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WonderZone ("it's where foals gotta go!") is only the most awesome arcade in the world. Just ask Rainbow Dash, age 6. Its the sort of place you long to be growing up.

Some fillies would be content with ten minutes, fifteen, twenty. But all that Rainbow Dash wants - and all that she's getting - is another hour in the ball pit.

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I have only read the titles and description and I'm already laughing.

mapu #2 · Jul 14th, 2014 · · ·

No one pissed in the ball pit? For shame.


I really miss Discovery Zone-esque places. I miss a lot of things from the '80s and '90s.

Particularly Ecto Cooler. Ah, well. I can just mix Red Bull with UV Blue as a substitute and cry to myself over the broken jaw of the lost kingdoms of my childhood. :ajsleepy:

I thought this was to make fun of that tumblr 'con'....

So did someone ACTUALLY piss in the $17,000 ballpit at Dashcon, or is that just a running joke?

Is good. -Heavy, 2006. :derpytongue2:

Okay, wow. Good game, OP. The ending made me die.

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Comment posted by Sparkler deleted Jul 14th, 2014


I love you for this.

Didn't EVERYONE growing up then have a "weird childhood"? :rainbowwild:

Heeeheeeheee that was really cute :heart::twilightsmile:

4693720 I sure hope it's a running joke...

Not 100% what happened, but it smelled, and felt like piss.

That said that's 90% of ball pits out there. Kids do whatever in them.

Yay! This was featured!

This was an adorable, fun read, and the ending killed me. :rainbowlaugh:

I laughed upon seeing the title of this fic :rainbowlaugh:

I read this because the whole Dashcon debacle became more popular. That, and you were the same guy that got me started on ButtonSeed :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, what the Hell is this Dashcon thing that people are talking about?

Good story, by the way.



No relation to Rainbow Dash or MLP.

It was an attempt to do a convention for tumblrists.

4693661 This story, and your comment, gave me so much nostalgia. I loved Discovery Zone as a kid.

flipping tail over teakettle

This is the greatest line I've ever heard and I am totally going to steal it.

Author Interviewer

Ending's a bit weak, wish this had been better proofread, love that it exists. Thank you.

Funny because this is by far the most pathetic thing that has ever happened. This is what I imagine all tumblr to be like. But for the story, it was great. Nice job.

Yes, Rainbow's childhood was very weird.

And adorable.

...wonder if Spitfire remembers that? Rainbow's coloration is certainly unique enough to stick in the mind, especially with that story.

Oh, Sweet Celestia, this is a thing.
Take my fave. TAKE IT!

So THAT is how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy met!

I loved this story the moment i read the title.

Then I actually read the story...and for what it was, it was pretty good. I like Dash's imagination and her freakout when she got sucked into the ball pit. Ending with Spitfire was solid as well.

When you have Pinkie Pie saying your childhood was weird, something's messed up. :pinkiehappy:

Ball pits. One of the most unsanitary things next to a swimming pool.

The weird thing is that, unlike every other turn of phrase ever, the horse version actually has a better ring to it than the original.

We'll that was pleasantly epic for something I assume was kicked off by what may be classified as a meme.

Also... I WANNA PLAY IN THAT BALL PIT! :rainbowwild:

4694673 It had a $17,000 (from the people who went) ball pit that looked just like the one in the picture up there (which was peed in) and a deflated bouncy castle. That was the entire con. Those two attractions.


Good to see somebody jumped on this opportunity.
Props to author!


I thought it's what the story would be about, but this was still pretty nice.

Anyhow, here: Dashcon explanation

Oh dear god, the title and cover art alone had me laughing my ass off. You sir, deserve a medal.

Reminded me of something we used to have down here in Florida: DZ Discovery Zone. Huge building with an arcade, pizza place, laser tag, and a HUGE playplace that you could get lost in for hours. There was a hidden chamber inside with buttons that played Power Ranger sound effects and a slide made of metal rollers.

I still recall the jingle; "DZ Discovery Zone, where a kid can be on their own..."

:facehoof: Silly Dash. Ball pits don't eat fillies, they eat shoes... and maybe a baby's diaper. (Never let your kids go in a ball pit with out a hazmat suit.)

Stranger still is that the horse version isn't necessarily horse related explicitly and is generally applicable.

I've never heard of Dashcon, but this story makes me want to get 100 of these and fill an empty swimming pool.


Wow. Talk about nostalgia trip. I remember there was a Discovery Zone in my area. I loved those maze like tubes and the ball pit.

And now I finally understand this RD in a ball pit image I keep seeing.

Great story!


Sorry for the double post, but I found this 1993 commercial for Discovery Zone.

You brilliant bastard.

I love you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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