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Princess Celestia somehow finds out about the mysterious Mare Do Well and discovers her secret identity, leaving her furious. As a result, she revokes holding back an old punishment she had for Twilight Sparkle and places the blame on Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie as well. While serving their time doing community service for the stuck-up sophisticated ponies of Canterlot, their track records are all smashed to pieces and Ponyville steadily falls into disarray. As Rainbow Dash mourns over being lonely, she remembers a promise she made to a friend - to become like a big sister somepony always wanted. Having someone to confide in makes all the difference.


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Comment posted by Da Joestanator deleted Feb 3rd, 2013
Comment posted by Da Joestanator deleted Feb 3rd, 2013

Could use a little work and a bit more fleshing out. Otherwise it was a nice feel-good story and I certainly enjoyed reading it. Good work, hope to see more stories from you.

Oceansama is right, but overall, the story was beautiful. :twilightsmile: Good luck on your future stories. :raritywink:

Comment posted by moguera deleted Feb 20th, 2013

Wonderful story. I'm always one to enjoy a better ending/sequel to that horrible episode.

2067125 Thank you, my friend! It sounds like you fully understand Black Kyurem's motivations for writing this story. By the way, it's not an "alternate universe" or anything, as it takes place roughly after the events of "Sleepless in Ponyville". Black Kyurem took that episode's events into account while writing this story.

I was willing to give this story a chance since I enjoyed "A Canterlot Wedding: Aftermath". This story, on the other hand seemed to be too much of an accusation fic and ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

EDIT: On another note, I don't see why people hate this episode so much. I mean, Kenny basically pretty much did the same thing to Cartman with Mysterion, and you don't see SP fans complaining about it.

2067166 Problems with Canterlot ponies.

I liked this story, but it's a little more faster and rushed than your previous two. Still enjoyable though and the cliffhanger ending was a nice touch.

I like how you take a bad episode and give people the ending they want.
So far you've covered: A Canterlot Wedding (I'm still mixed on that), Ponyville Confidential (Seen it once, never watching it again) & The Mysterious Mare Do Well (Polsky has gotten better, but Williams has gotten worse). What's next? An aftermath of One Bad Apple?

2068138 Black Kyurem has been busy lately, so yeah, he made this story go a little quick. Black Kyurem's original ending was to have Rainbow's friends remain in Canterlot until all thirty days had passed and Rainbow would confide in Scootaloo in the meantime to pass the time and wait things out. Instead, Black Kyurem came up with a slightly more heartwarming ending.

As much as Black Kyurem would dearly love to vent from what transpired in "One Bad Apple", two things.
1. Black Kyurem really didn't see much of the episode because he heard about it and ended up in such a bad mood for just not watching the episode.
2. Since my story "Cutie Bloom" deals with bullying as is, it's sort of like an aftermath to both, although Black Kyurem did have "Ponyville Confidential" in mind along with "Call of the Cutie" and "Family Appreciation Day". So yeah, Black Kyurem doesn't think he needs to do an "aftermath" of "One Bad Apple", especially since Babs Seed changed her ways.

Should Black Kyurem write a fourth story, it may just be entirely original, with no real ties to previous episodes, only possible references to events from them, such as "Magical Mystery Cure". In Black Kyurem's opinion, he found several of the episodes to be bad, but in my eyes, a few were not worth venting over, such as "Over a Barrel", much as Black Kyurem hated that one. This story was meant to have nods to "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" and "Sleepless in Ponyville" (best Season 3 episode so far).

Oh, and thanks.

Well if you can think of an original story, I'll be sure to look out for it.

I also loved Sleepless in Ponyville, the CMC are my best ponies, all three are tied of 1st place.

Over a Barrel wasn't a good one either, Braeburn's a swell guy and all and I wouldn't mind seeing him again. You already know my worst episode, so no need to repeat that; my other bad ones include: Feeling Pinkie Keen, Owl's Well That Ends Well, May the Best Pet Win!, A Friend in Deed, Dragon Quest, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, One Bad Apple & Spike at Your Service.

