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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 20 – Return of the Matchmaker: RariJack

Chapter 20 – Return of the Matchmaker: RariJack

Moments ago when Rarity was escorting Applejack back to her home after Rainbow Dash's birthday party…

“Applejack, darling, you really should have taken your own advice to Rainbow Dash and learn to pace yourself!” Rarity firmly lectured her tipsy friend.

“Oh lighten up, sugarcube!” AJ responded with a goofy expression. "Ah can handle myself just fine!” Then, she clumsily stumbled on the dirt path and almost fell over if Rarity wasn’t there to catch her. “Whoa nelly!” Applejack exclaimed surprisingly. “Ah don’t remember the ground being this hilly before!”

“Yes, I can see you’re doing just fine.” Rarity groaned sarcastically as she helped up Applejack maintained her balance before they continued their walk to Sweet Apple Acres.

After a very long trek under the starry night sky, they finally arrived at the front porch of Applejack’s home. “Well, here we are!” Rarity announced happily with a sigh of relief.

“Ee--HIC! Yup!” Applejack hiccupped.

"Ugh! Please be sure to brush your teeth first before you go straight to bed.” Rarity pleaded while covering her nose with a fore hoof.

“Hey, my breath doesn’t stink that bad!” Applejack retorted. Then, she let out a quick breath to her fore hoof before smelling it up close.

“Sniff sniff! Ooh! Well… maybe a little.” she admitted sheepishly.

“Anyway… goodnight!” Rarity said to AJ before making her departure. Applejack started to sober up a bit as she felt bad for Rarity after doing all of this for her.

“W-wait, Rarity!” Applejack immediately called out to her.

“Yes?” Rarity replied as she turned around.

“Umm… Ah wanna thank ya kindly for walkin’ me over here and all.” Applejack said humbly with a blushing smile. “Ah oughta reward you with something special for tonight.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that, my dear.” Rarity dismissed it modestly with a tender smile. “After all, generosity is my middle--!” But Rarity didn’t finish her sentence as her lips were unexpectedly silenced by Applejack’s. Rarity tensed up from this unforeseen act of affection, but slowly, the tension starts to die down inside her.

Suddenly, Rarity hastily pulled away from Applejack as she tried to catch her breath. Both of them were blushing as red as an apple as they stare at each other in awkward surprise.

“Umm… wow! Well… that was indeed something… special!” Rarity stammered uncertainly. “So… thank you, Applejack, for… uhh… that! I’d love to stay and chat, but it’s getting late as it is! Sooooo… bye!”

And with that, Rarity made a hasty retreat back to her home while Applejack stood there speechlessly as she was too late to say anything to her departing friend. Shame and regret started to build inside as Applejack sat on her hindquarters while staring at the ground.

Soon enough, tears began to pour out of her sorrowful green eyes as she sobbed to herself, “Oh sweet Celestia, what have Ah done?”


“And that’s what happened, Ford.” Applejack finishes her story with trying to hold back more of her tears. “Ah kissed Rarity right on the lips, and she scurried off like a frightened lil’ critter!”

Before she began her story, I volunteered to make us some hot cider. I figured that something nice and hot would make her feel better as well as help her to sleep more soundly when she is ready for bed. The warm, soothing taste of apples and spices helped Applejack calm down a bit while she was telling me what happened between her and Rarity. Once she had explained it to me, we must have nearly finished the kettle by now as we continue to drink what is left in our cups while we sit on the couch in the living room.

After taking a sip of my hot beverage, I ask her with curiosity, “So… did you kiss her because you were drunk or…?”

Sigh… Ah wish that were true …” Applejack hangs her head low as she answers my question sadly. “…but honestly… Ah… Ah’ve always liked Rarity that way, but Ah know for certain that she doesn’t share the same affection for me.”

“Why do you say that, Applejack?” I ask softly with concern.

“‘Cause Rarity always fancies herself with a classy noblepony or some dreamy prince, that’s why!” she snaps at me with tiresome, watery eyes.

