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Hanz the Machinegunner


I don't have a lot of rules for my Page. This is just a place your can make jokes, put up memes, and the like. BUT, I thought that a few main rules would be okay for later use.

.Memes (of any kind)
.Cursing (as long as it is creative)
.Song recommendations
.Showing your loyalty to the German Empire
.Augusto Pinochet
.Kaiser Wilhelm


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Вот смешно, привет Ханс. Как ты там поживаешь после второй мировой войны? Русские не трогают? Хотя блять, что я говорю. Я люблю Германию! СЛАВА ГЕРМАНИИ! НЕНАВИЖУ РОССИЮ, ХОТЬ РОДИЛСЯ И ЖИВУ ТАМ!

How many Bolsheviks can I fit in my oven?

I think I got a better one.

"I know today will be the next day's history, but how much of it will ever remember of you?"
- Grave Walker

Quote: Hanz... Get ze machinegun.

That's the spirit!

I've been on it since 1871. Lets fucking do this!

Welcome on board the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

And a brain. The only proof that he has one is that he was alive,

Dumb implies that he has actually has an IQ

I know. I remember. Hitler was dumb. Everyone knows that.

It fine, but a lot people (im not saying you specifically) think that the Germans lost as soon as they set foot into Russia, when in reality the Nazis beating the Soviets was not an impossible thing. I would wager that if the Germans had better leadership and proper winter gear, the Soviets would have been wiped off the face of the planet. Again, im not attacking you personally, im just saying that it is a common misconception that the Soviets immediately beat the Germans.

  • Viewing 128 - 142 of 142
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