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There are many who like cute, cuddly, and heart-attack inducing ponies, as this site indicates.
There are many who like the hot-blooded and manly mecha anime that can only be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Naturally, the two have been crossed over in some videos and other fan works.
If you are silly enough to think that the two will never mix, then as a fan of both, let me ask you this...

Who the hell do you think you are, being all racist and non-brony like that. Seriously.
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My stories in its early phase, but its a crossover and its going the epic route over its original comedy route now that I'm back to writing it, so if you want to, check out the comedy side (already posted chapters full of cheesey jokes).


341746 Funny, but not epic or manly enough. Sounds delicious, though.

Anyways, if any member finds a story pertaining the anime or includes high amounts of manly testorone, please inform me. Thank you.

I always like to call it, Tangy Tasty Gooey Lagoon

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