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A real hero doesn't brag?

Just because she likes to talk about how awesome she is means Rainbow isn't a hero?

After her friends revealed themselves to her, Rainbow Dash reacts to Applejack's words in a completely different way than what's expected, and things only go downhill from there. Tears will be shed, friendships will be broken, and knives will be twisted as everything that can go wrong WILL.

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A very interesting start, to be sure. I always hated that episode for its totally botched moral. It was a moral so bad that it made me sympathize and like Rainbow Dash - no easy feat, I assure you. I look forward to seeing how this ends.

cvvvrt #2 · Aug 3rd, 2014 · · 30 · Chapter 1 ·

everything that can go wrong WILL

Feels like you're gutting their characters for the sake of this story. It's an OOC-fest; worse than the episode in question.

The really interesting thing about all of this is comparing it to Boast Busters....where we learn that Twlight is terrified out of her tiny mind of being thought of as having a swelled head. Somewhere or other, she got it into her head that people who aren't self-effacing doormats are vermin and it's screwing her up really good.

THANK YOU!!! YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!! Just don't go along making RD the pony who realizes she did something wrong when obviously she did NOTHING!

Seeing ass he wasn’t going to get any help, Rarity looked back to her friend and sighed.

If you're seeing ass, you're either lucky, or you have a problem.

All the others she could understand, accept, and toss aside like dirty laundry, but when Fluttershy had revealed that she had been in on it too…the pain in Rainbow Dash’s gut more than double.

Might want to take a look at the part of the sentence after the ellipses. It doesn't sound right when I read it, but It could just be me.

Quoting from my friend:

People are still bitching about this? It's stupid.

hi hi

Somewhat more plausible than the canon ending. Here's a friendship report for Twilight Sparkle. "Giving people a taste of their own medicine is not a friendly thing to do. Two wrongs don't make a right."

One thing that always bugged me about the Mysterious Mare Do Well, that doesn't often get talked about, is that Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Applejack put ponies in a greater degree of danger by limiting themselves to appearing one at a time. Working together at the same time would have maximized their chances of saving the day, but upstaging Rainbow Dash was more important to them.


I didn't like that episode either, to be honest. Found it quite screwed up. Yes, she needed a dose of humility, but the others went way too far, by a long shot. Even when you have a "friendship lesson" to impart, there are still lines.

Being the Element Bearer of Loyalty as she is, Rainbow Dash would likely see this as a colossal betrayal. It would be like lying to Applejack if she found out. Not good, and very likely to seriously damage your friendship with the mare in question. I can see her outrage being especially strong towards Fluttershy.

Ponies seem to value friendship more than anything else, so already Rainbow Dash has proverbially gut-punched the rest of the Mane Six. Fluttershy and Rarity are in shock because of it, Applejack is brushing it off, Pinkie is in denial, and Twilight is plotting another "lesson" for the future, which can only make things even worse.


Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend forever.

4797063 Indeed it is, and the rest of the M6 may well be about to learn that the hard way. I can understand the need in heroes for grace and humility, but they went too far, and honestly? I feel Faust and her fellow creators just sort of brushed how such a thing would go in real life under the rug to spread the cockeyed message they wanted.


What's funny is many years later...ie now that they have the book Elements of Harmony book out to buy I went and got it. It has the lessons for EVERY episode, even the stuff they didn't have a letter scene for...

So of course I went to MDW, wanting to know just what the hell Rainbow actually wrote at the end and...they didn't have anything by Rainbow Dash, just Twilight's quote about how you should be humble.

Two years later, and they still can't BS their way through it.

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It's never too late to write a good story, or to raise a point.


Embarrassing and insulting, if you ask me.

“Rainbow Dash! What in Equestria had gotten into you?” she demanded.

I believe that should be HAS gotten into you :twilightsheepish:

Anyway,I'm liking this story so far. Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter :scootangel:

Will this be continued?
I hope. :rainbowkiss:

I've ripped on this episode a few times in my own stories. Arthur (from "the Audience") pretty much jabs the mane 6 in a sore spot over it, in passing, as he's lambasting them over Trixie . And it's the cause of a major blowup with Spitfire in "the Great Alicorn Hunt." This episode was one of the worst in the show's four seasons, precisely because it fails the lesson so hard--- it's not about grace and humbleness, it's about how girls can be backstabbing bitches when they think someone in their clique is getting "uppity." They should have called the episode "Welcome to the Crab Bucket."

