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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 16 – The Matchmaker Strikes Back: FlutterMac

Chapter 16 – The Matchmaker Strikes Back: FlutterMac

For the rest of Cider Season, I’ve been delivering letters back and forth between Fluttershy and Big Mac. And I hate to admit this to myself, but… it’s getting kind of annoying. I mean, I’m glad I could help out, but this is starting to become time-consuming. Every time I’m trying to do my job for Cider Season or to see Rainbow Dash at the library or anywhere in between, Big Mac or Fluttershy would ask me to help out with another letter, and then I have to send it to their special somepony afterwards. I only wish that they could deliver the letters themselves, or better yet, would just skip the letters and actually speak to one and another for a change. Well, the weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I can finally convince them to go out together.

I start with Fluttershy first at the Golden Oaks Library while Rainbow Dash is taking her nap. I’m certain she’s eager enough to see Big Mac right about now.

“Oh no!” Fluttershy screeches hysterically. “No no no no no no no no no no!” Sigh… Or maybe not.

“Come now, Fluttershy.” I speak to her gently. “Surely you don’t want to hide behind your letters forever, do you?”

“Yes! …Maybe! …I don’t know!” she replies uncertainly.

“But… you obviously like him, right?”

“Of course I do! It’s just that… umm… I’m not sure if I’m ready to see him yet.” she replies timidly as usual.

“Well, the weekend is coming up. Maybe this might be a good opportunity for you to ask Big Mac out for lunch or something.”

“Ask… him… out?” she stammers slowly with wide eyes. As she hesitates, her legs start to shake rapidly as her teal-colored eyes begin to become watery. Then, she collapses onto the floor as she hugs my fore hooves closely.

“I’m sorry, Ford!” Fluttershy apologizes tearfully. “I just can’t do it! I’m not ready to face him yet! Please don’t be upset with me!” I really thought this would be a good idea for her, but I didn’t think it would petrify her so greatly. I start to feel really bad on pressuring her like that.

“Oh, it’s okay, Fluttershy.” I coo to her as I pat her mane gently. “I just want to help you out, that’s all. Okay, how about this. If Big Mac asks you out instead, will you be okay to see him then?”

She looks up at me with her slightly tearful eyes before giving some thought towards my next suggestion. I was afraid that she would reject my idea again, but then she wipes her remaining tears and says to me softly, “Y-Y-Yes… I think so.”

“Good!” I smile in content.

“Oh, Ford?” Fluttershy asks meekly.


“You still don’t mind on helping me with my letters, do you?” She makes an adorable, sheepish smile as I could have sworn I heard that “Squee” sound somewhere in the room.

I giggle to myself at that notion as I answer with a smile, “Of course not, Fluttershy.”

Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to play mail pony for just a little bit longer. Once I see Big Mac tomorrow morning, I’m certain he’ll say “Eeyup” into asking Fluttershy out on a date.


“Nnnope.” Big Mac answers to my surprise.

“What?! Why?!” I ask shockingly as we continue to store the remaining cider barrels down in the cellar.

“Ah just… don’t think it’s right for me to put my hoof forward like that.” he responds sheepishly. “It would make it look like Ah was rushin’ her into a relationship or something. And Ah don’t wanna frighten her like that.”

“But she really likes you!” I retort. “I’m certain that if you just simply see her and ask her out yourself, you two can finally get to really know each other better!”

Big Mac gives it some thought, but to my dismay, he answers again, “…Nnnope.”

“Well then…” I keep going as calmly as possible. “…how about sending an invitation through one of your letters? That should make it easy for both of you.”

He thinks about this, but then Big Mac says, “Sorry, Ford. But Ah think it might be best if Fluttershy asks me out first, so that way, she will be comfortable about it.”

I can’t believe this. Neither Big Mac nor Fluttershy will make a move towards each other. It’s like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. I sigh in defeat upon reaching the end of our conversation.

