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The Point of No Return · 4:25pm Sep 30th, 2018

Yes, I am spoiling the ending of MLP:FiM Season 8, and I am doing it because after looking into it, the ending is WORSE than "Twilight's Kingdom", WORSE than "The Cutie Re-Mark", WORSE than any of those bad MLP:FiM episodes than I've seen put together, and WORSE than the dark times of Spongebob! That means WORSE than "Demolition Doofus", "Pet Sitter Pat", "The Card", "Oral Report", "Boating Buddies", and all that other junk shit. The ending to Season 8 is where I can officially say that the

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Sins of Bronies Past · 1:09am Jun 19th, 2018

Many fandoms are toxic. The Internet has degraded over 20+ years and while net neutrality is slowly dying, perhaps because of toxic fandoms, this could deserve to happen. These troubled fandoms include Steven Universe, Star Wars, and of course MLP:FiM. I used to respect the brony fandom because of what they used to represent and stand for, until the fandom decided to abandon their "love and tolerate" ways and became just another toxic fandom. Now I've had plenty of good

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The French Invented "Alicorn" · 6:18pm May 19th, 2018

Bronies, check this out!

Notice these exact words that need to be read at least 100 times on the chance that it doesn't sink in the first few times, or on the off chance that I hear something stupid such as "Alicorn is a brony-originated term".

"The term 'Alicorn', which became popular in — but was not created by — My Little Pony (see Popular Culture below), was made up of the French words Aile (wing) and Corne (horn)." - Mythology Wiki

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Picking Apart My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - A Pony Kind of Christmas · 7:22pm Dec 22nd, 2016

One last holiday fling. Check out the review here. Merry Christmas, FIMFiction.net! And a Happy New Year!

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The Mane 6 vs. The Gang of Five · 6:51pm Jun 5th, 2015

To clarify, the Mane 6 are the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with Twilight as the central character, and the Gang of Five consist of the main characters from The Land Before Time series, Littlefoot being the central character. Both terms are actually fanon, but they describe the character groups well enough. So, I bet you're wondering what this blog is on. Well, as you probably know already, I despise the episode "A Canterlot Wedding" and I describe

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The Passing of Adam "Galaxy Star" Smith · 2:31am Dec 19th, 2014

For those who have heard the recent news as of December 17th, 2014, feel free to view my take on this story here.

However, I'm afraid I have been informed that there are those out there, maybe even here, who say good riddance, so here's my response to that.

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The Ultimate Canterlot Wedding Call-Out · 12:39pm Oct 19th, 2013

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The End of the Bronies · 6:23pm Feb 3rd, 2013

Since you refuse to cease your fighting
All through the brony fandom

I send a pestilence and plague
Into your house, into your bed
Into your streams, into your streets
Into your drink, into your bread

Upon your cattle, on your sheep
Upon your oxen in your field
Into your dreams, into your sleep
Until you break, until you yield

I send the swarm, I send the horde
Thus saith the Lord...

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