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This story is a sequel to Pinkie's Journal

A few months after the events of Pinkie's Journal, Pinkie Pie finds herself caught up in Twilight's experiments which focused on her Pinkie Sense and the anomalies it caused. Due to a mishap in the experiment, Pinkie then finds herself back home in Cuyahoga, Ohio eighteen years after Peter's death... As a human version of her pony form.

Meanwhile, Twilight now has to reopen the portal to bring Pinkie back. The only way to get there is to find somepony with the same anomaly signal... the only pony who can find such is Rainbow Dash who knows the criteria to find that pony; the person who Pinkie described as the person who was with her during the time of her death; the pony with the golden pocket watch.

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Comments ( 4 )

It's good to see a sequel to the original story, and to finally find out who James' reincarnation is going to be. Just a minor issue, but you switched the PoV from third to first person after Eileen's flashback. Up to now you've only been using first person for Pinkie's/Peter's PoV so I'd recommend you keep it consistent, otherwise it could get confusing.

Thank you for the criticism. As you might've noticed from Pinkie's Journal, I always rewrite and update a few parts while including some sort of changelogs in the footnote and huge changes in the header. Changes are soon to come. Thank you.

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