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heavy weapons brony

was born, which was cool, then stuff got weird



This story is a sequel to Lost, in the heat of battle. (tf2, Anthro mlp crossover)

Soldier has spend days working on a machine that will transport him to Canada (Equestria) once again! but when he shows the rest of his team the machine, somthing goes horribly wrong!

now equestria (with the aid of Scout) will have to defend itself against this new, freakish, threat.

Let me burst your bubble off the bat, the team is transported to regular equestria in their (almost) human forms, i will explain why but for now thats just how it is. Teen for suggestive jokes same as before no shipping or clop just good unaltered randomness, god i wish i knew where i put those brakes.

Oh well.....

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Derp Nukem....


Derp Nukem for the win!:pinkiehappy:

Well, found one.
7 more to go..... :pinkiecrazy:

wait what freak is scout though?:trixieshiftright:

4197279 hes not a freak, he was saved from the infection by a random occurance that i may or may not explain later.

I don't know why, but i want MOAR:flutterrage:

4206973 i don't even know what that means

and i want a tee shirt that says that.

thanks for the feedback-HWB

4206977 You're welcome.:twilightsmile:
Now I want a shirt that says that.:rainbowhuh:

Christian Brutal Sniper would be the most difficult.
With the mass amount of weapons, his festive huntsman, bigger melee...
One of my favorites in FF2,

LET'S SEE HOW MUCH BLOOD'S IN YA!!! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm scared of what Big MC would turn into :rainbowderp:

4213061 i spend like two full days trying to think of somthing big mac would turn into, but i decided i would just be mean to him instead.

I don't think the pony victims would like to meet Dic Soupcan.:applejackunsure:

shit just hit the fan!

Ouch! bonesaws cut through flesh like a butter knife on raw beef, slow and messy.:applejackconfused:

Cliffhanger? Stallone ended up on a river on a scene.:applejackunsure:

4336714 close but no cigar stallone was not in the movie i refrenced.

okay one more clue.

Tommy Lee Jones.

thanks for the feedback


Oh wait, you mean the one where agent K wearing a police uniform got the escapee at gunpoint but escapee jumps from the dam to the waters below?:pinkiegasp:
Is it "The Fugitive"?:pinkiehappy:


“HMMMP-mmm-hhhp!” Scuttle Bucket begged Scout.

“I don’t care,” Scouts finger tensed around the trigger.

Scuttle bucket leaped off the cliff and fell to the river below.


This feels like one of them Gmod videos. I love it same as the last one.:pinkiehappy:

That Bob Dylan Reference there. (Title)
I see what you did there... :rainbowwild:

An epic clash is coming, can't wait for these waves to collide.:rainbowwild:

The Demo learned a skill, this should be good.:trixieshiftleft:
I tried to skim it but the word uddered got me in stitches.:rainbowkiss:

Scootaloo turned into....

Wait for it...

Chickaloo. (I just made it up... No idea what about her though :rainbowlaugh: )

A TF2 fic with Painis Cupcake for the title pic. What could go wrong? :pinkiecrazy:

I'll need to read the first one before I'll start on this one. :twilightsmile:

I already know Engi is a badass. I go combat Engi most of the time.:coolphoto:

I'm wondering how sweetie bot got that big.

4469033 in chapter six she found Engies build tool and used it to build a new body

I have only one thing to post that is only mildly relevant.


more barely-related video posting.

also, is it the same world, or a similar one but different?

“Theres a guest bed in the basement you can use, see you in the morning,...Scout” Twilight then began to ascend the staircase leading to the upper floor of the hollowed out tree.

“Yeah, goodnight” Scout said as he walked towards a door he assumed let to the basement, It did, Scout ascended the set of stairs and came upon a large room filled with a strange machine,

you're thinking of 'descend'. ascending is going up.
Welp, at least he threw a pie, and not a Pinkie Pie.

Comment posted by WorldWalker128 deleted Jun 4th, 2014

Welp, at least Vagineer is trying to eat healthily; an Apple a day keep the Doctor away.

Oh boy. If Celestia doesn't want to lose the whole planet she needs to grab the next solar flare and scorch the Everfree forest and Ponyville and everything within five miles off the map. Like Protoss bombing a planet to wipe out the Zerg before they can spread to other planets.

Chryssi could not have chosen a worse time to re-invade.

Demo as Dic seems to kick a heck of a lot more butt and he's not hostile to boot. Why would they want to change him back?

Great. So Chryssi rediscovered the advantage of being bipedal, Soldier made an army of himself that has attained victory in the incorrect Equestrian dimension (of Canada), and Big Mac, Dic, and Scuttle are still lost in the woods. Now all we need is for Francis to randomly show up in the forest and declare that he hates the woods and gets chased by a bear, and- oh wait, Engie and the other mutants are still out somewhere in the woods too!

Well... that happened.

What happened to Derp Nukem?

Then Soldier desperately tried to remember exactly where babies came from.

Fshaw, that's easy, Soldier! The Hospital! :pinkiehappy:
She prolly found muffins and ran outta plot to kick.

The son of crazy and madness is born.:pinkiecrazy:


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