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Ladies do not avoid their problems. If a lady finds herself facing down a lonely Hearts & Hooves Day, she should smile and gracefully accept her lot in life, patiently trusting that more enjoyable times are on the way.

A lady certainly doesn't chase a stranger down the dreary streets of Canterlot, even if that stranger does turn out to be the Madam Inspector of the Equestrian Games. Loneliness and creative distress are no excuse for wild behavior. A lady should know better.

But Rarity has never been just a lady.

Originally an entry in the "End of an Era" Writeoff.

Spanish Translation from Spaniard Kiwi!
Silver medalist in the July 2016 Writeoff!
Gold place winner says nice things about it!
Gosh I love exclamation points!

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This was quite the wonderful little story, an odd pairing that just works! :raritywink:

The only small quibble I have is this line,

I wonder if this is what it's like to fly, I think, as my hooves sail over cobblestone and concrete alike. Does it feel this powerful? This invincible?.

Rarity has flown before.

I loved this. Funny, emotional and all that jazz.
The pairing is rather unusual but it works so well together in this.
Rarity is not a fav of mine but this captured her so well that I cant help but love it.

7450545 :ajsmug:

I really loved this story; I'm glad I finally have the chance to put it under my favorites. Expect me to plug it in a blog before too long.

7450066 Oh, yeah. You're right; that did happen. :twilightoops: Lemme smudge that up a bit.

7450512 Glad to hear it! :raritywink:

7450545 Came in second to 7450573 's lovely and touching story, "Teach Me Kindness."

7450573 You're too kind, truly.

Well you made it work. Bravo!

"An entry" in the writeoff, Fahrenheit says. As if it was some easily forgettable lower-tier finisher. As if it wasn't a silver medalist and the top of my finalist slate.

This was utterly fantastic and I'm thrilled to see it expanded, edited, and reposted. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, nice! Rarity and Ms. Harshwhinny are not a pairing I would have expected... but you make them work so well here! Lovely read, all in all.

(Also, do I see Sassy and Zesty as a couple there?)

Very very nicely written, and definetely a rare and creative shipping pair.

Also quite a bit funnier than I was expecting, so there's that too.

7451186 Thank you kindly :twilightsmile:

7451583 Well, it was an entry. :twilightsheepish: I'm quite glad you enjoyed it though, thank you! :yay:

7451649 Thank you, thank you! (To be honest, I haven't actually watched that episode yet! Could be, though :raritywink: )

7452905 Glad to hear you found it amusing!

This is a delight! Such an unusual partnership, and yet it works so weirdly well. You really capture Raritys' frustration and nerves over her designs, as well as her growing appreciation for the other mare. Ms Harshwinny is nicely written too - I love her casual mastery of the Canterlot social scene.

7472336 Thanks so much! :raritystarry: Quite glad to hear you think so!

As others have said, this is such an unusual pairing, but it clearly works! I love the 'business professional' take on Rarity that you've showcased in this fic, all while never tampering with the creative side of her that is intricate to her very profession. I liked seeing a more free Mrs.Harshwhinny, and you managed to keep her in character despite loosening her up. You could tell that she hadn't been that free in a long, LONG time. It was awesome to read! Very very nice. Great characterization on both Rarity and Mrs.Harshwhinny, serious kudos for that!

I do have a warm spot for Mrs. Harshwhinny and you captured her wonderfully here in this lovely story.

This is great writing! I love the way you built the sultry, dreamlike atmosphere and maintained it throughout the entire story, even in the action scenes! It's a truly impressive display of color, texture and sensuality. How appropriate in a story featuring our favorite fashion designer! :raritywink:

Great story, great characterization for both. Kudos to you.

Author Interviewer

>background Sassy Saddles/Zesty Gourmand shipping

I don't even

>Rarity using the word 'turnt'

This story is great, but what even is it XD

Perhaps the strangest Rarity ship I've ever seen, and that's counting Tom. Stranger still, one of the more believably Rarity ships.

I think my favorite part is just the utter non-issue of gender. Most every story involving a lesbian ship has some manner of belly-aching about one of the characters trying to guess the other's orientation, but you don't even waste a smattering of words on such things. It's actually quite refreshing. A small thing, I know, but a welcome thing.

Not gonna lie, I scrolled up and hit that green thumb from "turnt" alone.

This is a genuinely excellent story. A good example of how any coupling can seem like the most natural thing in the world provided it is executed with grace, which you definitely do here.
Great work!

"Stone Cold"

I cannot be the only person who imagined Steve Austin designing business apparel for tiny horse women.

Hello! Have a review. And, indeed, a like and a favourite. I really liked the level of deliberate wordiness and level of detail here, which felt very Rarity without being over the top. And what a great quasi-adventure she and Ms. Harshwhinny end up enjoying together! You even get "pegasister" in there without it feeling forced. I probably missed the impact that "turnt" was supposed to have as the word is pretty much unknown here (the UK) but that doesn't take away from a very satisfying fic.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Was very amusing to see the impact that my utilization of the word "turnt" had in your blog, considering how loose of a "slang" terminology it had in my culturesphere back in the day :). (To run the risk of overexplaining, it is a shorter version of "turned up", i.e., the party has "turned the intensity up" to eleven (out of the normal 1-10 scale).) So, to "get turnt" is to get wildly out of shape in the spirit of interpersonal celebration, as though your evening becomes far more intense than ever expected or anticipated. Appreciate you sharing!

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