• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 1 – When You Wish Upon a Star...

Chapter 1 – When You Wish Upon a Star…

Sigh… God, I’m so lonely.

I may not give up on life so easily, but it still hurts from having to go through the same motions over and over again: some cute girl talks to me, I talk to her, I develop an attraction for her, and at some point I try asking her out and she tells me that she’s already with someone. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

As I walk around for a bit to get some fresh air in the quiet night, I keep thinking to myself, What’s wrong with me? What is it that makes me so unappealing to the opposite sex? Is it because that I’m a post-graduate that’s stuck at a dead-end job until I finally get a more profitable job? Or is it because that despite maintaining a well-mannered, healthier life style, I still have this slightly pudgy gut that sticks out like a sore thumb every time I look at myself in the mirror? Or is it because I’m a struggling artist who’s a huge nostalgic nerd when it comes to movies, video games, and cartoon shows, especially in the latest craze, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”?

…Yeah, I’m probably leaning more towards that last one.

I don’t admit this to anyone, but I love that show! I enjoy the well-developed characters, the brilliantly written stories, and the immeasurable amount of fan service it provides. I myself have created some parody comics based off the show, which has earned some praise among the Brony community. But other than enjoying some good fanart, I also like to read some good fanfiction too, especially the romantic ones.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance! I don’t see it weird for two female ponies (anthromorphic, human, or otherwise) to have a romantic relationship. I think it’s beautiful (and sexy sometimes) for some of my favorite shipping pairs to go through these incredible journeys as they discover life lessons, hardships, and ultimately, love. And I envy these fanmade fantasies because as I have realized long ago, life isn’t always a fairy tale. Still, it doesn’t hurt to believe in them sometimes, right?

Anyway, I stop to take a moment to look up at that nightly, starry sky. Wow. You don’t see that many stars on a clear night like this. As I gaze upon them, I notice one star bigger than the rest and giving off some kind of golden radiance. Wonder if that’s some kind of a wishing star? No, that’s ridiculous. I’m too old to believe in stuff like that. And yet, I can’t help but become so entrance by that glimmering beacon of hope.

With a quick turnaround to make sure no one was looking, I hold my hands together just as I would when I’m praying, look up to that shimmering star, and whisper:

“Please, let me have a chance to find true happiness for myself.”

As if on cue, the star begins to glow brightly as if it just heard my wish. In fact, it looks like it’s getting bigger… and coming closer to me at an incredible rate.

… I think I should start running right now.

But before I finally decide to run, the shooting star engulfs me in a barrier of golden fire! It felt hot, but strangely enough, it was soothing, and it wasn’t burning me at all. All of a sudden, I’m lifted off the ground and the mysterious flames intensify into a blinding, white light! I panic and try to move, but my body is paralyzed as it begins to disappear from the blinding illumination!



Ugh… where am I?

I remember a bright light swallowing me whole, and now I’m on the ground just waking up very weakly. My eyes begin to adjust themselves as I try to look around of my surroundings: a dark and somewhat creepy forest with lots of strange foliage I have never seen before.

As I try to get up, I begin to scratch my hair. Strange. I can’t feel my hand that much. Even with my other hand on the grassy ground, I can’t feel much of that either. It’s as if I don’t have any fingers what’s so ever. I look at the hand I was scratching with and made a terrible discovery: I really don’t have any fingers at all.


Not a single digit on them.


And it wasn’t just the lack of fingers that startled me, but also that my pale Caucasian skin is replaced with smooth fur in a light bluish color. Still, I continue to panic over my missing appendages. I mean, to an artist like me, fingers are just as essential as his eyes!

As the horror of never seeing my hands ever again begin to grow, I immediately stand up from where I was sitting. But then, I suddenly lose my balance quickly and plop back on the ground. As if things couldn’t get any weirder and more frightening, I not only see that my feet are lacking their respective appendages, but I also notice a long, blue tail right between my legs.