I do say, writing wise, you DO have them lapping up the attention pretty quick not ten seconds after criticizing Dash for doing the same thing. especially after Applejack actively resisted being dragged in front of a camera with Dash...They should have at least blushed a bit when they realized what they were doing, or had a few moments of awkwardness when they realized they were the center of everyone's attention.
In Dash's shoes I would have pointed out what a bunch of egomaniacs THEY all were. I would have brought up how Applejack accepted that huge trophy from the town after stopping the stampede... and explicitly mentioned Rarity's own spotlight hogging at the airshow... And I might have implied that Pinkie Pie ran off Gilda because she was jealous of all the attention she was taking away from Pinkie... and I would have called Twilight a bossy bitch who'd been climbing up on a pedestal from day one to order everyone in Ponyville around, just because she was Celestia's student.... and I would have twisted the knife with Fluttershy and pointed out that Fluttershy wouldn't have done to a cockroach what she just did to her best friend-- stabbed her in the back.

Now the tragedy tag--- are you intending for them to end it all badly? If so, how badly?

Oh damn. I'm liking how this alternate ending is going so far. Please, do continue.

~ Super-Brony12

Oh, can you smell the hypocrisy floating in the air?:ajsmug: I'm pretty sure I read a story similar to this awhile back.:trixieshiftright:

Man, Applejack was such a bitch in this chapter, make's me feel more sorry for Rainbow Dash.

This story was alright, but who's side am I supposed to be on? Rainbow's right? Then why was she acting like a huge jerk to the Mane 6? Yeah what they did was horrible, but all the stuff RD said had nothing to do with the Mare Do Well incident. Why didn't she tell AJ off for being so dirty and dishonest, or Fluttershy for being so awful instead of kind? Also Applejack and Twilight were very OOC when they started drinking in all that attention.

This is a very nice concept. Definitely gonna keep track of this, seeing as stories like this are always so amusing, but this one seems excellent to me. I also totally agree that the ending to the episode this is based off of is total crap. After all, it's a lot easier to stay humble and not boast or anything of the like when no one knows who you are. Of course there'll be autographs and fans and all that madness, Rainbow was going around saving lives just as herself, and since the grateful ponies have someone to give their thanks to, well, I'm sure you see what I'm getting at. Honestly I would say the biggest stretch of the imagination here is that ponies found out who MDW is, and had a realistic reaction. Once that happens, nothing else is really too hard to believe. It's perfectly reasonable for Rainbow to be mad, I would say not so mad on the upstage part, cause that would imply that she was only being a hero cause she liked the attention, but more mad at the fact that they are belittling her heroic deeds. After all, without Rainbow's actions, lives could have been lost, to even insinuate that her boasting about it deprives her of the moniker of hero is ridiculous. So if you are going to spin this tale, I would think it's best to focus on the rest of the main 6 shrugging off Rainbow's feats of heroism cause of some boasting as the source of her anger, as well as how they will go down the same road now that they are getting the attention, and focus less on the whole 'stealing the spotlight' angle. After all if you can save a life but choose not to just because you wouldn't be praised for it you're just the lowest level of scum sucking attention whore there is. Rainbow liked the attention, it isn't the reason she chose to act.

Gonna keep coming back for the backstabbing, god knows we've been there at least once.:flutterrage:


I usually go for a logical progression of events in all my stories so don't expect anything WAY out there or major curve balls, but the natural progression of events is going to be plenty bad.

and the events are a little rushed because trying not to make this go at the snails pace that some of my other fics travel in story chronologically. It's a road I'm trying to avoid this time around.

And you expect a logical argument from RD when she's that hurt and furious? If you really think about it, the girls did a lot more than just stealing her thunder and the way she tore into AJ and Twi was a direct result of that...which Dash will flat-out explain to Derpy come next chapter, but until then...feel free to speculate.

And that's where Rainbow Dastardly came from.

very interesting start, I can't wait to see where this goes.

"come and get yer picture with the greatest hero in Equestria, right here!”

Oh..my god....The hypocrisy...its just staggering.


Hey she's already the greatest athlete, rodeo pony, cider maker aaaaaaaand um...farmer in Equestria, what's one more title?

4797713 Soooo, was making them hypocrites intentional in order to get the audience all rilled up? Cause if so: Well done :D.

4797527 Next chapter? Good to know one's coming. Yeah, her actions will be emotionally charged for some time yet, especially being the mare she is. I'm more stable than her, and I likely would have punched somebody.

