some of the ideas, or something. Also, maybe this will help. Some helpful tips.

1. when writing a story, be as truthful as possible. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were in the same situation your character is in. Honesty leads to credibility, even if the setting is unrealistic.

2. when you have written a scene, step back, and take a look at it from the audience point of view. Your own imagination of what you write could blind you to see what it is that you have written down, and the thing you put down on paper does not properly "picture" what it is what your are trying to tell.

3.if you have something that you like, but can't use. Just put it away for now, it will come back to be useful some other time.

4. don't force things. if you can't reach that level of satisfaction with something, let it go. Learn from it, and do better next time. Remember. art is like a fart, if you force it, it is most likely shit.

5. write down what you have, and then start correcting it. If you keep it in your head, 'a perfect idea', it will never grow into something more.

6. coincidence to get your character in trouble is great. coincidence to get them out of trouble is cheating.

7. if you are stuck, write down what would NOT happen. more than often you will find the things that will help you continue your story.

8. Imagination is key. If you can't see what you are trying to write, try something different. Change the parameters. add something, or remove them. try to find that special blend that allows you to picture that what you want to make.

I myself try to use this as much as possible, but even then, I still make mistakes. But I learn from them, or I try at least, and try to better next time.

Hope this helps. :twilightsmile:


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