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After Cozy Glow is caught and the world is saved, a single mare has the nerve to blame the hero of the hour for the near destruction of Equestria.

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After a fight with Celestia, Sunset flees through a magic mirror into a different world.

Without her horn, any direction in her life, the inability to simply go back home and surrounded by strangers, she has to go on a journey of self discovery to find meaning in her life as dark forces begin to threaten the world she resides in.

But, at least she still has her magic and plenty of instruction manuals to learn more from.

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This story is a sequel to Sunset's Crowning Achievement

The last time Twilight saw Starlight Glimmer, she threatened to kill Rainbow Dash when she was just a filly and ruin Twilight's life by going back in time. Only, when she failed to find Starlight in the past and returned home, Equestria wasn't a ruined wasteland, Ponyville was a lot bigger than she remembered, and all these new ponies in the castle were talking about some big pony they call Empress.

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In an effort to find the couple that truly needs her help to find some romance in their life, Cadance develops a spell to send her to them.

It's just that when she gets there, neither of the creatures seem that interested in her help. They want to talk about silly stuff like her magic, the existence of other dimensions, stupid government conspiracies meant to keep aliens under wraps, and whether she is a winged unicorn, or a pegasus with a horn when they should just KISS ALREADY!

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After the Friendship Games, Sunset feels it's time to return home.

Only when she gets there, Twilight's castle is nowhere to be found, Cadance just got her horn, and Princess Celestia is still calling the bacon-haired pony her prized student rather than a failed one. And just reliving her past isn't on the table thanks to a pair of wings Sunset seems to have sprouted upon her return to Equestria.

With Sunset being back before she's supposed to, will the world stay as harmonious and on track, or will everything go down in flames as Sunset has to deal with allegations that she's really a changeling in disguise, a nerdy stallion with blue hair that wants to be her coltfriend, a pretty pink princess in need of remedial magic lessons, and an annoying purple pre-teen pony that will absolutely not go to bed without first being read Starswirl's Complete Mystical Mysteries Compendium?

Only time will tell

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After Rainbow Dash is proven innocent of the heinous crime of letter mailing, she has a few things to say to the ponies that accused without a shred of proof.

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To be inserted into Equestria, it's a dream come true for anybrony!

Meet the ponies!

Have super awesome magical adventures!

Use foreknowledge to avoid all those silly pratfall moments without screwing things up and causing irreparable harm to the Mane 6...uh...hopefully!

And all for the low cost of possessing Princess Luna, denying her any real freedom or the ability to move on with her life since she's in your head and you're walking around as Nightmare Moon!

Yeah...there had to be a catch in there somewhere, didn't there?

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The Yaks, a great and noble...er...people that are full of pride and demand only the best...for themselves.

And when they don't get it, they scream and shout, and smash stuff.

This is the story, of what happened when they went too far, and messed with a purple pretty pony princess so much, even she didn't want their friendship.

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A real hero doesn't brag?

Just because she likes to talk about how awesome she is means Rainbow isn't a hero?

After her friends revealed themselves to her, Rainbow Dash reacts to Applejack's words in a completely different way than what's expected, and things only go downhill from there. Tears will be shed, friendships will be broken, and knives will be twisted as everything that can go wrong WILL.

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