Like others, I HATED the Mare Do Well episode. So it gives me no small amount of joy to see Rainbow go off on the others. Then, to see Twilight and Applejack being such hypocrites... Well, this is going to seriously come back to bite them on the plot. Looking forward to next chapter!

If this end up being Half as interning as it looks you have my approval.

The mare-do-well and Turtle episodes were stains on Dash's character and season 2.

As frustrating as I find the actual episode, what really bugs me is when writers go too far to try and gloss over how many ponies Rainbow almost got killed through her recklessness.

Mare Do Well was a good episode.
Rainbow Dash deserved worse.

They don't brag in the middle of a bloody rescue, which is exactly what RD was doing.

Rainbow Dash's grandstanding nearly got ponies killed and would have if Mare-Do-Well hadn't stepped in, spending more time SAVING ponies than having RD listen to the sound of her own voice THEN saving them. She does NOT get excuses for that. 'Hero don't brag' DURING a rescue when they should be rescuing instead of bragging. RD broke that rule.


I wouldn't say she deserved worse. Her friends went out of their way to rescue ponies that RD grandstanding was putting in MORE danger. Rainbow Dash got what she needed, a slap in the face to realize that she was doing her hero bid FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS, otherwise she wouldn't have been blabbing to ponies BEFORE saving them.

4798065 Nobody here is denying she needed a lesson in humility, but I still believe her friends went beyond the pale in how they went about things. If they were her friends they would openly confront her, or at least try to before deciding they had to destroy and humiliate her in public.

Her friends went too far, and she would have been right to be furious in response. That she just went along with it is truly inexplicable. They betrayed her trust by not respecting her as a friend even when seeking to impart the important lesson behind their actions.

Besides which, as the author has said, anger has made her less than rational about this.


They did try. She didn't listen. Not to mention RD is the most stubborn and thick headed pony there is when she's on an ego-high.

4798118 I personally believe they did not try hard enough, and some folks seem to agree.

In any case, I'll just keep watching this story.


Completely correct. I hate people whining and complaining about this episode. It's like they have no social experience at all. Rainbow Dash is a little on the slow/oblivious side, and she's too wrapped up in her egotistical mask she uses to hide away her more sensitive self. To the detriment of those around her.

If any of you nay-sayers kissing the ground Dash walks on think you know what you're talking about, then why not think about it from her friends' perspectives instead of just "Oh no poor Dash, they weren't super-super nice to her in every conceivable way!" Even considering Dash is pretty harsh with them (regarding Fluttershy being useless during the dragon episode as an example), if you're MOLLYCODDLING your friends, you're only hurting them! If this is you, you are a /bad friend/.

But let's look at what her friends see. Rainbow Dash is incredibly egotistical, and with each act she is praised for, only becomes more and more big-headed. How long before someone she's trying to 'save' for the fame gets hurt or worse because she's posing for the camera or waiting until the last second for suspense? We could see that when she was looking around for ponies to save - she was becoming ADDICTED to the praise. This is dangerous for her, and dangerous for her friends, and dangerous for the ponies she'd be going to help. From a psychological point of view, Dash was headed for a very, very dark place.

Now, as for those of you who support this whole idea that Dash was mistreated - how many of you get out of your basements? How many of you have dealt with people like Dash before? They DO NOT LISTEN. You can sit them down, list out the issues, try to talk to them about what they're doing and where it will go - and they will get defensive and walk out unless they get angry and argue with you about it. The best way to prevent the angry argument? Supply that information in a nearly self-degrading submissive fashion, which will cause them to dismiss it. Yes folks, that's right, being too nice about something doesn't accomplish much most of the time! You have to -make- them see what they're doing is wrong, you have to show them what they're doing to themselves, and what they're doing to their friends, the people who care about them. It's called... drumroll please... AN INTERVENTION!

Now, hopefully many of you know what this word is and what it entails in context. If you do, you should know this isn't some new concept they've used with Dash here. They did not harm her, they did not break her, they did not traumatize her. All they did was keep the drug out of her reach until they could get a chance to talk to her where she was vulnerable enough to actually listen instead of blow them off. The same way you do for any loved one who is addicted to something. Amazing! It's almost like this sort of thing happens between people who care about each other many times a day all over the world! Where it's not considered horrible or 'too far' at all! Shocking revelations! I wonder how many of you are actually ignoring these facts just so you can continue complaining about how your Little Dashie was mistreated.

