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Not the G1 Sparkler. Nor the G3.5 Sparkler. Nor the G4 Draft Sparkler. Nor the Winningverse Sparkler (even though she's awesome).


Once upon a time, there was an average, everyday pony, whose special talent was being magical. She lived her life alone in secret studies until one day, she moved into a new town, made five very special friends, and saved the world. She only failed when it was necessary to advance the plot or show character development, or when the author had some issues she needed to work out. Soon, the universe realized how perfect she was, and she was turned into an alicorn and named princess.

Celestia can't stop writing stories about her, and Luna is getting worried.

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Ah, Luna, always with the ulterior motive...

That was very cute and enjoyable as well. Bravo.

Huh. Well, that was fascinating. An analysis of the show, of the motivations of some authors, and of the princesses. Deliciously meta. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

(Also, part of me wants to see a Heretical Fictions-style response to this, wherein Twilight contemplates the story about stories where she's a completely fictional character and oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed. :derpyderp1:)

ew metafiction

This is nicely clever.

4109136 I wish to second this thought.

Oh no! Twilight's a fictional character... Oh wait. :twilightoops:

“I read ‘Mary Prancett’s’ novels and I can only hear your voice, your use of verbs, your pauses and inflections of speech.”

You accidentally put an apostrophe at the end of "Prancett’s’".
Goodness, I misread that! Thank you!

“Oh me?”

I think you meant to have Luna say "On me?"

“Well, first things first,” Luna said, her eyes crossed, “There’s the fact that you’re basically ripping off of five living ponies.”

“Well, if they’re not using these words,” the elder princess huffed, “Why are we bothering to fund the dictionary, then?”

“I… I thank you for the hidden praise, Tia,” Luna said, “But I still think there is more of you in her, than there is me. To start – her, well, her cutie mark.”

"There's", "why", and "but" should be lowercase.


For that, I highly reccomend It's Impossible!

Not what I had in mind, but still funny.

This was really clever. I liked the digs at the main characters. I understand Celestia's situation. When the muse hits, the muse hits.

Finally, someone speaks the truth.

shortskirtsandexplosion's newest story has a similar premise. Could this be the newest trend? :rainbowhuh:

I hope so, it'd be a welcome change from the self-insert clop/HiE trends we usually get. :trixieshiftright:

Huh. That was really amusing. Good show, author :twilightsmile:


“I read ‘Mary Prancett’s’ novels and I can only hear your voice, your use of verbs, your pauses and inflections of speech.”

You accidentally put an apostrophe at the end of "Prancett’s’".

Actually, it's correct, because quotations within quotations use mere single quotation marks, to avoid any confusion as to which words the character is actually speaking. The ending quotation mark matches the quotation mark at the beginning of the quotation. Quotation. :twilightblush:
Poor Celestia. She just wants to return to the olden days, when she and Luna were still carving out Equestria with their own hooves, heading out on adventures filled with excitement and wonder, as opposed to her actual life, which is basically like working in customer support. :pinkiesad2:

And that's why my stories' characters have little to no development, and why I try not to write stories.

I know this was supposed to be funny and all, but I think due to the recent MLP comic where we got to see a younger Tia (and Starswirl) I just felt really bad for her. She bears the weight of more than a millennia and she's jealous of little Twi-Twi? Believe it or not, I'm giving u a compliment, it's totally their voices I'm hearing.

Call me crazy, but Tia and Luna are the two most well developed characters in MLP right now, if u factor in the comics, that seems to be their domain, so that actually helps with how diversely they have been written as of late.

Actually, I've been seeing a slew of Tia fics recently, did that crazy issue influence u in making this?:trollestia::duck:

4113600 It was a dare from #fimfiction, actually!

Very nice little story :twilightsmile:

i loved this, do you plan on expanding on this idea?

Great story, loved how it all came together. Hope to see more in this style where Twilight is double fiction.:twilightoops:

Well that was freaking hilarious. I especially loved the part where Luna started criticizing how Tia was writing the Mane Six as basically carbon copies of actual ponies. Of those AJ's was my favorite. Didn't even change the name...

then all the entire world blew up because a monarchy lost her mind the end




I'm confused, but at the same time, not confused.

4117160 Than read it again! and again, and again, and agai...

Writers talking to their parents, haters, or readers in a nutshell. :derpytongue2:

Eeyup! Adapt the world around you for your own stories, your own characters (Mary Sues and OC's welcome!), your own adventures, and your own happiness in fiction!

