• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 4 – A Day on the Farm


Ugh… where’s that cursed snooze button? Wait. When does my alarm clock sound like a screeching rooster? I wake up from my slumber and get a good look at myself to verify my situation. Yep. Still on Equestria. Still a flightless Pegasus. Still without a Cutie Mark. Still the same, lonely, boring me. Sigh.

I have to say, despite my initial discomfort as a pony, the bed I was sleeping in is very comfy. Quilted sheets secure my body so snuggly as my head rests on one of the two fluffy pillows. The guestroom I was in is decorated with items and furniture you would find at a country store, except some of them are engraved with apple symbols. As much as I want to stay in my incredibly comfy bed, I know that once I’m wide awake, I can’t go back to sleep so easily. As I get out of bed, my nose begins to pick up something delicious outside of my room. I exit the room in hope to have that breakfast I’ve anticipated since last night.

As I make my descent from the staircase, the delicious smell gets stronger for each step I take. It must be because of my equine transformation that I’ve gain some heightening senses. My muzzle leads me to kitchen as I recognize the master chef behind the upcoming feast: an elderly green-colored mare who just pulled some freshly baked muffins out of the oven. The happy-go-lucky, spunky matriarch has to be Granny Smith.

“Well howdy my little pony!” Granny Smith greets me with broad, warm smile.

“Good morning, Mrs…” I stumble a bit because I’m not supposed to know her name without her introducing it herself. “Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t got a chance to know your name yet.” I finish my sentence sheepishly.

“Shoot, no need to apologize for that! Name’s Granny Smith! And you must be that Ford Mustang fella Applejack was talkin’ about this morning.”

“Yes, ma’am! Speaking of which, where is Applejack anyway?”

“Oh, she and her two siblings are out yonder workin’ on their daily chores right now.” She says as she continues her cooking. “Why do you go outside and meet them while I get breakfast ready?”

“Okay.” I make my way outside of the kitchen using the backdoor. “It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Smith.”

“Well ain’t you just as sweet as a honeysuckle! But there’s no need to go the extra mile with all of ‘em formalities and such. Please, call me ‘Granny’ just like everypony else!”

“Umm… okay. Goodbye, Granny!” I say to her as I exit the kitchen.


I didn’t realize how ginormous the property of Sweet Apple Acres is. Their apple orchards must have stretched even beyond the horizon. I should have asked Granny Smith where exactly her grandchildren might be. But before I can begin my trek through the labyrinth of apple trees, my ears begin to perk up as they pick up something. It sounds like somepony is banging rhythmically on hard wooden surfaces. Perhaps it’s the three siblings applebucking some of their trees. I happily gallop over to where I have pinpointed their location. Thank you, equestrian ears!

At last, I find the three hard-working siblings, each of them doing their respective jobs. Applejack is bucking one of the apple trees with her strong hind legs. Apple Bloom assembles the baskets that will catch the falling apples as well as picks up any apples that didn’t make it into the baskets. And their big brother, Big Macintosh, loads up the abundant baskets onto a cart nearby.

“Good morning, Applejack!” I greet to the applebucking older sister.

“Well hey there, sugarcube!” she turns her head towards me with a welcoming smile. “Never thought Ah would see you up this early.”

“What can I say? I’ve always been a morning per-- er… pony.” I really need to be careful with my phrasing. Especially in front of the Element Bearer of Honesty.

“Oh, let me introduce you to my family! That there over by the cart is my big brother, Big Macintosh!” I turn my head over to where Applejack was pointing at. From the looks of it, I am just as tall as Big Mac, except my muscles are not quite as bulky as his. Big Mac nods at me, and I nod him back.

“And this here is our little sister, Apple Bloom!” Applejack introduces as she pats Apple Bloom’s mane. The little filly stares at me with wide eyes while staying pretty close to her older sister. I start to get nervous by this. I begin to think it would be best for me to introduce myself so that she wouldn’t be so frighten of me.

“Hi. I’m Ford Mustang. It’s nice to meet you, Apple Bloom.” I say gingerly.

I wait for a better response from Apple Bloom. Then, I see her eyes looking at something besides me. And her expression instantly lights up with a big smile.

“Applejack?” Apple Bloom asks her sister enthusiastically. “Is Ford really gonna be staying with us?”

“For as long as he likes, AB.” Applejack answers.