2068359 Aw, how could "A Friend in Deed" be that bad? It had the best song in the whole series! Oh well, that's your opinion. The trouble with the CMC is that they seem to exist to be victims of public humiliation, torture, teasing, bullying, and being treated as criminals. And after all their endeavors, no cutie marks. That's the only 'trolling' part the staff seems to take great pleasure in.

I love the song, but the episode itself is what let me down.

As for the CMC, I will admit they came across as a bit annoying in Season 1, because every episode they shared was filled with silly ideas on how to get their cutie marks (Stare Master is the prime example). But they became much more likable in Season 2, helping each other, doing good deeds etc... but then Ponyville Confidential rolls along and my love for the Mane 6, Spike, Big Mac etc, dropped immensely, securing those three a well deserved place as my best ponies.

So basically the CMC are my best ponies because A: They have a lot character development in Season 2. And B: My love for everyone else dropped after Episode 49.


2068587 Black Kyurem once thought he couldn't forgive M.A. Larson for writing the script of "Ponyville Confidential", but now Black Kyurem forgives him because he wrote the script for "Magical Mystery Cure", in which... "it" happens...

Still 13 more days until "it" becomes reality.

But you know what I'd like to hear in the next episode?
Shining Armour's new catchphrase:

2068772 True enough. Say, when did that become a catch phrase? Well, there's a chance of Shining Armor showing up in the next two episodes.

I'm hoping that's going to be his catchphrase.

2069038 Ah. Well, maybe we'll find out in either of the two remaining episodes, assuming he shows his face in one or both.

what no Epliloge a little clousre please?

2151630 Well, let's just say that Rainbow Dash and her friends are able to make up just like other 'Mare Do Well' aftermath fanfics I've read.


well to me you left me hanging maybie this is a rushed story. infact i wanted Celestia to make a Public apoligy to ponyvile for being too harsh on the 5. so im goint to forget this story ever happend.

2152358 Go ahead, Black Kyurem doesn't care.


Im just saying another chapter on the five making up with dash and Celestia giving her Public apoligy to ponyvile for taking them away would give beter closure. i want being too mean on this fic it just feels like somthing was mising form it thats all.

2152726 There have been awful things on the MLP:FiM show itself. What about the wedding rehearsal? Technically, that never got resolved.


i know but your aftermath fic gave me clousure. so im going to wait for the fixed chapters

2154552 Don't bother to wait for that anytime soon.


Fine it just feels like those bad episodes with no clousre at all i hope your happy.


this left a bad taste my mouth too but Black Kyurem will not revise this so i have no choise but to count this as one of twilghts nightmares she had in Aftermath. ( yea it a weak headcannon but the only way to justfy the canterlot jerks and mood swinging princess)

Black Kyurem did NOT make Celestia out of character... or at least Black Kyurem isn't the only user who did this. Read this comic and you'll find that Celestia is out of character in that story as well.

any readers who dont like this Fic well read This it does a much better job on the episode's sour ending and focuses on the 5 more and gives them a more aproprate punishment by being shunded by ponyville

2233602 Not this again... Obviously, you are no Trollestia fan.


Im showing the link to the readers and yes im not Trollestia fan. so back off i sad i let my hate go on this Fic

Oh my God!
Another anti-MMDW fic?

YES! THANK YOU! There's never enough of them. Even though that's highly unlikely it'd be great if the outrage after that episode cause them to make some sort of continuation. Or even briefly explain it. This is why there's so many fix fics about it. We want "justice". :rainbowdetermined2:

An arrow struck Twilight in the knee.

I'm willing to bet at least one downvote came from this phrase being used here.

Celestia then cast a magic spell on Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy, hindering them of their horns and wings respectively, shocking the three of them.


2366490 Black Kyurem had no knowledge of this 'arrow to the knee' thing.

2233602 I just read that fic it was great

2428152 Thank you. Black Kyurem is proud. :pinkiehappy:

2428190 Why do you refer to yourself in third person?

2428263 Just... thought to try it as a user here. :twilightsheepish:

okay im going to be honest this Fic may be Sour but it did give me a idea on a fix fic to this.

Look, pal. You've made your point on this. Now can we please drop it?


i said it inspired me stop asuming

2487791 Yeah, but you said that after saying my story was sour. You could have just said that this story inspired you to surpass it.

2487968 you what forget i said anything

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