Nothing in this episode was messed up. Dash was going overboard. Dash was going too far. Dash would have wound up getting someone or herself seriously injured eventually. Or, hey - maybe the public would have just stopped caring about her eventually. Even heroes only get a little time in the spotlight, folks. Then they get dumped back in the shadows and forgotten. How would Dash have handled that, do you think? Her friends saved her in more ways than one, and they did it in a way that did not overly bother or agitate her. They were pretty darned clever and nice about teaching her the meaning of humility. Normally we have to learn this the HARD WAY, and not all of us are lucky enough to have people there to pick us back up and dust us off after we fall. She not only had that, she had friends willing to spare her that pain. This is a strong, loving bond. Not some tyrannical group of jealous people trying to drag Dash down, like you all seem to see and what I hear every time someone mentions this episode.

Hell, even the the show's writing alludes to this. Lightning Dust's entire /existence/ is to show that "This is what Rainbow Dash would have been, if her friends hadn't shown her the light." An overly-cocky, extremely arrogant and egotistical sociopath who only cares for her own success and not about her peers. That was Lightning Dust. She got Rainbow injured, could have potentially injured all their classmates, and might have wound up killing the rest of the Elements of Harmony. That could have very easily been Dash if not for Mare Do Well. And remember, given Dash's character up until that episode, and especially riding the ego-high from swimming in praise and adoration, she would not have listened to just... talk. Especially considering that even these days she doesn't really like to bother slowing down to listen, as it is. When they say "Fame is a drug", that's not just a saying. It's a fact, a brain chemistry fact. If any of you have had to stage interventions like I've had to, you know there's no comfortable little chat to fix things. You have to make them pay attention and see what they're doing to themselves.

Which they did. And then Rainbow Dash realized she was doing the wrong thing. And then Rainbow Dash grew as a person because of it, and became -better-. The means to this positive end were nicer than what we have to accomplish in real life with real people, and also justified by seeing that Dash became somewhat wiser and more level-headed because of it. Everything the girls did in that episode helped Rainbow Dash, it did not hurt her.

The major problem you people have is you see Dash acting out and think it's good, and don't realize you think that way because it's entertaining to see her doing so. If you're going to try and say 'there's more than just what we were shown, Dash was totally mistreated', then at least keep your mouths shut unless you understand how extrapolation works. Because that isn't even an opinion - it's just factually wrong on all accounts, by both canon and logical deduction. Remember folks, just because she's flashy and fun and enjoyable doesn't mean she's in the right!

Nothing against this story, it's always fine to explore different avenues when writing. My problem lies solely with you people in the comments screeching and being over-protective of Rainbow Dash, acting like she was some sweet baby angel and the other girls were horrible little monsters. When it was quite the other way around in all respects. Bottom line, her friends saved her from what could have been a terrible future. How she compared to Lightning Dust, and even later on to Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts, shows that she matured from what she -was going to become- if she had stayed that way. Due to the lesson she learned from Mare Do Well, she taught the Wonderbolts an equally valuable lesson and that's how she got her key. That's right folks! Dash getting a lesson in humility from Mare Do Well saved Equestria!

If you don't like logic slapping you out of your frothing waifu-trances, I don't care. But there it is. Everything I've said is either completely true, or through studied deduction eminently plausible. Exeunt.


You mean a young pegasus with zero training(at the time) and low emotional maturity made mistakes? :pinkiegasp:

Also, I just rewatched the episode. First rescue? She was shy and tried to be modest. Second rescue? Child was safe before she posed for the cameras(and here is where the others explicitly start complaining about her arrogance). Third rescue? She takes a moment to spout her catchphrase and then saves the elder ponies. Given her speed, she had plenty of time(though she should've saved them first, true). Now her ego is really being fed by the locals and this is the point where her 'friends' quite clearly decide to start up the Mare-do Well crap.

And oddly? The Mare-do-Well persona was irrelevant to actually solving the problems. The only reason for Mare-do-Well was to allow the others to play place swapping shenanigans to help beat on Rainbow's ego. The lesson they wanted to teach could have been much more easily demonstrated by them doing it openly and honestly. You know, teach by example. Live the change you want. Though I wonder how long it'd take for their own egos to start bloating. It's easy to act humble when you hide under a mask Of course, actually talking to her first would've been the sensible option.