During my panic attack, I begin to hear rushing water. I frantically look around for the source of the sound. If there is water, maybe there is a place where I can look at myself to see what I have become. I have to know the truth on what I have become. As luck would have it, there was a creek right beside me. Since I can’t walk in this state, I crawl on all four limbs to finally get a look at myself. At long last, I finally find out on what was happening to me: I have now become a pony. And not just like the actual ponies back on Earth, but a pony just like the ones from the cartoon show, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Staring at that reflection, I get a better look at the mysterious pony before me: a tall stallion with turquoise eyes and the same lightly bluish coat as my hooves. I still maintain the same hairstyle: short, and combed back; except instead of my usual hair color, I have the same, rich, blue color as my tail. Plus, I have a couple of golden yellow streaks on my mane and my tail; one streak on each side. And hey, look. I have wings too.

Wait… I have wings? I’m a Pegasus?! That’s cool and all except I don’t know how to use these things! Ugh! I’ll figure them out later. Right now, I should get out of this forest, which I assume must be the Everfree Forest, so I can have a better idea on where I’m at right now.

Hmm… I almost forgot. If I’ve been transformed into a pony, then that means that I might have a Cutie Mark as well! I eagerly look at my flank and saw… nothing. Not a single image on my blank flank. Sadly, I become disappointed by this. I mean, I thought my special talent would be related to my artistic abilities, but if that’s not the case, what could all of this mean? Do I have to demonstrate my art skills at some crucial point to earn my Cutie Mark, or does this mean that my own artistic craftsmanship was never my special talent in the first place? If the latter theory was true, what is my true calling in life if it’s not to create artwork? I am lost in so many ways, that I can’t even think straight on what to do next with all of these revelations.

Despite my despair, I have to keep focus. I should get out of this forest as soon as possible. There’s a clearing right behind me. As I head for the exit, I wobbly practice my walking with my new legs. Eventually, before I get out of the forest, I’ve manage to maintain a proper pace for myself.


Upon my exit of that gloomy forest, I gasp in amazement. Before my eyes, I stand on a vast, open field filled with colorful wildflowers and luscious, green grass that sway softly from the nice breeze. The brightly blue sky above me is cleared except with a few scattered clouds. I have never seen such vivid colors in real life except those in films, cartoons, and video games. And as I look up, I can also see Celestia’s radiant sun as it greets me with its warmth and light. While scanning the area, I see something familiar in the distance. Something that sparks an idea in my head on where my next objective should be: Ponyville!

I’m not the kind of guy who wants to draw unwanted attention, especially since I’m from a different dimension where this world and everyone who lives here is based off an animated kids show. But I have little to no choice on where and who I should turn to. Hopefully in Ponyville, I can still find that certain individual who may hold the answers I seek in order to get back into my own world.

With my sights set, I am filled with hope and determination as I briskly trot across the fields of fresh grass and wildflowers. As I trot merrily, I hear an unusual sound: it sounds like a jet roaring across the sky. I look up and see not a plane, but a continuous trail of a glistening rainbow made up of loops, twists, and turns.

No. Way. Can it be? But as I become distracted, I see the rainbow jet stream change its course and suddenly heading directly towards me. As the multi-colored rocket charges towards me, I hear that familiar, tomboyish voice screaming out:


Before I have time to react, the colorful bullet train slams me into the soft ground. I black out for a bit. I imagine at that moment I will be waking up and being back to my normal, boring self. As I drift into slumber once more, I begin to hear that same feminine voice ringing against my muffled ears.

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!”

My ears begin to regain their senses. I slowly open my eyes as I continue to hear that sweet, apologetic voice again.

“Please be okay! Please be okay! Please be okay!”

Once my eyes are opened, my blurred vision begins to see familiar shapes and colors: a four-legged creature with angelic wings, a coat that matches with the blue sky itself, a turf of rainbow hair resting on top of its head, and two dazzling magenta orbs gazing right back at me. At last, my eyes have regained their 20/20 vision, and right before my very eyes is one of my favorite characters in that show I adore so much…

Rainbow Dash!

Author's Note:

This is actually a Prologue and Chapter 1 combined. Sorry, I'm new here. Still trying to figure all of this out.