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Twisted Brew

I am not drunk enough for this right now...


This story is a sequel to Rust In The Breeze

Coming back to Ponyville after 'dying' was quite a challenge on its own. Things did not go as planned as Ryan made some interesting discoveries since returning that have curved his path. However, he does not intend to simply abandon his former mission. He came back to make amends and right the wrongs of his past and he intends to do exactly that. Now though, with the added responsibility of raising a daughter he didn't know he had, as well as working out the issues that still lie between himself and her mother, this trial may end up being a lot more interesting than he initially thought.

This story picks up shortly after the ending of Rust in the Breeze, with Ryan now ready to face his challenges head on and no longer hiding from the rest of the world, as well as having accepted himself for who he truly is.

FEATURED: 12/12/20 (You all sure didn't waste any time...Story's only been up for like 27 minutes...)

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This is a very good promising start, dealing with all these new problems along with his PTSD will definitely a hard road to conquer. I look forward to how the rest of this turns out.

"If life starts to get you down, don't just lie there and take it. Grab life by the crotch and punch it right in the fuckin' throat!"
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That's Matt Smith's silhouette, right?

No idea. I looked up silhouettes, saw one that looked cool, used it as a reference and drew the cover in MS Paint, changed some shit, changed more shit and added a beard at the very end of it all cause I thought it looked nice. Now it's just a thing I made, based off another thing, but with my name on it and currently plastered onto this story like a Band-Aid to cover the shame.

I forget. Is it his own madness that is talking to him or another force making him act this way? Because if he really wanted to change for the better there is no way in hell he would be wanting his own daughter to leave. Maybe the others sure but his kid. He would want to hold her up to the last second he could.

And don't you jip me out of that celestia meeting! I need that shit!!

Its his own brain, I think.
Some people can have discussions with themselves.

I mean sure. But with this level of hostility?


That will actually be a topic discussed in a future chapter. The very next one, in fact. And that's all the hints you will ever get from me ever again. You had one wish and Shadow Wolf used it up! Now you're gonna have to wait for the next blood moon, sacrifice 17 virgins and acquire the blood, sweat and fingernails of a three-toed sloth to boil into a soup for me. And that's just to get back into my good graces!

Fuck. I only have a two toed sloth

Got the Soup, the fresh virgins, and I'm about to dip the moon in blood.

Comment posted by Profesionalac deleted Jan 9th, 2021

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

any plans on updating this soon or is it still a while off? i would have wanted a bit more robust beginning on his first few weeks maybe, but otherwise this has been a very goiod trilogy so far

hey I wanted to say thank for making An amazing story and great mc that made me ate , but fall deeply in love with , the amazing writing and development was amazing !

Read through the first story, read through the second story, and depressingly ran into the possibly abandoned third story..... This sucks. :fluttercry:

I really do like this story. Well I'll see you in another 2 years

Ah this story, I shan’t lie I forgot it existed but glad to see it again. Here’s hopping we don’t have to wait another two years though. :P

Anyways keep up the awesome work!

Well color me surprised, this was not a story I thought I would see updated. Definitely most welcome that's for sure, hopefully more is yet to come (within a shorter time frame that is 😅)

Awww, that's so sweet~"

"Shut up, Joe!"

Hahaha, but seriously this was a good chapter I could feel the emotions you put into them

Just read through all three. Good stuff.

Have to wonder what Chrysalis has been up to this whole time though.

"Did you make your therapist quit his job to be a ballet dancer!?"

Hell yeah! Go ex therapist!

Eh another chapter yay! This gives me hope for the time frame of chapters. Not the fact its a daily post for I don’t expect it but the fact you were hit with the motivation and all speaks well of the fact that we may be seeing more chapters in a quicker fashion witch will be great! Also love that ending, running from twilight as a family Xd


ROFL that last scene

The sound of stomping draws close to the bedroom door. "It's called run like hell before Twilight rips your head off!"

Ahhh. Family bonding.

Good to see Ryan and Azure again, I missed seeing their brand of mental.

Hope your going alright as well Twisted, be good to see more notifications of yours popping up with all the warm and fuzzies they bring.

Nope you've set daily update expectations and I will make grumpy noises if they don't continue.

Loved the Bill Burr reference, sure Twilight would appreciate the jab more if she ever got to see the act.

That's what that was! I was screaming trying to remember where I heard that!

Also nice chapter. I want more

That was a funny chapter, I had tears of laughter going(if that is even a thing?)down my face and the last bit at the end was great!
May you keep up the great work. And my the ex therapist become the Greatest ballet dancer EVER in history!:heart::heart::heart:

Very good story, I hope it ends one day

Nice to see that they are making progress.

Also I love that ending

Honestly, completely forgot I was following this. Been so long I forgot what the story is even about. WELP, time to add it to the re read list lol regardless, glad to see you're back!

Finally they're going to address the fact that they literally have schizophrenia with a possible instance of disassociative identity disorder as well! Finally! As someone who suffers from a similar affliction schizophrenia mixed with bipolar I've been waiting for this to be addressed for the longest time seriously seeing this come to fruition is something that I've been waiting on.

Never thought I'd see the day that this story would come back into my "updated" list and what a sight it is! Hope all is well and stays well for ya, would love to have this continue under a timeframe that doesn't consist of 365 days 😂

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