• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 11 – The Hangover

Chapter 11 – The Hangover

The following morning, I wake up very groggily from the couch I was sleeping on. I certainly didn’t sleep so well last night for two reasons. Number one, I’m still suffering the terrible effects of that bottle of vodka I had to drink last night before Vinyl Scratch could do anymore harm to herself. And number two, I was too excited to sleep just yet after listening on some of that “sweet, SWEET music” the two mares were making upstairs. I swear, all of those “harmonious notes” they were making up there could easily fill up an entire soundtrack.

While I am fortunate enough to know that I wasn’t feeling nauseas anymore, the tradeoff for that is to deal with this massive headache that’s just ready to split my skull open. Even looking through the window where there is some daylight out there makes my headache worse. I squint my eyes to avoid the harsh light as I struggle poorly to get out of bed.

“Good morning, Ford!” Octavia greets me in a cheerful tone. “How did you sleep last night?” My tiresome groan answers her question for me.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” she sympathizes. “Here.” She brings a glass of orange juice and a couple of pills onto my slightly trembling hooves. “These should help you.” Without hesitation, I put the pills in my mouth, take a sip of that delicious orange juice, and eagerly swallow those miraculous pills of salvation.

“Thanks, Octavia.” I weakly smile to her. As my eyes adjusted better, I get a better look at the welcoming Octavia, where her hair is still in good shape after she woke up first, and she’s wearing an elegant bathrobe.

“I heard what happened last night with Vinyl.” Octavia informs me as she sits right next to me while I scoot aside to make room for her. “I can’t believe you actually drank an entire bottle yourself!” She chuckles lightly to herself. “That’s something that I would have expected Vinyl to do instead.”

“What can I say?” I chuckle along. “I did it all in the name of love.” We both share a brief giggle together.

“Well still… thank you…” Octavia warmly expresses her gratitude by kissing me on the cheek. “…for everything.” Surprisingly, I didn’t blush that time when I receive that kiss respectfully.

“You’re welcome.” I respond humbly.

Just then, we hear a dinging noise. “Oh! Coffee’s ready!” She announces as she trots to the kitchen room. “Would you care for a cup?”

“No thank you.” I politely decline. “I’ll stick with my orange juice for now.” I get up from the couch and carefully follow Octavia to the kitchen while carrying my cup with me.

As I sit down at the kitchen table, Octavia begins to pour herself a cup of coffee. After taking a satisfying sip of hers, she pours another cup of coffee, and she sets that aside on the table. As I almost wonder what the second cup for is, right on cue, Vinyl Scratch enters the kitchen with a groggy expression similar to how I woke up, except she looks less sufferable than I did.

“Morning, Vinyl.” I greet to her casually.

“Mmmm…” she moans tiresomely in response. “Need… coffee.”

“Right here, Vinyl.” Octavia gestures her new marefriend to her cup of coffee.

“Thanks.” Vinyl expresses groggily with gratitude before pecking Octavia on the cheek. Using her magic, the bleary pony takes a big sip of her coffee. After smacking her lips a couple of times, her ruby eyes light up instantly as her infamous grin makes its morning appearance. Now she’s wide awake.

“You know, Tavi…” she grins broadly to Octavia, who’s preparing eggs for breakfast this morning. “…I could use some sugar to go with that coffee.”

“But Vinyl…” Octavia responds with confusion. “You never take sugar with your coffee.”

“Oh, I know.” Vinyl grins while she walks up to Octavia. And out of nowhere, Vinyl Scratch pulls a surprised Octavia towards her and gives her a deeply affectionate kiss. Octavia is startled by this, but she gives in as she accepts this tender embrace with all of her heart. Well, now I’m wide awake too.

“But I figure a little sweetness wouldn’t hurt every now and then.” Vinyl smiles tenderly after finishing that kiss.

“Oh, well… I’ll… make sure to remember that next time.” Octavia says breathlessly with a dreamy smile.


Once the eggs were ready, we all sit down to have a nice, simple breakfast together. Since I am no longer nauseas, I can enjoy my tasty, scrambled eggs in peace without having the need to excuse myself to use the bathroom.