“By the way…” Big Mac asks hestitantly with a hopeful smile. “…do ya mind delivering this for me when ya get the chance?” Not to my surprise, he shows me another letter, ready to be sent to Fluttershy.

I pause in shock as to what’s happening. I’m going to have to keep doing this from now on, wouldn’t I? I don’t even know how much I can take this! I was reaching the end of my rope! But I didn’t want to break Big Mac and Fluttershy’s hearts over my dissatisfaction with this job I’ve put myself into! I was so conflicted with myself, it’s starting to make my eye twitchy! I need to vent this out somewhere, and fast!

“Sure, Big Mac.” I calmly respond with a fake smile. “Just… need to… get some air real quick. Be right back!”

I quickly zoom up in the air as I frantically look for a cloud nearby. Once I spot a nicely-sized one, I slam my face into the plushy cloud to muffle the aggravating screams that are about to rupture.



Instead of flying, I decide to take my time on my next letter delivery as I slowly stroll around the town of Ponyville. I wish there’s another way I can figure this out on how to bring Fluttershy and Big Mac closer without the need of these silly letters. But how?

“Hello!” Pinkie Pie says cheerfully as she jumps out of nowhere right in front of my face. I become greatly startled by her sudden appearance as I land backwards on my flank.

“Oh! Hello, Pinkie Pie.” I greet to her while I get myself back up.

“Say… why the long face, Musty-Wusty?” she ask with a funny, pouty expression. Musty-Wusty? Please tell me she isn’t going to call me that from now on!

“Oh, it’s… it’s nothing, Pinkie Pie.” I lie hesitantly. “Just… tired, that’s all.”

She stares at me with a puzzling look. “Hmmmm… Nope, there’s definitely something going on with you.” Pinkie confirms. “Otherwise, my Pinkie Senses wouldn’t have picked it up early.”

“Hey, I know what will cheer you up!” She brightens up with an idea. “One of my happy-go-lucky cupcakes!”

“I’m not so sure if sweets will cheer me up at this point.” I try to decline her offer softly.

“Well you can’t be so sure yet until you try one of them, now can you? Come on!” Pinkie Pie leads me as she bounces merrily towards her house. “Sugarcube Corner is just around the corner! Hey, that’s kind of catchy! I wonder if I can make that into a slogan somehow? Ooh! I know! ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where delicious treats are just around the corner!’ Nuh… that’s not good enough. How about, ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where there’s something sweet just around the corner!’ Oh wait! ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where every taste of happiness is just around the corner!’ That sounds perfect! I should ask Mr. & Mrs. Cake about that! What do you think, Ford?”


At Sugarcube Corner, I wait patiently for Pinkie Pie’s snack while I look around the place. It certainly is a nice store she’s working in. It’s got that charm of a bakery found in small town areas, but with much more pleasant colors to look at.

“Here you go, Ford!” Pinkie Pie announces with a tray she was carrying. “Dig in!” With a gleeful smile, she lays the tray right on the table we were sitting. In front of me is a tray of six, lightly sprinkled cupcakes, and each of them is sharing a different color of the rainbow. Huh… kind of reminds me of Rainbow Dash all of a sudden.

“Go ahead, Ford! Try one!” Pinkie Pie insists greatly.

“What are they?” I ask with hungry curiosity.

“I can’t tell you yet! But what I can tell you it that each one of them is a special surprise!”

I look at the delicious platter as I decide on which one to take first. Of course, I go for the blue-colored cupcake first, since it is my favorite color. As I take my first bite, I immediately decipher what the first flavor is: blue raspberry!

The rich buttercream icing is nothing like I have ever laid my tastes buds on before. The cake itself is very moist and super delicious. And the crown jewel of this treat is the blue raspberry flavoring. I savor the sweet-and-sour taste of the raspberries from its flavored icing to the tiny glazed orbs filled within the cake itself. Truly, this cupcake is a work of art itself with its colorful appeal and enriched tastiness! I couldn’t help but smile broadly at what I’m eating right now!

