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Otaku, Brony, Gamer, Artist, I like a multitude of things now that I think about it

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Yeah, I’m still kicking, I just found myself busy with things like work.
I also saw your most recent chapter too. It was nice to finally start seeing things from Chaldea’s perspective.

Hey man you there? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

What I’d do is just go back and edit that comment and leave a mark saying that it’s edited. But that’s just me.

Yeah, sometimes I mess up what I’m trying to say or feel like what I typed isn’t properly worded, so I say screw it and start over from scratch. I don’t understand the site’s need to label every deleted comment though.

I apologize if it seems off putting to you or if it’s inconveniencing you in some way. I’ll try to do it less often.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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