I am a bit startled by her sudden outburst, but then, she softens up after feeling bad for losing her temper like that. During this unsettling, quiet moment, Applejack steadily drinks her hot cider before she gazes at her steaming cup.

“You know, sugarcube…” she speaks to me with a heavy sigh. “…Ah didn’t always have these here feelings for her before. Even when Rarity and Ah first met, we were mostly bitter to one and another. But then, we had that sleepover at Twilight’s place, and ever since then, me and Rarity became the best of friends. Sure, we still had our differences, and we get at each other’s mane sometimes, but it’s all in good fun, and Ah’ve always enjoyed her company every now and then.”

She gingerly takes another sip of her drink before she continues her reminiscing. “But then… everything changed that night when we were leavin’ from the Gala…”


“You did WHAT to him?!” Applejack questioned Rarity as she could hardly contain her laughter.

“You heard me, Applejack!” Rarity confirmed proudly with a giggling grin. “I slathered that oaf of a prince with leftover cake all over him, and he just shrieked like a little filly! Oh, you should have seen him!”

“Boy-howdy!” Applejack exclaimed with a mighty chuckle. “I would have loved to see that! That guy sounds prissier than you, Rarity!”

“Oh, very funny!” Rarity quipped sarcastically with a smile. “But true, none of the less.” They both shared a hearty laugh together as they walked back to Ponyville where Applejack is escorting Rarity to her Carousal Boutique. Despite how disastrous the night was for them, they still found some enjoyment in all of it.

“Thank you so much for walking me over back to my Carousal.” Rarity said gratefully to Applejack once they made it back to her home. “I truly appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble at all, milady!” Applejack replies kindly as she bows courteously to her friend. “Well, goodnight.”

“Applejack?” Rarity called out quietly to the leaving farm pony.

“Hmm?” Applejack responded simply as she turned around to face the suddenly nervous Unicorn mare.

“Can I ask you for your honest opinion?” Rarity asked with an uneasy smile.

“Of course, sugarcube.” Applejack replied cheerfully.

Rarity fidgeted her tarnished dress a bit before she began to ask her question hesitantly with a nervous blush, “Do you… think I’m beautiful?”

Applejack was completely stunned by what she just heard. She wasn’t sure yet on what to say next except this, “…What?”

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” Rarity repeated her question with a continuous blush.

“Ah… Well, ya see, sugarcube… umm…” Applejack stammered nervously with a blush equivalent to Rarity’s.

“Please, Applejack!” Rarity pleaded to a great extent. “I really need your honesty on this one!”

“Well, of course Ah think you’re beautiful, Rarity!” Applejack responded snappily. “Why ya gotta make me say something like that for ya?”

“I’m so sorry for putting you on the spot like that, Applejack.” Rarity said remorsefully. “It’s just that… I’ve have been dreaming for this night for so long! Where I could finally meet my one true love and live happily ever after in my own little fairy tale! Sigh… But then that dream is completely shattered when I saw just how horrible that so-called prince really is! In all of my years, I have never met anypony so uncivilized, so ignorant, so… so… UNCOUTH! I can only pray that I never I have to cross paths with that cad ever again!”

Rarity nearly blew a flasket after letting her temper get the best of her, but she managed to simmer down before she continued expressing herself dishearteningly. “And then… I begin thinking to myself… what if… what if I’m not as attractive as I make myself to be? I mean… goodness knows I can’t compare myself with the princesses, but… I know that I don’t possess that kind of natural beauty like Fluttershy has or… even you, Applejack.”

“M-m-me?! But Rarity, Ah’m not what ya might considered as… beautiful!” Applejack hesitated in surprise.