“See… told you it will cheer you up!” Pinkie Pie states grinningly.

“You’re right, I feel a bit better now! Thanks, Pinkie! These are delicious!” I compliment with a satisfying smile. She nods at me with a welcoming smile as she grabs a cupcake for herself. She happily chews on hers as I finish my first one.

You know, now that I’m here with Pinkie Pie, maybe she can help me out with my current predicament. After all, she’s always goods when it comes to keeping secrets.

“Hey, Pinkie Pie… can I tell you a secret?” I ask hesitantly.

“Ooooh, what kind of secret?” She replies with keen interest. “Is it about your crush with Rainbow Dash?”

“WHAT?!” I yelp in surprise with a heavy blush. “Where did you get an idea like that?!”

“Well her name is tagged into this story, isn’t it?”

“Wha--?” What does that supposed to mean, I wonder?

“Nothing~!” she interrupts me in a sing-song voice.

“Anyway… it’s about Fluttershy and Big Mac.” I begin my story. “They really like each other, and they’ve been sending each other letters throughout the week.”

“Aaaawww!” Pinkie Pie coos while resting her fore hooves on her chin. “Sounds like they’re off to a great start! Though I feel kind of sorry for all of those CheriMac fans out there…” she mutters to herself.


“Nothing~!” she says it again in her sing-song voice.

“Right… As I was saying…” I continue my story. “…they’ve been sending letters to one and another, and I’m the one who has to deliver them. At first, I didn’t mind it at all, but overtime, it’s becoming tiresome, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere with this. I’ve tried suggesting to them to ask the other one out on a weekend, but they turned me down and insisted that I continue to help them with their letters! It’s like I’m stuck in the middle between those two, and now I can’t find a way out from what I’ve put myself into--!”

Out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie shoves a green-colored cupcake right into my mouth. Probably to calm my nerves down. Mmmmm… tastes just like key lime pie!

“Sorry, Ford!” Pinkie sympathizes cheerfully. “You really look like you could use another cupcake right about now!” I lick some of the lime-flavored icing on my muzzle as I smile broadly on its citrusy goodness.

“Thanks, Pinkie. I guess I needed that one.” I chuckle as I happily take another bite on my second cupcake.

“No problem-o!” she welcomes. “Boy, from the sound of it, those two really need to get a room together, huh?”

“Get… a… room?” I pause from eating my cupcake as the cogs in my head begin to turn. “THAT’S IT!” I declare in triumphant as I rise from my chair.

“Woah, woah! Hang on there!” Pinkie Pie slightly panic at my reaction. “You know I was joking on that one, right?”

“No, not like that!” I correct her with a mild blush. “I mean forcing those two into a confrontation! That way, they can stop hiding behind their letters and actually have some social interaction with each other!”

“Oh, I get it!” she glees extremely. “It will be like throwing a surprise party!”

“Yeah, exactly! Now how am I going to accomplish this?” I ponder while rubbing my chin.

“Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head, Ford!” Pinkie Pie playfully pats my mane. “Just leave everything to your Auntie Pinkie Pie on this one!”


The next day, Big Mac and I are walking over to the tool shed where Pinkie Pie was able to convince Fluttershy to set up a surprise party over there. Hopefully if Big Mac doesn’t get too suspicious about this before we arrive, things will go according to plan.

“So… remind me why ya need my help again?” Big Mac asks me confusingly.

“It’s like I said…” I reply to him. “I was trying to look for a specific tool in the tool shed, but I can’t find it on my own.”

“Ah can just tell ya where it is without having the need to walk over there with ya.”

“Well…” I think carefully on my next response. “...I think it might be better if you show me where it is. It’ll help me remember it next time when I look for it myself.”

“Okay… so what kind of tool are ya lookin’ for?”

“I’ll… tell you once we get there.”

