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Twilight Sparkle, now princess of Ponyville, decides to host along with the Mayor a special day in Ponyville to honor all the parents in Ponyville. There's just one problem - Applejack's parents are dead, making her currently the only pony of the Mane 6 without parents. Will Twilight still be able to go through with her plans for making a special day? Or will she just be heartbroken and consumed by guilt and grief for her friend?

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FIRST! Awesome fic as always and I like that you tackled the issue of AJ's parents. Personally, I was hoping that they would actually show her parents in AFR but I digress.

You once again made a lovely fic. I started crying after chapter 3 :fluttercry:

Comment posted by moguera deleted Mar 10th, 2013

Monthly therapy?
Why am i not surprised
I think the "every pony is crazy" has become less of a joke
Gentle Soul will soon be the richest pony in ponyville

Comment posted by Black Kyurem deleted Mar 10th, 2013

2238476 Gentle Soul lives in Canterlot, not Ponyville.

2237980 Those shooting stars in the episode were as close as they got. And thanks!

Geez I can't believe Diamond Tiara is being such a brat. Applejack never did anything to her. :ajbemused:

You know I really hope that some day we get to see an episode where Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon cross the line and learn not to be so mean. :eeyup:

I still can't believe they thought that the CMC almost dying was funny, some fillies need a spanking. :flutterrage:

If anypony needs therapy it's Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They thought they were doing Ponyville a favor, yeah right what made them think anypony would agree with them on that? :trixieshiftleft:/:trixieshiftright:

That really hit me in the feels there. :fluttercry:

Manly tears have been shed my friend. :pinkiesad2:

2239116 Neither did the Cutie Mark Crusaders and look how many times they got tortured in the series. That wasn't fair either. :flutterrage:

2239152 Therapy is usually for people who undergo psychological trauma or something to that extent. Unless DT and SS went through that phase, they only need to be brought to justice.

2239140 If only... Like, they deliberately teased the CMC... IN... FRONT... OF... APPLEJACK! :raritydespair::raritycry:

...I believe after all this, Applejack and Spike need some deserved huggling!!

Comment posted by moguera deleted Mar 10th, 2013
Comment posted by Black Kyurem deleted Dec 30th, 2013

2238812 By the way is this a sequeal to Canterlot Wedding Aftermath? I mean you had AJ accompany Twilight to Canterlot for her weekly threapy session with Gentle Soul.

Comment posted by moguera deleted Mar 10th, 2013

2239999 Technically, it's not a real sequel, but it does have continuity to Black Kyurem's first story, yes.


Comment posted by Nebula1701 deleted Mar 15th, 2013

:twilightoops: "Really, how?"

:ajsleepy: "Creator's Fiat."

:facehoof: "Oh! That again!"

Seriously, though, this is going to be very difficult for AJ. Seeing all these happy families and knowing this is something that she can't have. She has Granny, Applebloom and Mac but that isn't really the same, is it? Maybe her friends will let her share?

Sad but, with time (as horrible as it is), grief fades and you are left with the sense of absence in your life but are able to function with it always there. It's harder for AB, I suppose. To her, her parents are a picture and some very indistinct memories of feelings and maybe voices. I just hope for Diamond Tiara's sake she doesn't try to be mean about the 'orphans' because that's a quick and easy way to get a day-trip to the Moon.

Oh, the Princess noticed - you know, the demi-goddess who regards said fillies as her surrogate little sisters? To the MMMOOOOOONNN!!!

Seriously, this is the crossing of the Rubicon for Diamond and Silver; it could have been attempted murder, might still be considered a felony. If Filthy Rich and Silver Spoon's parents don't take a firm line and take them in hoof, their little 'princesses' could end up in a reform school for a while. That would be an unpleasant experience for all and will likely ruin their futures.

I don't think that 'banishment' is the right phrase unless Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have been specifically restricted from entering Ponyville town or possibly the entire county until they've completed their rehabilitation course.