“Well of course you are!” Rarity retorts. “Just look at yourself! No matter how hard you work out in the orchards each day or how dirty you get afterwards, you’ve always managed to outshine through it all with your fetching, emerald green eyes, that smooth, well-furbished, orange coat, and let’s not forget that long, silky, golden mane of yours!” Applejack blushed uncomfortably for each compliment Rarity gave. “And as for me, I have to spend minutes, maybe even hours, to beautify myself each day, which I can see now that it all amounts to nothing!” Noticing how watery her eyes were, Rarity hastily turned away from Applejack’s concerning gaze.

“Sigh… if there’s one thing that accursed Blueblood and I do share in common…” Rarity said with such sadness in her heart. “…is that we’re just facades of our own pitiful self-imaging.”

Applejack didn’t know what do. Rarity was in such misery with herself, and all Applejack could do is just stand there and listen. Applejack had to do something about this. She’s considered to be the most dependable pony in all of Ponyville, and she sure as sugar wasn’t going to let Rarity down like that! Not tonight she won’t! Rarity wanted an honest opinion, and that’s what she’s going to get!

“Now y’all listen to me, lil’ missy…” Applejack firmly grabbed Rarity’s attention as she forced the lamenting seamstress to face her. “…‘cause Ah ain’t gonna listen to any of that comin’ from you! Ah may not be as smart as Twilight, but if there’s one thing Ah do know is that there’s more to beauty than what meets the eye! And by golly, you’re not only beautiful on the outside, but you’re also very beautiful on the inside! Why, Ah’ve never met any other pony who is as generous towards others as you! Ah mean, was it not you who offered to create these original, stunnin’ dresses for all five of us just for this one special night without even asking a single bit from us?! And not only that, but you’re just as passionate to yer work as Ah am when it comes to apples, and Ah truly admire that! Ah really do! You’re beautiful in every sense of the word, Rarity, and don’t ya tell yerself anything different than that! And if other ponies, like that phony prince, can’t see that for what you’re really are, well then… they can just go buck themselves for all Ah care!” The determined Applejack may have blushed mildly from all of the praising she was giving, but it didn’t make her shy away from telling Rarity the truth.

Rarity was perplexed by all of this. Then, her tears began to pour out of her deep blue eyes. But these tears weren’t expressing their pitiful sorrow; they were expressing their joys of gratitude from hearing such kind words from such an honest friend.

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Rarity hestitated with a growing smile.

“Well saying ‘thank you’ might be a good start.” Applejack smirked as she finally saw a smile on Rarity’s face. In one swift move, Rarity rushed over and wrapped her hooves around Applejack in a gratifying hug.

“Thank you, darling.” Rarity whispered kindheartedly while embracing her friend. “I really needed to hear that.” Applejack was briefly stunned by this sudden affection, but never the less, she returned the embrace as she gently stroke the backside of Rarity’s glossy, purple mane.

“N-n-no problem, sugarcube.” Applejack smiled while trying to control her nervous blushing. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

“Right, of course.” Rarity giggled in response. After they broke from their hug, Rarity wiped the remaining tears on her face while still bearing a tender smile for Applejack.

“You know…” Rarity said dreamily with a lovely smile. “…if I ever do meet my special pony someday, I hope it’s somepony who is just as honest and kind as you, Applejack.” And with that, Rarity gave a nice kiss on Applejack’s already rosy cheek, leaving the farm pony paralyzed in her wide-eyed, slightly mouth-gaping stance.

“Goodnight.” Rarity said tenderly to the stunned, orange mare as she entered her home and closed the door softly.

Still in her self-induced trance, Applejack began to piece together on what’s happening to her. Now, she wasn’t always looking for romance like Rarity has, but after hearing on how Rarity hoped to meet someone just like AJ, as well as receiving that simple kiss from her, new feelings began to emerge inside as it felt like her heart was getting bigger by the second. At last, Applejack came up with just one logical conclusion as she said this to herself in a mix of uncertain fear and overwhelming joy.

“Holy cow pies… Ah think Ah’m in love.”