Big Mac just shrugs, and thankfully, we continue towards the tool shed. Once there, I open the door for him and Big Mac walks right in just as I have hoped. And right on cue…

“SURPRISE!!” Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy shout together. As Fluttershy finishes her shouting, she and Big Mac gasp simultaneously as they stare widely at each other. In the midst of their awkward silence, I signal Pinkie Pie with my head to come outside. Once she gets my signal, we begin the next phrase of our plan.

“Oh, wait a second! This isn’t the day for Ford Mustang’s surprise party!” Pinkie Pie breaks the silence as she slowly walks towards the door. “Huh, must have got it mixed up somehow! Silly me! Sorry about that Fluttershy! And look, he even brought Big Mac over here! Oh well! A party is still a party no matter--LOCK THE DOOR!!

And in a flash, Pinkie zooms outside as we slam the door shut before barricading it with a wooden bar. The door shakes violently as it tries to hold it together from Big Mac’s constant slamming. Pinkie Pie and I lean against the door in order to hold off against Big Mac’s repressed strength.

“Come on! Please let us out!” Fluttershy cries out from the inside. “This isn’t funny anymore!”

“Nnnope!” Big Mac agrees simply.

“Sorry, guys!” I call out to them. “We’re doing this for your own good!”

“Yeah, and I put extra love and care on making this happened for you two love birds!” Pinkie Pie comments sharply.

“Please just give it try!” I beg them. “We’ll let you guys out in half-an-hour! Promise!”

I hear nothing but silence as Pinkie Pie and I wait in anticipation for an answer. Surprisingly, it was Fluttershy who speaks up first.

“Well… I really hate to see Pinkie Pie’s delicious food going to waste.” she meekly gives it a try thankfully. “Umm… Macintosh? Would you… care to help me with this? I don’t think I can finish it all by myself.”

“Uhh… eeyup.” Big Mac stammers. I sigh in relief as it looks like both of them are willing to give it a shot.

“Come on!” Pinkie Pie whispers excitingly as she wraps a fore leg around me. “The show’s about to start!” Before I could respond, she drags me over to one of the tool shed’s windows.

From here, we can scope out at what’s going on in the shed. Through the glass, we see Fluttershy and Big Mac facing each other as they enjoy a quiet meal together. Each of them has fruit salad and some type of deli-style flower sandwich. On the table is an iced pitcher of lemonade with cups set aside and a small pink cake with white icing, decorative trimmings, and several strawberries on the top. They are slowly eating their meal as they are constantly avoiding eye contact with each other. Sooner or later, they’ll have to talk eventually.

“Soooo…” Fluttershy begins awkwardly. “…lovely weather we’re having today.”

Big Mac takes a moment to pause before he predictable replies, “Eeyup.” After that, they resume their meals in peace. Come on! They can do better than that!

“Umm…” Fluttershy speak up again timidly. “…How’s everything going with you?”

“Fine. And you?” Big Mac replies simply.

“Good! Good!” Fluttershy swiftly responds with nervousness. And once again, in that disturbing silence, they go back to their meals without making eye contact with one and another.

Ughhh!” I facehoof myself as I couldn’t bear to look at this any further. “This isn’t working, Pinkie Pie! What can we do--?”

I pause as I stare what’s beside me: Pinkie Pie watching with glee as she’s eating a bag of popcorn. Unable to contain myself, I had to ask the obvious question, “…Where did you get that popcorn?”

“I dunno.” She shrugs casually with her mouth full of popcorn. “You want some?”

“No… no thanks.” I decline with a puzzling look before assuming my thinking position. “If there was some way I can give them suggestions on topics to discuss. Maybe if I had a pen and some paper--”

“Here you go!” Pinkie Pie surprises me with a small whiteboard and a black marker.