That said, reform school was really the only option here. Diamond Tiara is showing pre-psychotic symptoms and might be a serious threat to public safety. I think that Silver Spoon might be a lot nicer and possibly a better filly without Diamond's influence, though. Nopony wants to believe that a child is capable of such sustained and contemplative malice but, when they do go that far, you need to take action before it gets worse.

A nice ending. No matter how much you miss them, you have to focus on the living and how they need you too, maybe more than ever.

The whole thing is a bit abrupt in places - it could use with padding out of descriptions and longer dialogues but, overall, it's a good story. There are a few minor typos but nothing fatal to the story.

2287503 Oh, AJ still has a happy family. She still has Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac, so it's not she's lost everything. This isn't touched upon in the series because it is normally irrelevant. Fun fact, though. The episode "A Bird in the Hoof" was originally going to be a sad story dealing with loss of a pet or something like that.

2287645 Black Kyurem's true intentions for writing this chapter were to rally a bunch of Diamond Tiara haters in an effort to see the light as to how she's a character who is not fit to remain in the series. The dA user TheMasterofDespair is unfortunately behind a "Save Diamond Tiara" campaign and Black Kyurem does want this to happen because he believes for Diamond Tiara there is no such thing as salvation. Her character must be stamped out and that is the overall point Black Kyurem wishes to make.

2287719 Please point out these typos and Black Kyurem will fix them.

That's really pretty much rejecting the whole theme of MLP: Friendship is Magic, isn't it? Nightmare Moon was saved, Discord was taught to value friendship, Trixie rejected the path of power because she didn't want to pay the moral price and Babs was shown the error of her ways. It isn't beyond possibility that Diamond Tiara might also realise where she's gone wrong at some point - she's only a child, after all. The only evil character who hasn't been 'saved' is Sombra and I don't think you can seriously suggest that Diamond is on his level of psychopathic evil.

Anyway, it's your story and you should take it the way you want to go and tell the message you want it to tell; that's just a point that I needed to make.

Final chapter - Twilight Sparkle tells Applejack that "her student" had taught her something. Maybe I missed something but she doesn't have a student in the story. I think you meant "my studies".

2288350 After three seasons and Diamond Tiara has not reformed or anything, so Black Kyurem isn't convinced she's gonna learn her lesson anytime soon. She once stated that she does not care about feelings, which has been the most heartless statement in the series so far. Diamond Tiara alone defies the whole "Friendship is Magic" and putting her in the show to begin with was the real mistake, not Black Kyurem turning her into a spiteful psychopath when she pretty much already is.

You may need to watch the last episode of Season 3 and Black Kyurem is guessing you haven't because Celestia tells Twilight "we're all your students now too". Twilight is now a princess, so her friends are also her subjects having as much to learn from her as she has to learn herself.


Yeah, I saw FIM's answer to "Once More With Feeling"; you clearly took Celestia's comments about being 'students' a bit more literally than I did.

So what are your plans now?:rainbowderp:

2304090 Well, Black Kyurem has three more stories planned, so they'll be coming gradually.

Are you going to have one of the Mane 5 try to cope with the aftermath of the Cutie Swap? I mean that would create a bit of an identity crisis.

lol arrow to the knee:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::ajsmug: .... not sure if you are trying to tie that into skyrim or not :twilightsmile::scootangel:

oh my god...... i hate diamond tiara and silver spoon ssssssssssooooooooooooo much!!!!! :flutterrage::ajbemused::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy:

2345474 Then you're in. Black Kyurem is rallying haters to his cause to prove that they're not likely to reform anytime soon.

2346228 Well, they get manipulated and later cast aside like trash in my story. Good enough?

Good thing I get them stabbed in the back in my fic :ajsmug::fluttershbad:

well, this has partly answered my question: doesn't applejack ever notice Dt and SS being mean to AB? If not, SERIOUSLY!? she doesn't seem to! :flutterrage:

2797584 I think she noticed at the end of "One Bad Apple", actually. Didn't do a thing about it, though. Just got angry.

Thank you for this story. We need like a *Pinkie Pie crying* emoticon. ike the scene from baby cakes. :pinkiesad2:

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