“After that…” Applejack concluded while finishing her last cup of cider. “…Ah’ve started to see Rarity in a whole different perspective. Ah couldn’t stop thinkin’ about wantin’ her more than just a friend. Ah felt so ashamed with myself, that at some point Ah decided to push aside my true feelings for her so that it wouldn’t get in the way of our friendship. But now… after this… she’s never gonna want me to be her friend ever again!” She starts to tear up again as she muffles her incoming cries on one of the couch’s pillows.

Poor AJ. It must have been really hard for her to hold on to those feelings for so long. For that matter, she represents the Element of Honesty. For her to hide her true feelings like this must be excruciatingly painful to her aching heart. Seeing where this is going, I decide to lend a hoof on this matter for myself.

“Well then… why don’t we go see her tomorrow and sort this out?” I suggest gingerly as I rest a gentle hoof on her head.

“No! I can’t face her yet!” Applejack yelps out in fright. “Do ya think… maybe… you can speak to her in my place? Please?” she asks of me meekly as she hugs her pillow adorably like a frightened child that woke up from a terrible nightmare.

“Sure, AJ.” I reply with a soft smile. “I’ll take care of it first thing in the morning.”


At a decent hour the next morning, I make my way to Rarity’s Carousel Boutique. As I trot over there, I think to myself if what I’m doing is right. I mean, when I helped out with Vinyl & Octavia, I reasoned with myself that they’re background ponies, so it shouldn’t have that much effect with continuity of the show. As for Fluttershy and Big Mac, even if their relationship was shown in future episodes, it shouldn’t bother the fans and spectators that much. But with Applejack and Rarity, what if this is going to be the big game changer? Oh sure, most Bronies will be thrilled about this, but when it comes to the overreacting parents who let their kids watch it, well… the show will be pretty much dead on the spot if any of this “fillyfooling” is revealed. No, that’s stupid, Ford! The show’s intended for kids! There is no way on Earth that the show’s creators and producers will ever pull off something so risqué to a worldwide audience!

As I get closer to Rarity’s home, I brush those conflicting thoughts aside and focus on what’s important right now: mending Applejack and Rarity’s relationship somehow. When I push the door, I notice in surprise that it didn’t budge. Huh, that’s strange. I know I got here early, but not before the Boutique’s supposed to be opened.

I decide to knock on the door, but in response, I hear Rarity shouting from the inside, “Sorry! We’re closed for today! I’ve… come down with a terrible fever this morning! Come back tomorrow!”

I puzzle for a bit by her hasty cover-up before I knock on the door once again as I call out to her, “Rarity? It’s me, Ford Mustang.” After that, Rarity peeks through the crack of her door. Once she sees me, she smiles in relief as she opens the door in full swing.

“Oh! Good morning, Ford!” Rarity greets to me beamingly. “How nice to see you!” Just like in the episode, “Suited for Success”, where she suffered a breakdown after how disastrous her first fashion show was, Rarity stands before me with a slightly messy hairdo in a pink robe with fuzzy, trimmings around the neckline and sleeves and wearing pink slippers on her fore hooves.

“Good morning, Rarity.” I greet back at her. “Mind if we talk for a bit?”

“Oh yes, of course! Come on in!” Rarity frantically hurries me inside. “And quickly please! I’m just not ready to deal with any customers at this moment!”

“Thank you.” I say to her as I enter her house. She then leads me to her living room where she has her tea table prepped and ready to be served.

“By the way, I just fixed myself some tea. Would you care for some?” she offers politely.

“Oh, yes please.” I reply in a similar manner before Rarity prepares a cup for me. After putting some sweetener into my tea, I take a moment to enjoy the freshly brewed drink, which is perfectly set to the right temperature without boiling my tongue thankfully. Plus, the aroma is most heavenly.

After we each had our initial sips, Rarity begins to speak first. “So, Ford… what would you like to talk about?”

“About last night, if you don’t mind that is.” I suggest gingerly.