“How did you--? …Nevermind. Thanks.” As much as I want to question her uncanny ability for perfectly timed solutions, I decide to not look a gift in a horse-- err… pony’s mouth as I graciously accept Pinkie Pie’s help. With a whiteboard in hoof, I start to think of some topics in mind. If there was some common ground between them, that would help get the ball rolling. At last, an idea comes to mind as I scribble it down with my left hoof grasping the marker. With my message ready, I wait until Fluttershy isn’t looking at my direction. Once that happened, I take my chance and wave my hoof silently for Big Mac. Eventually, I get his attention and quickly show him my message reading: “ASK HER ABOUT HER ANIMALS.”

Big Mac smiles and gives a soft nod to me. I smile back as I put the whiteboard away. He then looks at Fluttershy and asks her, “Uhh… Fluttershy?”

“Hmm? Yes?” she startles a bit.

“How’s everything going with your animals?” He asks sheepishly.

“Oh, they’re doing just fine.” Fluttershy beams with surprising enthusiasm. “Why yesterday, I helped a little birdie reunite with her lovely family.”

“The same bird that sprained her wing last week?” Big Mac inquires with interest.

“Why, yes! How did you--?”

“Your last letter told me all about it.”

“Oh, yes of course. Wait, you remember!” she gasps in delight.

“Well, sure Ah do. Ah've always enjoyed reading your letters, Fluttershy.”

“T-t-thank you, Big Macintosh.” She stammers sheepishly as she tries to hide her blush with her long, pink mane.

“You’re welcome to call me Big Mac, if you like that is.”

“Oh okay… Big Mac.” she giggles a bit to herself as she brushes her mane aside.

“By the way.” Fluttershy adds. “I’ve heard that your family has done a tremendous job with Cider Season this week.”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac states that proudly. “We’ve made quite a lot of bits for ourselves this year.”

“That’s wonderful! I only wish I could help contribute more considering how busy I’ve been this week.” She says regretfully.

“It’s alright, Fluttershy.” he smiles reassuringly. “Ya know, we still have some cider to spare from this season. If ya like, Ah would be happy to deliver some for you. Free of charge, of course.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that for me, Big Mac.” she responds meekly. “Your family needs that money more than anything with all the hard work you put yourself through.”

“No need to worry about that, Fluttershy.” he waves a reassuring hoof. “Like Ah said, we’ve made quite a lot this season.”

“Well… I still want to make it up to you.” she insists tenderly. “Maybe… if you bring some cider over for tomorrow evening… I can perhaps… interest you in some dinner? If you like that is.” she suggests gingerly with a sheepish smile.

Big Mac thinks to himself for a little while, but then he smiles broadly as he happily replies, “Sure. Ah’d like that.”

“Then it’s a date!” she glees softly. That causes Big Mac to make a noticeable blush after hearing that. After seeing him blush, Fluttershy realizes what she just said, and she blushes intensely as well.

“Oops! I guess that just sort of slipped, huh?” she smiles embarrassingly. Then the two share a gentle laugh together before continuing with their conversation. I sigh in content upon seeing this tender moment unfold in front of me. It looks like I can finally relieve my duties as their mail pony from now on.

“Well, Pinkie Pie…” I turn my attention towards her. “I guess our work is done here. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Right-a-rooney!” Pinkie nods with an approving smile. And with that, I remove the wooden bar off the door and creak it open just a little. That way, we can let Fluttershy and Big Mac know that it’s okay to come out now, but I doubt they would leave anytime soon.

“You think they’ll be fine on their own?” Pinkie Pie asks me.

But before I could answer, I hear something that sounds like it’s coming from Fluttershy.

“Ah… Ahh… AHHH… choo!" After hearing that adorable sneeze of hers, a brightly yellow feather glides through the slit of the doorway and delicately lands on my nose. I chuckle to myself as I know what’s going to happen next between those two.

“Oh, I think they’re going to see each other a lot sooner than we could’ve anticipated.” I answer grinningly.

Author's Note:

Alternate Title for this Chapter: "Meanwhile in the Tool Shed..." It's based off a recurring joke from one of my favorite Abridged Series, Yugioh GX Abridged.