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The Changelings were defeated, and so Canterlot was saved... or so the populace was led to believe, anyways. Unfortunately for Equestria, their assailant was prepared - and even a loss at the hooves of her greatest foe served her plans.

Queen Chrysalis's strategems were meticulously prepared, yes. But in all her scheming, all her machinations, there was one small oversight, something her plans never accounted for...

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:coolphoto: (looks over story) well one thing

she new that the inspector was too timid, romantically speaking

That should be 'knew'

This is interesting, I wonder how you're going to make this work. :pinkiesmile: Liked it, please continue.

Well... that was... hm. I think I have to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while now.


Just wow. That ending was just beutiful but little to short.

BTW there is for sure Harshwhinny tag


Alas, there doesn't seem to be...

I was watching Donnie Darko while reading this, double shot right in the feels

That wus a good read and can't wait to find out what happens next I do like your writing it's easy to read but yet enchanting good job :D

simply put one of the best romantic fanfics I have ever read it's was heartwarming and beautiful I'm going to follow you like crazy to get more of the fantasy writing I have enjoyed for the past couple of hours bravo

Well, I found you from the ad you bought, so hey, it's working!

Just a couple of notes: it's "life", noun, not "live", adjective/verb, that you want. There's also a missing full stop at

A silence fell upon them, and the nighttime began

which really wouldn't harm you to fix, would it?

That aside, this was quite interesting. Interesting take, surprising maturity at the handling of it, and a solid, very well-executed ending. This is a pretty good piece of work. Good job, author.

I'm confused. Why did the hive turn on Chrysalis? Especially since everything was going according to her plan.


That's made more explicit in the sonnet at the end.

Well, I tend to skip author's notes so that would explain it.
Okay, I read it, but I'm still confused. If they thought her plan was a waste of energy why wait until after going through with it to cast her out? Were they disappointed with the results? If so they hardly gave it enough time to pan out. Did they somehow view Chrysalis as unnecessary despite her plan working?

Wow, that as unexpected. I curse you for giving us the fleeting hope of happiness.

Just as planned huh:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Wow, that was... that was rather touching. :raritydespair:

Tragic and touching...just touching. Ms. Harshwhinny, I feel for you.:fluttercry:

I love Changelings. I love Chrysalis. I love chess motifs.

Overall, a very mature and cleverly executed little adventure. And way to drop an ultimatum there at the end. Shivers, man. Shivers.

And so a foolish villain realizes her foolishness too late to do anything about it and offs herself in her bunker under Berlin... I mean, her old pseudo-lover's house.

I don't feel pity for bad guys when they feel sorry that they failed to take over the world.

Maybe if they didn't try taking over the world first...

Really, would Chrysalis be feeling regret had she WON? Would she be having a change of heart if Canterlot was in her clutches and every pony cocooned forever to be fed upon until they withered away? No, I do not count FORCED remorse as either genuine or worthy of praise. Chrysalis felt trapped and hopeless and decided to commit suicide. Tough beans.

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