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Sorry if I'm slow to upload. I'm more of a reader than a writer.


One day, I become Princess Celestia in the middle of Lunch at school. A year of testing, spellcrafting, and preparing later, I end up in Equestria, thanks to Discord. Now, I get to meet Celestia, Luna, and others of Royal Company as I troll the shit out of everything. Maybe I'll learn some new tricks too.

Thanks to Blazing Archangel for pointing me to this picture. It fits perfectly!

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Gee, everyone sure seems to be taking the whole "that guy just turned into an alicorn" thing pretty well. Also, is he still wearing his clothes?

Jason took the whole becoming a magic talking horse way too well. I mean he literally started cracking jokes and worried about his school work mere moments after the transformation.

4998705 As I will explain in the next chapter, He's not just brushing it off. He's keeping his emotions in check until such a time as he can properly deal with them in a private fashion. However, because future circumstances will disallow that, well, let's just say things aren't looking up.

4998966 I'm aware that it seems just a bit too easy, but I'm reflecting it in a not-so serious light. I'm not trying for perfect, as I'm sure as hell never going to get there, and I'm actually basing it off my own school. Those within the academy are aware of the things I'm into, and thus aren't shaken as badly as if they'd never heard of such a thing.

But then again, I guess I should explain that in the story. Also, it says he removed the tattered remains of his clothes as he got up.

5000041 That doesn't explain why everyone else is taking it so well, or why those who didn't witness the transformation believed it was him.

And I didn't notice the part about the tattered remains. I kinda started skimming the story for anyone expressing a sign of shock that I just didn't see it. Everyone was taking it too well for me to find it believable.

Ok, so it's going hit him later that could work...I guess. Though everyone else seems to take it well despite seeing a fellow classmate turn into a magical talking horse. Nor did anyone question Jason/Celestia when they said that it was still them.

It's like;
Jason: "Hey guys, it's still me. Don't worry."

Everyone: "Ok"

Also, I found it kind of odd that no one, other than the principal was familiar with the show. I mean sure, not everyone will admit liking the show in public. But there wasn't even a 'holly crap, it's Princess Celestia!' or 'You look like one of those talking ponies, from that show my sister likes' or something.

Nor was any other attention drawn to the newly transformed Jason. Other than a few odd looks.

And one last thing, Celestia wouldn't fit on a school bus. She's too tall and/or too wide.

5001087 I didn't wirte the crowd's reaction to the Celestia TF because Jason couldn't hear it through his pain. As stated as well, I wrote that he ignored the other students, not even listening for remarks like "What the hell?! What's Celestia doing here?"

I'll get to explaining how Celestia could have fit in the bus, but If I continue to get more negative ratings, I'll be morraly forced to just remove this story and try to pick up my other one.

Tired of riding the bus, is your mom embarrassing when she drops you off? Why ride when you can fly?

5003876 Because when you fly, you cause traffic jams and crashes galore, not to mention all of the government might hunt you down for such a disturbance. Sometimes the more boring and humiliating option is the one without casualties.

Very good, maybe a bit longer if you please.

You have week when it should be weak. Didn't notice any other errors.

An interesting start. IF my iPad wasn't about to die on me, I'd start reading the next chapter right now

it was alright. as for a co-authour, i'd be willing to offer my services. i cannot garenty when i will be able to finish, but i will be willing to give my best go.

5099900 okay then. send me a googledoc shared link and we can get started

5103404 i've honestly no clue. you'd have to ask people like daxn. he and i have collaborated on one of his fics for a while now and that's how we do it. he sends a googledoc and i write what should be added to whatever he's already done, paste it in there and he goes from there.

5103430 Well then, I guess you could start with the two chapters already posted. I'm making my own edit to the Second chapter since I totally forgot about the Laptop, and the Third is still in production.

5236083 If you'd like to help, feel free to link me to a document.

I'm pretty sure if your a magical talking horse at all you'll cause a disturbance and have the government track you down. Plus, if you stay above the cloud layer, you'll be fine.

5690169 Honestly, I've lost interest in writing it. I'm open to just giving it to someone else who can take it to new hights, but honestly, I just can't continue this.

5690174 I'd be game to roll with it conceptually.

5690297 Okay. Just so you know, the idea is based on Becoming Sweetie Belle, Flight of the Flightless, andAn Apple Far From The Tree.

I might actually bring this back up, what with all the renewed interest, though I'll have to slow down updates on Time Vigilante considerably.

5690329 Noted, and thank you for providing links.

If you do choose to bring it back up, then by all means. I will follow along. I would still probably start my own story on similar lines if it isn't any concern.

This took a funny creepy crossover turn but it sounds cool. I would definitely help Jane as long as she didn't kill me. I also already read the creepypasta. It's scary cool

5690366 Hey, it's okay with me. I'm sure as hell not the first guy to come up with this.

5702835 Creepy pasta you say? of what?

It's alive! :twilightsmile: Also, nice creepypasta gateway literature. Have another upvote. No, I don't care that it's impossible, have it anyways.

Chaos? Don't you mean 'chaos magic'. And Discord who has been wounded contains gore. No dislikes from me. This story is better than mine. And please, fix those errors or I'll give you a dislike for sure next time. I hope it's not flaming or anything.

Jeff the killer and Jane the killer

5792843 Noted. I think I'll do it.

my rp characters. Mostly ponies. Today, I wasn't doing much of that, having already apologised and delayed my rps because my head wasn't in the game.

what is rp?
You probably shouldn't use abbreviations the first time you use a term.
Same with rps.

i'm definitely loving this, moar
you should also be a bit more descriptive and maybe even do an interlude where we see the story from another characters perspective

“Jezus! You’re freaking molten!”

Do you mean 'Jesus Christ!'? And molten is about melting materials.

Add every 'Command' with 'er' at the end the title, like 'Commander'.

Alec is a baby name, please change it to Alex.

Thanks for the heads up, off to gdocs!

6048230 did you eve read the rest of the notice?

I am sad to hear this, but if I can, I hope to provide some trolling mechanics in the future. Good luck to you.


5984361 people talk like that you know not everybirdy is as literal you appear to be from one comment.also the name of the character is the authors choice. i once new pretty cool person named alec.[an adult] not everything is black and white

Now I realize the difference between scientists and "science guys"

I would so hug an independent Changeling! Shapeshifting is indeed very cool! Too bad I can't get me some of that... :ajsleepy:

I pray to Luna that this wonderful masterpiece is not dead, and that it sees an update soon! :twilightsmile:

Me: "Now Celly, what did we learn today?" :twilightsmile:

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