Apple Bloom couldn’t contain her excitement any further as she hops around me with glee. “YAY!” she shouts happily. “I can’t wait to tell my friends about our new house guest! This is going to be so great!” I never thought my own appearance could make someone so giddy like that.

“Anyway…” I turn my attention back to Applejack. “...since I’m out here, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Aw shucks, sugarcube.” she says humbly. “You’re our guest. Ya don’t have to do anything for us.”

“No no.” I respond firmly and respectfully. “I won’t have none of that. If I’m going to live here, I might as well do my fair share of work around here. Beside, I could really use the workout so that I don’t lounge around all day.”

“Well, since you’ve insisted…” she says a bit hesitantly. “…Ah suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra hoof around the farm.”

She ponders for a bit on what I can do right now, and fortunately, an idea comes to her mind. “Actually, there might be something ya can do for the time being. Follow me!”


Right next to the orchard they are working at, there is large acre of brown, untilled land. And at the edge of that land, was a plough just laying right there. I think I have a good idea on what Applejack is going to ask me to do.

“So Ford, have ya ever used a plough before?” she asks.

“No. Can’t say that I have.” I answer sheepishly.

“Don’t fret about it. It’s really easy. All ya have to do is take that plough and pull it across that acre of land from one side to the other. Think ya can handle it?”

“Well there’s only way to find out.” I smirk as I walk over to the plough.

With Applejack’s help, I strap the plough’s harness around my torso. I begin to plow the earth, but pulling this plough wasn’t the same compared to how I used to push a lawn mower back on Earth.

“Huh, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.” I admit coyly.

“Hmm… maybe all ya need is a little push.” Applejack smiles mischievously.

“What kind of push are you referring to--?” But as I was about to finish that sentence, I feel a hard, whip-cracking smack on my flank, thanks to Applejack’s flailing tail. After making a loud neighing yelp, I did a short trot, which gave me enough momentum to properly begin my plowing. I quickly glare back at Applejack while she just smiles and chuckles right back at me.

“Ah’ll check on you later once breakfast is nearly done!” Applejack hollers as she walks back to her routine.


Despite that slow start, I begin to pick up speed for each row I just plowed. It’s quite an amazing experience to me on how much I begin to improve on my legs as I was plowing the land.

As I was nearly finished with my plowing, I see Applejack coming back to see me. Must mean that breakfast time is approaching.

“Hey, Ford Mustang! Ah just wanna letcha know that breakfast is almost--” But before she can finish that sentence, she out an awestricken gasp as she looks at what I have accomplished.

“Oh hey, Applejack! I’m just finishing up here.” I wave at her as I come to a complete stop with the plough.

“Woo-doggy!” she expresses in approving delight. “Ah never thought you would finish this up so quickly! Are ya sure you ain’t a distant relative of ours?” she says with a sly smile.

“Believe me, if I was, I would have come here sooner.” I chuckle.

We chuckle a bit more before our share in laughter is interrupted by the loud grumble of my stomach. “He-he. And my stomach would agree too.” I chuckle bashfully.

“Well, ya certainly deserve a break after what you have accomplished today!” I smile with pride and embarrassment at her praise. “Hope you’ve worked up a great appetite, ‘cause we’ve got a big breakfast lined up, and Granny Smith isn’t too keen about guests leaving the table without a full stomach!”


After a very good, hearty breakfast, featuring pancakes, muffins, hash browns, freshly-squeezed juices, eggs (probably the only thing in this world that can satisfy my meat-craving urges), and of course, you can’t have any meal at Sweet Apple Acres without apples, Applejack and I go back to the orchards while Big Mac escorts Apple Bloom to school. I help out Applejack with assembling the baskets around an apple tree. Today, Applejack is going to be teach me how to applebuck my first tree!

“Okay, this looks like a good tree to start with.” Applejack taps the trunk of the tree lightly. “Alrighty Ford, why don’t ya give it a try.”

I gingerly approach the chosen tree. I turn myself around, look back at tree, lift one of my hind legs into position, and I kick that tree. I eagerly turn around to see any apples fall off the tree, but not a single one did. I lower my head in shame for my failure.

“Oh, don’t beat yourself too hard, Ford.” Applejack reassures me. “Here. Let me show ya how to do it, and then you can try it again on the next tree.” We switch places as I make sure to watch Applejack’s methods carefully.

