• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Sequel – The Epic Quest of Ford Mustang

It's been over a year since the Arrival of Ford Mustang, a former human being from Earth, now a full-fledged Pegasus in Ponyville, and things have been going really well with him and Rainbow Dash ever since they became a couple nearly a year ago. With their one-year anniversary coming up, Ford decides it's time to pop the question and ask Rainbow for her hoof in marriage. However, an unknown force of darkness rises from the shadowy depths of the earth and achieves his ultimate plan that can not only seal the fate of Equestria, but for the rest of the world as well.

Now, without the aid of the Princesses and the Elements of Harmony, it's up to Ford Mustang and his elderly dragon friend, Hindel, to set things right and stop this monstrous tyrant once and for all. But is Ford up to the daunting task at hand? What kind of allies will he run into along the way? And what is Hindel's connection with vengeful pony from long ago? Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Ford Mustang!

Author's Note:

*Image and catchphrase is from "Leo & Satan", created by OneyNG.*

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YES YES YES !!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: God have i been waiting to hear this.

I'm sorry but this sounds cliche. Some regular (by certain standards) pegasus is suddenly gonna become the ONLY thing standing against evil? What exactly is going to happen that puts both princesses and the elements of harmony out of commission. And how is he going to be the only thing going against this dark force. You better have a COOL twist, OR ELSE.

3464351 I agree it does seem a bit... cliche. There should be a good reason for all of the bearers of the elements, and two immortal goddesses to just 'disappear' out of nowhere.

it is cliche. And even by the canon logic, of sending six girls to fight against some deadly force, it makes NO sense to send one individual against all that.

Chapters like these are banned
read the rules next time pls

I misread it as mord fustang, and I got really excited, then I re-read it and I was like awwwwwww


seems like your typical HiE story, which I'm not normally a fan of. But since the sequel got featured, I figure it's at least worth checking out

3465084 Chapters like what Reg?

3465721 chapters which specifically advertise a sequel to a story and do nothing else
such as this one

Whats the sequel called?

3464477 I couldn't help it. :twilightsmile:


This shiz is gun b gud. So, let's go over wat we need.


Das it.

This looks good I will give it a read.

You need two more HiE's to join Ford, Chevorlet Corvette and Dodge Dart.

3466662 no, chevy camaro and dodge charger

3466704 meh. Why not all four of them? The more the merrier!

Not sure if you already planned against this, but I vote for Only Ford Mustang. I don't really wan't any other pony/human to join. This is your story though. Your rules. :moustache:

3467737 :pinkiehappy: Hey, that's a pretty good picture! Even the pose looks similar to one I've described! Thanks for sharing that with me!

3468362 lol shod see me in the next one of this if there is one

nice to see :eeyup::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3465443 It actually does stand for Human in Equestria, not Hollow in Equestria. :twilightsheepish::rainbowwild:

3470467:pinkiehappy: Hey-hey! You got it!

Oh dear.
On the plus side, it's well written, grammatical and well structured.
On the other side... it's a Mary Sue. Seriously.:facehoof:
If you're not familiar with the term, it means a fan fiction that involves a new character, usually a thinly-veiled alter-ego of the author (with any flaws removed), who quickly eliminates the few minor flaws they have, gain the romantic interest of pretty much all major characters, and ends up with the author's favourite character. They swiftly go about solving all the running problems from the show, romantic entanglements etc. and are in effect superpowered. It's pretty much wish-fulfillment.
I mean, seriously? You arrive as a pegasus who cannot yet fly, yet can immediately plough a field sufficiently well to impress an earth pony (remember, you're a pegasus) and despite having flown only for a week almost perform a sonic rainboom (something even Dash has problems with). Face down a dragon, etc... by the time I'd managed to get that far I was only skimming. The only 'flaws' your OC has are a lack of cutie mark (which is really a plot device to link with the CMC anyway) and excessive humility (which is just irritating).
I've read a couple of other ponified-human fanfics and they all handled the transition situation more believably (well, as believably as you can when the protagonists are magical pastel-coloured ponies :derpytongue2:) and had OCs that were in line with the other characters.
You've done a good job at writing the story you wanted you read. Sadly, however, it isn't what I'd want to read.

RoyalRainbow you beautiful mother fucker.
You've done it again.
I'll be waiting!

"But other than enjoying some good fanart, I also like to read some good fanfiction too, especially the romantic ones.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance. I don’t see it weird for two female ponies (anthromorphic, human, or otherwise) to have a romantic relationship. I think it’s beautiful (and sexy sometimes) for some of my favorite shipping pairs to go through these incredible journeys as they discover life lessons, hardships, and ultimately, love. And I envy these fanmade fantasies because as I have realized long ago, life isn’t always a fairy tale. Still, it doesn’t hurt to believe in them sometimes, right?"

I mean, Dude.

My thoughts exactly.
Finally a kindred spirit.

3475084 That's curious. I think someone else pointed that out to me as well.

Curse you, Star Fox 64 and your quirky one-liners!


I am not joking right now, someone just sent me the Silver Stout Shako as a gift!!


You can't perhaps add a little something to this story to tell us exactly how his friends and family on earth took his disappearance? Not even a full chapter if you don't want to, but just anything to sate my curiosity?

