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How's it going? I am Plagen and I read fanfics and play games on YouTube. I also write a bit myself. My main focus is dark/tragic stories. Also, I enjoy anime.

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THE END · 1:23am Aug 5th, 2016

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, a BUNCH of Icicle chapters came out today. Well, that is because I finished it. I spent the last two days practically doing nothing but writing.

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Comment posted by PlagenShiki deleted Jul 13th, 2016


Ah, I see. I'm actually trying to take a break from the whole writing thing while I concentrate on school work. I just finished chapter 7 of my current story to add a bit of closure, but even it isn't done yet.

So, unfortunately I don't think i'll be available to collaborate on anything for a while. D:

1967461 What I meant is can you write a new story that I came up with. You know, a collaboration for a story?

1967289 Requests for what? Readings? Occasionally. However, with college starting up recently I'm trying to finish up the current story i'm reading and trying to cut back on my recording so i can focus on studying.

Also, yes. I have played Bioshot 1 & 2. :D

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