“Oh yes! Wasn’t Rainbow’s party a smashing success?!” Rarity gossips in surprising enthusiasm. “I mean with the presents, the food, the games, and of course, the décor! I had a hoof in that by the way. Oh, and let’s not forgot--!”

“Rarity…” I interrupt her gently. “I mean on what happened last night after the party. You know… with Applejack?”

“Oh… right… that.” she acknowledges with a nervous chuckle. She drinks some more of her tea before she’s ready to answer my question.

“So… did she already tell you what happened?” she timidly asks of me.

“Yes.” I answer quietly.

“And… how is Applejack doing right now?” she asks with concern.

I take a quick sip of my tea before answering her next question. “Sigh… Not so well I’m afraid. She’s… a bit worried on how last night might have ruined her friendship with you.”

“Oh no no no no!” Rarity panics slightly once she hears that. “I would never break our friendship over something as trifling as… well… that! She has nothing to worry about!”

“Oh… well, that’s good to hear.” I say in relief. Well, at least Applejack will be glad to hear that their friendship is still intact.

“Can I tell you a secret, Mustang?” She asks with mild hesitation.

“Of course, Rarity.” I insist as I take a generous sip of my tea.

“Well… the truth is…” she stammers quietly with a heavy blush. “I actually… kind of… like… that… kiss.

I nearly did a spit take when I hear Rarity stating that. Fortunately enough, I save myself the dignity by gulping down what’s left in my mouth. As I’ve confirmed with Vinyl Scratch a couple months ago, I hate wasting good food and drinks.

“You did?!” I cry out with a surprised blush after I quickly wipe my muzzle clean. “But… Applejack said that you push her away after she kissed you!”

“I know! I did do that!” Rarity remorses sharply. “I mean… when she kissed me, I was initially surprised at first, but then, I slowly start to given! I’ve never felt such raw passion in all my life, and I almost never wanted to let go! Then, I start to feel really bad for taking advantage of Applejack like that! So I… pushed her off of me and tried to leave as quickly as possible!”

“After that, I could barely sleep since last night!” Rarity panics increasingly. “All I could ever think about is her and that kiss we had, and I still feel just as confused as before! Oh, what should I do, Ford?!”

I think carefully on what to suggest to Rarity. Then, the pieces start to come together as I realize that both Applejack and Rarity really like one and another without admitting it to each other.

“So… you’re saying that you don’t have a problem if your special somepony is a stallion or a mare, correct?” I inquire cautiously.

“Umm… no. I… guess not.” Rarity admits blushingly.

“Well then… why not… ask AJ out?” I suggest to her timidly.

“As… a… date?” Rarity stammers with wide eyes.

“Uhh…Yes?” I nod with a nervous smile.

“B-b-but… but I haven’t decided on what my true feelings are just yet!” she hesitates to a great extent. “I simply cannot ask Applejack on a date right away!”

“Rarity…” I shake my head with a gentle smile. “…where I come from, dates don’t have to start off with falling in love right on the spot. They’re meant to see if anything… you know… 'clicks.' It doesn’t have to be entirely romantic for the first date. Just do something you two can have fun together and go from there. And if it doesn’t work out, then hey, it doesn’t work out.”

“But… how will I know that by the end of it?”

“Trust me, Rarity, you’ll know.” I say with a reassuring smile.

She ponders a bit, but then, she shows a determined smile. “Very well! I shall give it a try! Umm… do you think Applejack will go along with it?”

I just smirk at Rarity before saying, “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”


After Rarity is finally done with her usual hygienic routine, we walk together to Sweet Apple Acres where Applejack is preoccupying herself with her daily chores. Remember which orchard she’s working at today, I lead Rarity to the chosen orchard of the day where Applejack is busy applebucking one of the ripe apple trees.

“Hey, Applejack!” I call out to her. “Mind coming over here for just a minute?”

