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In a world where Rainbow became princess instead of Twilight, what would happen between the group? Would they all be happy or will tensions rise? Rainbow Dash reflects on all of this before her great coronation.

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I.... LOVE this story! :pinkiehappy:

While i like Twilicorn just fine, i like seeing the others become an Princess and this story was an good one.
Only thing i did not like was Twilight at the beggining, since Twilight in the show had such low self-esteem that i cannot see her pre-MMC self thinking she deserves being an Princess but then again this is an AU so i guess it is justified.

While it is a good story, the way it ended makes me think the princesses just doomed Equestria. They just left Rainbow Dash without any training in magic or politics. Now she has to figure out how to run a country on her own and deal with international relations without the princesses, who have thousands of years of experience, to help her. Also how will the sun and moon move since Rainbow does not know how to use her magic effectively yet?

This was one of the best Rainbow-is-an-alicorn stories I have yet to read. I give many stars! ★★★★★★★★★★★

Does friendship know how to govern a country?:rainbowhuh:

I actually wrote this story when I was drunk and watched Princess Mononoke so I was in a very spiritual mind. I was like "Dude, make the princesses part of the world and stuff!" and since it was just a one-shot I thought nothing of it. Don't overthink it, I know its bad to do that but the more you think about it, the more it hurts the head.
Thanks for reading.

You should have seen my original plan, Twilight was going to attack Celestia after she told her off. I removed it because it was far too aggressive for twilight.

Oh My God! :pinkiegasp: Its awesome!:heart:

Her friends could loan their assistance, and some unicorns could help her with the sun and moon.

After all, politics is easy when you have to rotate the planet, keep it in orbit, and do the same with the moon, all the while dealing with possible skirmishes and uprisings due to the coronation.

(Headcanon: The planet Equestria is on has a very erratic orbit, so Celestia uses her magic to keep the planet in orbit as well as rotate it, due to the fact that it normally rotates about as fast as Venus. Also, Luna keeps the Moon in orbit because she doesn't want it spiraling inward and crashing.)

3599125 What about the princesses on their year 1? We know next to nothing about their past. Maybe they didn't have any training either. We don't know!

That is literally EXACTLY what I was thinking!

I thought that you got this idea from season 9 but once I looked at the year it was written, I was shocked. Very good idea and story.

This story is so chill. It only told what it wanted to and I love it.

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