Furthermore, your claim that Rainbow put ponies in more danger is just silly. They were in the same amount of danger they would've been had Rainbow been on the other side of the world. The worst she did was annoy Granny Apple, after her self esteem took several kicks to the metaphorical nuts. The crises that popped up? Other than the balloonist, where she made a mistake, she did the best she could with what she had available.

Anyways, the point for most people who hate the episode generally is: While Rainbow may be an arrogant egotistical douche with her head so far up her own ass she's practically a klein pony*, the entire Mare-do-Well thing was fucking stupid and a horrible way to handle... whatever the hell they were trying to handle. The entire episode is just pointless. Act like a hero? Rainbow does act like a hero. Being a hero requires you perform heroic actions. Modesty is optional.

*Applejack also suffers from Klein Pony Syndrome.

Uck. Another Mare Do Well fix fic? I thought these went the way of the dodo when A Canterlot Wedding gave all the authors another way to unload their filibuster opinion on how shitty the episode was plot.


People read and write what they want. He wants to cover the Mare-do-Well episode again? It's his time to spend. You have your own time, which you can spend reading whatever floats your boat.

If theres room for a story about Iron Will wrapping his dick with barbed wire and going on a pedo-necro-pyro philia rape rampage, then theres room for someone to do Mare-do-Well again. And seriously, there is a story on here about Iron Will raping fillies to death with a dick covered in barbed wire. I'm unsure whether his dick, the fillies or both were on fire, as I decided to entertain myself elsewhere on the site.

Also, Inigo Montoya wants you to read filibuster

I bet she'll refuse to do weather duties

4798396 Honestly I'm expecting her to just move away, and then slowly but, surely when everyone wonders where Dash went, they find she died somewhere because she was trying NOT to be a hero and got attacked for it.

Or you know something else horrible that fucks EVERYTHING UP

I look forward to seeing Rainbow Dash's 'friends' PAY...


(Part One! Plz give likes and upboats, iz my first mini fic :) )

Twilight said…something…drawing Rainbow out of her thoughts, and then…
“And a real hero doesn’t brag.”
Applejack’s statement made Rainbow Dash frown, her earlier confusion from the reveal about the town hero’s secret identity quickly fading as the anger in her gut began to rise. “Excuse me?”
“We were teaching out a lesson about modesty Rainbow Dash,” Twilight explained with a smile. “You were just bragging so much, and a real hero is modest and humble. Understand?”
The pegasus turned her glare towards Twilight. “Yeah, I understand just fine,” she said in a voice that was practically a growl.

And with a whip of her righteoushoof, Rambow Dash pulled out a M249. fully loaded and ready to kill some commies backstabbing dweebs, and took aim at useless background pony before her.

"How do you like these apples!" Rambow dash exclaimed randomly but badassly and sexyly, causing mares in the crowd to swoon. The swooning could have been from the gun, but that's not improtant.

With a righteous scream, Rambo Dash let loose hell upon her emenies and showered them in bullets. FLuttershy was the first to go, with bullets digging into her skull and her chest, a few ripping off her wings and turning them into nothing but a red mist. Twilight and Applejack met with a terrible fate, as bullets ripped them apart bit by bit, as limbs flew and ponies screamed.

With three down that left the feeling Rarity and a missing Pinkie. With a flap of her wings, Rambo Dash took to the skies and quickly caught sight of the fashionista running towards her boutique. With a rainbow flash, Dashie quickly got into the mares' path, stopping rarity dead in her tracks.

"Darling, please have mercy darling!" rarity said all fancy like!

"not today!" Rainbow replied!

Turning the marshmallow with a hoof, Rambo Dashie shove the gun up Rarity's gaping lovehole!
"peepare to literally be fucked!"

All it took was three shots to literally reduce the unicorns organs to mush.
"Now must kill pinks and spick!"

(To be continued!)

I actselly thought the Mare-Do-Well episode was, ok. Though in honesty, I did felt the ending was too child-friendly and unrealistic that, I would figure Rainbow Dash would be slightly more pissed at her friends in question for pulling the stunt. Even if Fanfics aren't canon, this at least does offer a realistic sense of what should've happened.

>Over fifteen ponies would have died if Dash had continued on her merry way, including Dash herself.

Dash did NOTHING

I mean, I know the Dash-fanboying is strong with these ones, but come on. Dash's friends saved her sorry, abusive ass three times in this episode. If anything, you Dash fanboys should be thanking them for it.

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