This story is like a love letter to amateur writers in all mediums!

Google has informed me that "obligiornal" doesn't exist on the internet anywhere (apparently, this page isn't on the internet?) and "advocarium" appears on two pages of the inter interwebs.

Although I think "verisimilitude" is an acceptable word to use. It isn't *that* uncommon, is easy enough to understand in context, and Microsoft Word even accepts that it's a real word (which is quite remarkable considering that it has more than a dozen letters).

Unfortunately, I only have a pocket dictionary with me, and it isn't any more helpful... where the hell did you find those two? I don't often see words I don't know, and although I can guess the meaning I'd prefer to find the actual definition somewhere.

I loved the story, though. I do think Twilight's neuroses and pride would serve as sufficient character flaws... but that aside, I loved the picking apart of the all-too-common mistakes of amateur authors (and professional authors, but I don't want to talk about them. It's somehow so much worse if someone actually gets paid for bad writing.)

A nice bite of Meta-Fiction, a bit tangy but its a nice tang.
8 Mary Sues out of 10 O.C.s


I think I second that motion.

Haha... Twilight is the OC of...

Oh that's bloody brilliant.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This story is a paradox. It's tagged as random but it makes more sense than any story I've read in quite a while.

:facehoof: For goodness sake, Twilight isn't a Mary Sue just because she's really super-nice and ultra-hard-working; there are a lot of people like that in real life, mark my words. My best guy friend is just like that!

Twilight isn't a Mary Sue, because a Mary Sue is never suitably challenged, and Twilight often is; sure she's as pure in heart as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, if not more so, but she's still a passable character because she is challenged by Discord in terms of wit, challenged in her faith by Pinkie Pie, challenged in sheer power by Sombra, challenged in confidence by Sunset Shimmer...Just because she has a Christly personality, doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue, because of this trait alone, that she's always challenged. That's what people really have in common: I know a few people who are just utterly perfect in personality, or as perfect as humans can get, anyway, but they're always challenged by something, maybe physical, maybe intellectual, maybe spiritual. That's all you really need to acknowledge to avoid a poorly-written character.

Watch this video: Anything I left out, it ought to explain. It's basically proof that no MLP character is a Mary Sue except arguably Flash Sentry.

That said though, this is a hilarious and most excellently written fiction, and I'll still provide a favorite anyway; I just feel it spends too much time bashing Twilight Sparkle, and only half of the reasons are the right ones.

This story is silly, in a good way

4126543 Flash Sentry is supposed to be "The Brad", and he has almost no developement (that I'm aware of, and I am a little behind on episodes).

hi hi

This made me smile. :)

(poor Raven though, she never stood a chance...)

Got to admit, this made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh::trollestia::facehoof:

I huzzahed.

Well, that was a thing. :twilightoops:

I think the contradiction between Luna's initial "I'm so sick of your stories, I don't want to hear about them any more!" and final "well, I guess we can't talk about my idea for your story" weakened it, though.

Heh, Celestia writing Twilight as an OC with the G3 ponies around her, very thoroughly meta-muddled and amusing idea.

This pretty much explains everything about Twilight Sparkle, actually.

“An editor? Really, sister?” Celestia rose another two feet, her face twisted in rage. “You think me some kind of-foal, some kind of child who is incapable of reading her own work? Someone who is so blind as to be ignorant to the very story they are writing – and you would chain me to an editor’s desk like some kind of- of- common, wage-labor sports writer?”

Celly? The harder you try to deny you need an editor, the likelier you are to need an editor.

4132591 Don't know who that is.....:twilightsheepish:

“Is that so, Mary Prancett?”

You did not just go there.


"Mary Prancett" = Terry Pratchett parody, I'll wager. Terry Pratchett is a very good author who would never use a Mary Sue for anything but ridicule. :rainbowwild:

Oh. Oh wait, you're the author. So you mean that wasn't...

Huh. Oops. Interesting coincidence though.


I'm honestly not following here?


"Mary Prancett" = Terry Pratchett parody, I'll wager. Terry Pratchett is a very good author who would never use a Mary Sue for anything but ridicule. :rainbowwild:


For what it's worth, I was trying to refer to the author of the Nancy Drew novels, Mary Francis.

Aaaand... I guess I misremembered her name. It's been years. :twilightoops:

4136877 :twilightoops:

Oops! :) Sorry about that, I just thought because y'know, Mary, Terry, Prancett, Pratchett... Well, nice story anyways. Thanks for writing.

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