“Okay, the first thing y’all need to do is firmly plant your fore hooves into the ground, like this.” Applejack presses each of her fore hooves into the soft dirt. “That way, it will prepare yourself when bucking a tree with both of your hindlegs. Using both of your hindlegs at the same time will deliver a more powerful blow than with just a single leg. So, all ya need to do is align yerself up, position yer fore hooves properly, and when you’re ready… just BUCK IT!” And she finishes those last words by applebucking that tree with all of her strength. The tree shakes violently as all of its apples fall in their individual baskets. Truly, this is the work of a master!

“And that my friend, is how it’s done down on the farm.” AJ says with great pride as she raises her head up high while crossing her left hooves over her right hooves.

“Wow!” I say after I was briefly speechless from witnessing such an incredible feat.

“Now help me load up these baskets, and we’ll getcha set up for the next tree.”

After loading the apples onto a cart, I get myself ready for another tree to try applebucking again. Just like Applejack taught me, I position myself next to the tree, plant my fore hooves firmly into the ground, and once I became ready… I just BUCK IT! And with that, my hind hooves hit the tree much harder than I did with the previous tree. At first, nothing is happening just like before, but suddenly, one by one, the apples begin to fall into their baskets. I didn’t get all of the apples at once, but it was just enough to be proud of for a novice like me.

“Nicely done, Ford!” Applejack comments cheerfully. “A couple of more bucks like that, and y’all be a certified applebucker in no time!”


Once I got into the swing of things, I continue to help AJ with bucking more apple trees. Eventually, Big Mac joins up with us after he dropped off Apple Bloom at school. For each tree I bucked, I feel like my applebucking skills are slowly getting better over time.

“Hey, Ford!” Applejack calls out to me. “Mind comin’ here for a sec?”

I walk toward where Applejack called me. She’s standing right next to a very sturdy tree. For some reason, AJ’s smile looks a bit devious for her own good.

“What’s up, Applejack?” I ask a bit cautiously.

“Well… would you care to buck this tree for me, please?” she asks sincerely, but still maintaining that slightly devious smile.

I look up at the tree, there weren’t that many apples hanging there compared to the other trees I just bucked. So why does AJ want me to buck this tree I wonder.

“Now just stand right here and buck this one real good.” she says eagerly as he softly nudges me into the spot she was pointing at. I take one last look at the scheming Applejack. What is she up to? I decide to ignore what she was thinking about, position myself to where she told me to stand, and buck that tree as hard as I could. I look up to see the remaining apples fall right into the baskets. But as I continue to look up, I notice a lot of leaves and broken branches rustling out of place right above me. Suddenly, I hear a familiar sound in the form of an outcry.


“Omph!” I howl briefly in shocked and in pain as the large object fell on top of me. Once again, just like yesterday, I was pinned down on the ground by Rainbow Dash. This time, a saddlebag she was carrying landed right next to her.

“Rainbow Dash?” I groan slightly. “What were you doing up there?”

“Well, I was trying to take a nap…” she answers bitterly. “…but somepony decided it would be funny to wake me up abruptly like that.”

“It wasn’t my idea!” I snap in defense. “It was--!” But before I could finish my plea, Rainbow Dash and I begin to share the same thing in mind on who’s the cause behind all of this. Once we realize who is was, both of us glare simultaneously at Applejack, who was busy laughing her flank on the ground.

“This was your idea, wasn’t it, AJ?” Rainbow’s frown begins to turn in a giddy smile.

“Eeyup!” Applejack admits as she continues her giggles. Soon all three of us burst into laughter. I have to admit it, AJ got us good!

“Well since I’m wide awake right now…” Rainbow says as she picks up her saddlebag. “…we can get started on those flying lessons we've talked about.” I look at Applejack to make sure it’s alright for me leave the farm like this.

“Go on, Ford.” Applejack reassures me. “Me and Big Mac can take care of things from here.”

“Awesome!” Rainbow responds happily. “Well come on, Ford! We’re burning daylight already!” In all of this excitement, she hovers in the air, and wraps her hooves around my waist.

“Wait what are you doing-- WAAAAAAAAHHH!!” In an instant, I was launched into the sky as I scream uncontrollably. I think I could hear Applejack shouting something down below as I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Have fun you two!” Applejack hollers with a mighty chuckle.