“Sure thing, sugarcube!” she calls back to me. “Just give me a sec to buck these last apples right here!” With one swift kick, AJ causes all the remaining apples to tumble right into their proper baskets. “There!” Applejack says with prideful accomplishment before turning around.

“So, how did it gooooooWOOOAH!!” she startlingly exclaims as she notices Rarity right next to me.

“Uhh… Good morning, Applejack.” Rarity greets nervously with a blushing smile.

“Oh! Mornin’, Rarity.” Applejack responds more nervously than Rarity did. In this awkward silence they have put themselves through, the farm pony and seamstress nervously avoid eye contact with each other.

“Applejack, listen…” Rarity decides to speak up first. “…there’s something I--”

“Ah’m so sorry, Rarity!” Applejack apologizes hastily while on the brink of tears. “Ah shouldn’t have kissed you like that! You were right! Ah should have paced myself when drinkin' that hard cider last night! If Ah had, none of this would have happened! Please, can ya ever forgive me?!”

“It’s alright, darling! Really!” Rarity gently reassures her friend. “But I need you to be completely honest with me on what I’m about to ask.”

“Okay.” Applejack responds cautiously.

“When you… kissed me last night…” Rarity hesitantly asks her difficult question. “…did you do it because you were drunk or because you really like me?”

After a moment of thinking to herself, Applejack takes a deep breath before removing her hat and placing it over her chest while she admits her feelings to Rarity. “Ah would like to say that it was just the alcohol that made me do, but… Ah'd be lying to myself if Ah didn’t harbor some feelings towards you. Ah really do like you a whole, awful lot, Rarity. Still, Ah shouldn’t have done that to you without asking if you shared the same feelings for me as well, and Ah’m truly sorry for that.” Applejack blushes a bit during her confession, but never the less, it didn’t faze her from expressing her true feelings to the speechless Rarity.

“Oh, Applejack!” Rarity beams greatly as she rushes over to give AJ a big, heartwarming hug. “I knew I can always count on you!”

“Soooo… does that mean y'all forgive me?” Applejack inquires timidly.

“Well of course I forgive you!” Rarity giggles happily before finishing her hug. “Say, are you doing anything tonight?”

“Hmm… Not that Ah can think of anything.” Applejack ponders a bit as she places her Stetson back on her head. “Oh wait! Ah was gonna check out the fair tonight that Ponyville’s hosting this year--”

“The fair? GASP! THAT'S PERFECT!” Rarity exclaims greatly with glee.

“Wh-what is?” Applejack asks puzzlingly.

“We should go to the fair together this evening!” Rarity suggests excitingly.

“As… friends?” Applejack inquires timidly.

“No, silly!" Rarity giggles. “As a date!”

“D-D-D-D-DATE?!” Applejack yelps with a heavy blush.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Rarity softly pouts with fluttering eyes.

“Well… of course not! I wouldn’t mind it at all! It’s just that… you really wanna go out… with me?” Applejack states it nervously.

“And why not?” Rarity says reassuringly. “There’s nothing wrong with going out with one of your friends, is there?”

AJ smiles to herself before she slightly stammers with a soft blush, “N-n-no. I guess not.”

“Great! Let’s meet outside the fairground’s main entrance at around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Does that sound good to you?”

“Umm… sure! I’ll be there!”

“Splendid! Oh my! I should get back to the Carousel right away! There’s so much to do! See you soon, Applejack! And thanks for stopping by, Mustang!” Applejack and I wave goodbye to Rarity as she gallops happily back home.

Once Rarity is out of our sights, Applejack looks at me with great confusion as she still maintains an uncontrollable blush before saying to me, “Okay, what the hay just happened?!”

“Well, from what I can tell…” I say with a chuckling smile as I playfully nudge her. “…you just got yourself date with Rarity tonight.”

I am about to leave AJ alone in her speechless state, but then there’s something else I want to add as I lean over to whisper something in her ear.

“Oh, by the way, AJ…” I whisper with a devious smirk. “…you’re welcome.”