I do like storys with happy endings and this one I did enjoy. I look forward to how this story will continue. I do know that Ford Mustang never got his cutie mark. He is an open book of potential that can happen at the best time or the worst time. It will be fun to see what happen next's in this story. Keep up the good work.


3476579 one it a auto response and rating thing on a chapter

Silly Rainbow Ninja. It's "D' Awwwwww..."

If it ships it fits....

In this story

3481223 one it a auto response and rating thing on a chapter for example the 3 out of 4 harts for one

3482144 humm? on the other hoof never mind.

Love Leo and Satan xD

Okay... So, overall, not a bad story. The main character positively reeks of Mary Sue, but it's surprisingly endearing. However, you really need an editor to run through this at some point. The grammar and syntax are all over the place. This, to me, is nigh unforgivable in terms of the story. What immersion that is there, is utterly ruined when those conflicts come into play. This happens almost once a paragraph.

Most of the other issues are forgivable. The somewhat wooden dialogue is still reasonably passable. Most of the character reactions are believable and in line with what we've come to expect... Well, there are a few big ones that are missing. AJ responds a bit too easily to being informed that she's been lied to for nearly a half a year by someone who has been sleeping in her home, spending time with her sister and is interested in her best friend... Twilight's curiosity is never really addressed. Mac's typical, for the fandom and fanfiction crowd at least, protectiveness of his family and loved ones is never brought into play....

My other great grievance with the work, is that, while the "official" timeline is reasonable, if a bit unlikely, the whole thing feels rushed. What is supposed to happen over a span of nearly a half a year at minimum, does so. However, the inbetween time is missing. The story tells me that it was a matter of months.It makes sense for it to happen over the course of a matter of months... But the way it reads feels like days. The story needs more filler... Now there' something I never thought that I'd say....lol All of those little in between things that happen over time are missing. We never hear about any other adventures with the crusaders. We never hear about any of the details of the work on the farm. The more subtle reactions and responses that people have when they begin to develop a crush are all missing....

Apparently, this warranted a sequel, and I intend to give it a read. Truthfully though, I don't really see what all the fuss is about. While this has potential, it also needs a lot of work to even begin to reach that potential.:facehoof:


I suppose that it is worth adding... There is one thing that is truly unforgivable for me personally in all of this. The final piece of dialogue... "Swag." Really? Come on. Of all the bloody things you could have had the character say, or all the lines you could have closed the curtain on, and all of the scenarios... You chose a wingboner followed by the line, "swag."? Why? Why in the name of all that is holy would you do that?:facehoof: I'd be less disenchanted if you decided to have him randomly scream, "The cake is a lie!" It has roughly the same bearing on the situation the character finds himself in and roughly as much deeper meaning. The only differences are: 1. There are more words in my random quote. 2. As overdone as that reference is and as borderline nauseating as it may be, it doesn't make me want to fling my laptop into my office wall... The combined talents of James Earl Jones and Morgann Freeman couldn't make that line appropriate or attractive in any way shape or form... So, I must ask. WHY?

Looks like someone appreciates my sarcastic genius.
*Takes a bow*

Dude, the human-turned-pony-in-equestria, falls-for-rainbow-dash, becomes-a-Cutie-Mark-Crusader stories are awesome. First Blue Angel, and now this. I'm really not sure which ship I like better, Volare x Rainbow Dash, or Ford Mustang x Rainbow Dash.

I just saved your ass RoyalRainbow! I saw that the likes on this were at 666, so I made it 667. You're welcome.:derpytongue2:

By far my FAVORITE STORY ON THIS SITE SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Bad... as... HELL!!!!!!!!!

Now... time to find the referral button, because this took me some time to read... but this is something that I NEEDED to finish... something im glad to have finished... and something i'm glad I came across. It took me so many days... no, a week or 2, to finish this story... but it was damn worth it, and it is a shame it has come to an end. Luckily though, you have another story, and as it shows, 9 chapters are up for it. I have been blessed by luck to see this, and to have been gifted by a talented writer. Most the time I felt like I was in the story, and that is something not a lot of people have managed to do for me, but that just makes it all the more thrilling to read. There were typos and errors of course, even in your edited chapters, but while few, it was enough to break that flawless feeling of being in the story. HOWEVER, that isn't to say it was bad in any sense, it wasn't even a hiccup in comparison to how good this story is in reality, and I must thank you... this was a treat to read.

(Your new loyal and dedicated fan)

Rarity will be jealous of Rainbow

3564696 Haha thanks if you liked that just look up classical techno on youtbe and you'll find a bunch of cool stuff that sounds like octascratch stuff. :pinkiehappy:

3591516 Yes, that's right! I just couldn't recall the name of that particular scream at the time.

Great story, though I did see quite a few of grammatical errors in each chapter, also you might want to work on the Chapter Titles so that it doesn't tell the reader what's about to happen right off the back. (As in the Match Maker ones, it was obvious how it was going to end up before you even read the first word of the chapter, but like the old saying says 'it's not the destination but the journey that matters.' So a great story either way) I'd give it about :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: out of :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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