“So, Mustang… how’s that hangover coming along?” Vinyl asks with a grin.

“Ughhh… like a constant kick in the face." I groan as I rub my slightly achy head. "But I’m much better now thanks to your kind hospitality.” I said with sincerity to both of the mares.

“Well, we certainly won’t kick you off the streets after all that you have done for us last night.” says Vinyl Scratch.

I get up from the table after I have finished my plate. “Where can I put my dishes?”

“Just leave them in the sink, Ford." says Octavia as she points at the sink. "We’ll take care of them later.”

“So… I assume you girls had a good night’s worth of sleep then?” I slightly smirk.

“Well…" Octavia begins with a mild blush. She and Vinyl gaze at each other sharing the same blush before they both smile tenderly. "...more or less.”

“I still can’t believe you were able to sleep so easily after last night!" Vinyl chuckles mightily. "I mean with the way you toss and turn! Oh, and how can I forget those high-pitched moans you were mak--!”

“VINYL!" Octavia interrupts scoldingly. "What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors! Besides, I’m certain that Ford Mustang doesn’t want to hear all about it.”

“Oh, that’s alright, Octavia." I reply with a smile as I lay my dishes in the sink. "I’ve already heard most of it any--!” I can't believe I let that one slipped! Even when I try to not finish the rest of that sentence with my hoof over my mouth, Octavia stares at me speechlessly with wide eyes. I glance at Vinyl, who's starting to sweat right now, before looking back at the frozen cellist. Maybe I can still cover this up.

“Uhh… I mean… what I meant to say was… umm… I… really like your mane?” Smooth, Ford. VERY smooth.

Octavia slowly snaps out of her frozen stance as she surprisingly maintains her usually calm, collective manner with a small smile.

“Vinyl, sweetie?” she asks the nervous DJ.

Gulp! Yes… dear, sweet, kind, merciful Octavia?” Vinyl gingerly responds with an extra coating of sugar.

“You did remember to put a soundproofing spell in our room last night, RIGHT?” Octavia questions her with a fake, heavy smile.

“Oh… yeah… about that…" Vinyl answers hesitantly with a sheepish smile. "...well you see I… umm… I might have… simply forgot... to do that… by… accident? He-heh...

I couldn't tell what Octavia's expression was from the back of her head, but I know that what Vinyl just said as her excuse is enough to ignite the fuse of the inevitable powder keg that is ready to explode. I figure it might be best to make my escape while I still can.

“WellwouldyoulookatthetimeIreallyneedtogetbacktoSweetAppleAcresrightnowthanksagainforbreakfastandeverythingweshouldreallydothisagainsomeothertimebyebye!” I say at ludicrous speed as I hastily make my way to the nearest exit.

“No, wait! Come back here!" Vinyl desperately begs for my return. "DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH HER!!”


After I quickly shut the door behind me, my curiousity gets the best of me as I lean my ear against the door's wooden surface to confirm if my premonition was correct.

“Now, Tavi. Let’s not act so irrationally." I hear Vinyl chuckling nervously. "We can still act civilized, right? It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen EVER AGAIN!” Then, I hear two sets of galloping hooves running around the house.






And the race continues as I listen in on this insane action. I think some of the furniture has been knocked aside during that chase. Eventually, things start to die down as the galloping noises has come to a halt.

Then, I hear Vinyl saying something while she was out of breath, “HA! Had enough yet? ...That's right! Better walk away and admit your defeat in silence! 'Cause nopony can keep up with all of this intense energy I stock up on! Well.. except maybe Pinkie Pie, but other than her, nopony!"

I hear Vinyl laughing in triumph, but suddenly, that moment of victory comes to a complete stop for some reason. Then, I hear the sound of a light, rhythmic patting against something hard. Was it coming from Octavia?

"…Tavi? W-w-why are you holding that frying pan like that? WAIT, TAVI! I TAKE BACK ON WHAT I'VE SAID EARLIER! TAVI, NO--!”



"Eh... I'm sure those two are going to turn out just fine." I reassure myself as I have finally decided to make my way back to Sweet Apple Acres.