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To be inserted into Equestria, it's a dream come true for anybrony!

Meet the ponies!

Have super awesome magical adventures!

Use foreknowledge to avoid all those silly pratfall moments without screwing things up and causing irreparable harm to the Mane 6...uh...hopefully!

And all for the low cost of possessing Princess Luna, denying her any real freedom or the ability to move on with her life since she's in your head and you're walking around as Nightmare Moon!

Yeah...there had to be a catch in there somewhere, didn't there?

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I laugh my head off. Amazing idea. Someone is in Nightmare Moon's body and the whole situation is soo silly. Best pharse Evil guy makes nose boop joke! :twilightsheepish:

Oh, I am down for this story. Into the faves it goes!

Oooh da gut stuff.

I love this already! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay:

This is genius!

Well, here's one to a great start.

My excitement for this continuation is something akin to a collective seizure.

Oh hey, look, ponies!

Embarrassing secrets are the best way to prove validity of your claims of identity. Science proves it :rainbowlaugh:

This story looks like it's gonna be another great ride. I also love your descriptions of the ponies. Brick House Brawler Physique Celestia hugging Twilight makes me think of Alex Armstrong though.


I think I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liked faved and followed :)

On the one hand, I think this is an interesting concept and I'd enjoy seeing more of it. On the other hand, the fixation on pony asses that is already showing itself makes me think the world might be better off without it. I'm conflicted.

"thing the bookwork had"

"all that tons was"

"did slow ever slow "
"glow ever so"?

"In top of which"

Less ass more sass. Good to goo.

so evil that coming back?

Which also proved television was mankind’s greatest and yet worst invention ever.

After the Internet of course.

Kinda wondering if there's going to be any romance. Our protagonist's wandering eyes and thoughts on Luna and Twilight make it pretty clear that they find ponies attractive. And their denials aren't convincing me otherwise.

6157504 yeah, its a little strange that upon seeing them the possesser is checking them out instead of say, asking for an explanation.

Also surely they know they aren't NMM? Why say they are?

There's some word problems here and there, minor typos, but aside from that, quite enjoyable. Looking forward to more once it's written. :3

Im not acusing you of anything but I actually wrote a story with incredibly similar premise about a month before this. I really dont mind because it seems to be taking a different turn from mine and is honestly a lot more entertaining. Bravo and I hope for more!

I question to the auther. IT is this. Did the orignal Nightmare Moon originate from Luna or was a parasite. the answer will determine if I continue reading.

6158796 Not exactly the newest premise, yo.

6156627 The whole "Human-replaces-Nightmare-Moon-and-hilarity-ensues" has already been done before...several times, in fact
Heck, just search the Nightmare Moon tag

Not saying this is a bad story though
It's always amusing to see Twilight freak out that the Elements of Harmony don't work and Nightmare Moon becoming her own character separate from Luna

Although this time it looks like Woona is going to be a backseat driver

That's gonna be awkward when it comes to romance...

"Stop staring at my sister's plot"
"But it's so...plump and squishy!"
"...She needs to cut back on the cloud cake...and need I remind you of your own generous posterior?"

She also had a full butt that was nice and round without being so big as to be called ghetto

Then there was Pinkie Pie. She had a bit of pudge on her, and the most generous rear

and my butt was big enough to squash any of the girls in front of me underneath

Dude has his eyes on the prize.

6159048 The main reason I noticed it is the title similarities. Mine was Am I the Nightmare? And the setting is the same.

or perhaps how long it was until you finally lost your maidenh-”


You get a thumbs up for the bit about Sharknado and the head tilting at the end. Keep it up!

It seem the possessor love the booty. :trollestia:

Oh yes. This shows good promise.

Interesting fic so far i must say, keep it up!

more please i can't stop laughing

6159048 Eh, nobody really. I'll agree with you on what you wrote. I do like how the author did the descriptions, but I can't help but feel they were long-winded. They could have just used them as the protagonist looked at the mane six; I mean, they were talking. It would have helped break up that huge section where absolutely nothing was happening.

Overall it was pretty enjoyable. I mean, when I was sending that message to the other author...it was more to say, you can't exactly lay claim to the idea of 'Human Protagonist in NMM does things with the Mane Six' that's practically a given mini-genre now. It's not new or original, so who cares? In this case, it's what you do with a given that makes it good or bad.

This fiction looks very promising. Not like the other Nightmare Monn/Human ones, I must say you thought well in excluding the Human memories but keep the personality. I was personally looking for a good Luna -nightmare Moon/human fiction without the Gore or Tragedy tags and certainly without overused human concepts like the human part having useless flashbacks of his home or stuff, thinking that this is a dream/coma and not taking anythig seriously, and other lame stuff.
I hope this will be very entertaining

6158808 Depends on if you're following show canon or Comic canon

In the comics, the Nightmare is a completely separate entity
In the show, I think Moon was born out of Luna's dark emotions

I tend to think of the Nightmare as somewhat similar to the Symbiote from Spider-Man
Attaches itself to a host and feeds off their emotions and eventually takes over

Or something

That ending was hilarious!

6158808 It's likely a parasite; it would have had access to all of Luna's memories if it came from her.

6160124 Not talking the current personal sharing with Luna but the one before that. If so that's it for me I can't stand that route.

That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I enjoyed it. Well, I guess it's on to the-
Wait, someone made a lurking comment already? Crap. Uh... I'll just like and fave and be on my way then.

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