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Sweet Tale

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(Just a quick note - the first few chapters do need re-writing. They were my first works in August 2012)

You know the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Owen, from England, is just about to find out if that's true or not. Besides, he's waited long enough.

A Human x Luna story. This is based in a world where MLP is not known.

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Good start:twilightsmile:
Can't wait for more!

i wish that this story wasnt over...

meh, im just gonna see where the story goes before upvoting or downvoting.

1000948>>1000971>>1001143 I realise that the concept of this story is a bit over-used. I like reading all of those stories, seeing everyone's different perspective on it. I have many ideas in my head on how to continue this story so please bear with it. I'll try to make it stand out from the others :pinkiehappy:

Well Luna, ya dun goofed. This is why you should of kept some caffeine with you.

Okay, it well written, so you know your stuff, you added some Luna lol, thats good too. But the idea of getting there, lets just say, it's over used, it's piratically a repellent to most people. BUT, it's better then something lacking logic or just too :pinkiecrazy: pinkie. So now, what I would recommend is having the second chapter (and the rest of the story) really really diffrent from others. You got comedy, so make it bad luck funny stuff.
I can tell you (and others saying) I'm hooked, but it's how your going to make the story that's going real us in.

1018304 Thanks for the kind words :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowderp: Well that was an interesting first day
Story is coming along great :twilightsmile:

the reference of doctor who is

GASP* Of course, Doctor. I'd love to travel with you!

Hey, why is it bigger on the inside?

A trip? Ok, sure. Just let me know when you're going to--*BEEP*--what was that beep just now? *BEEP* There it is again! *BEEP* What is it?

1027582 Oh my god, I'm so thick. I completely forgot I put that in there! There is another line in there that's Doctor Who related but yes, that whole dream sequence now seems pretty obvious :rainbowlaugh:

He is actually taking this quite well, despite him being hospitalized for a few more days.:rainbowwild:

1059923 Looks that way doesn't it? You'll find out why he's reacting this way soon enough...

soon though soon...the shit that shall hit the fan shall soon be doubled. :rainbowwild:

Good Job man :pinkiehappy: i very impressed on how you made this story turn out so far ill be waiting for more keep on writing :twilightsmile:
Here have a mustache :moustache:

1088084 Thanks very much! Next chapter should be up by the weekend - unfortunately work stops my mid-week typing :ajbemused:


Thats how i feel lol but i cant wait im excited :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:
OK, now that I think about it, those two would definitely
play a prank on anybody.
Even if it was an otherworldly creature that they knew nothing about.
Great job; Can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

Like what I've read so far. The start was a bit bumpy, reigniting a number of socio-economic resentments, but we're rolling along nicely now.

When a new character is talking you need to start a new paragraph. This chapter was incredibly hard to read.

It wasn't that hard to read, but it was definitely a little confusing at times.
Every time someone new speaks, new paragraph. Especially if it's a situation where: "Twi talks" "Redheart talks" said Redheart.

1116866>>1116908 Sorry about that guys. I'll get right to it. In previous chapters, I thought I was spacing it too much but then again, not the first time I've been wrong/

ah, now he has to explain technology.

ummmm... you have a typo at the part where it says "She had an indigo man and tail, styled in a very elegant way." how can Rarity have an indigo Man?:unsuresweetie: just put an e at the end of man:-) other than that, this is awesome:pinkiehappy:

1124197 Ahh, good spot. Have a moustache as a reward :moustache:

I'm not sure how many Americans know what some of those words meant so i offer this...
Shirotora's Guide to Brit-talk for Americans part 1:
Candy floss = cotton candy
Chest of drawers = dresser
Meter = 3.3 feet.

Just remember my fellow Americans, bare with them. It's not their fault they can't speak the language they invented.:trollestia:

1127369 Thanks for the translation.......:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

ermygerd FIRST!!!!! great job again man cant wait to see more of this :twilightsmile:

time for some story telling:trollestia:

1151561 Indeed. Beer pong works wonders at parties...

beer pong=hangover

Drunk ponies are best ponies.

Thou art sued for hating the sweet wubs of dubstep! Really though, great story! Keep it coming! :pinkiehappy:

+3 manly :moustache: for you good sir. Keep up the awesome work:pinkiehappy:

Yes, Twilight, they kissed and fell asleep... nothing else... :ajbemused::twilightblush:

1170299 Thanks! New chapter should be up some time before the weekend.

1172340 I had fun writing this chapter :twilightsheepish:

1174174 Seriously man, you're the first reader to reward me with a mustache!

1174979not just any mustaches MANLY ones:rainbowdetermined2:(there rarer)

....... No Prince Blueblood?! BUT HES ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF ANY HiE!

1189104 Oh don't worry. He'll get his moment...

I think there should be some shipping at some point HumanxLuna

I sensing a forming Love Triangle between Owen, Rainbow Dash, and Luna. This is gonna get interesting!

1189250>>1189522 All will be revealed soon enough :trollestia:

Very Good job again cant wait for more :raritywink:

1189522 1189585 Gonna say it now incase it comes to voting I vote Luna!

1189585 If this is a shipping with Luna the rateings will be doubled.

1190232>>1190394>>1192089 Chapter 9 is in the works but it may take a while. I damaged my writing hand falling off my bike a few days ago so I'm typing the next chapter with my left hand. But yes, I can confirm there will be shipping in the future...but with whom...oooooohhhh....:applejackunsure:

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