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An In-no-sense Innocent Short Story.

"Okay...keep yourself calm. Just relax. Hopefully you're still dreaming and this isn't really happening." Twilight told herself as she looked at the mirror in despair.
She trepidly lowered her head and took a mouthful of the fur and skin on her left foreleg and gave a short,sharp tug.
"Yow!" she yelped, snapping her eyes shut,daring to open them a few seconds later and look into the mirror again. "Oh-ho-nooo... I am awake..." She moaned sadly.

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Another one hour special.
The basic idea is there but the ending kind of became its own...stupidity. :facehoof:
And like my last Short story,this is a one chapter expedition. :twilightsheepish:
I'm starting to get back into that writing frame of mind so expect a few more of these to pop up so I can keep myself in practice during downtime between bursts of Ponysona.:twilightsmile:

But yeah.The reason for no updates is the rp Ponysona is set in has been quite... chaotic as of late so I haven't really had time to write anything out. :twilightoops:

That's one hell of a dream..

I was confused on who was who.:rainbowhuh:

It may be confusing, but this story is...AWSOME!:yay:

Chaotic? Sounds like fun! -chaoticharmony

Original, creative and interesting all at the same time. Aside from a few grammar/spelling errors, it was a good read.

Wow... This really is a good concept. You may wish to continue it.

For Great Justice!

594385 Thank you for telling me that.Don't know how I forgot to change that setting. :twilightblush:

594603 The original ending was supposed to be so different from this it's not funny. :twilightsheepish:
Well original 2 actually.
The first was that she slowly began to turn into Pinkie through out the course of the day and by the end she's struggling to remember who she is,cut to the next day and Pinkie wakes up in Fluttershy's body...

The second was that the Twilight body was going to cast a spell to try and fix the situation,but something messed up and ended up swapping everypony in Ponyville into different bodies,while overwriting their memories of the event,cue the new Twilight waking up in Applejacks body.

Those were my ideas but for some reason I wrote out something I hadn't even thought of... :twilightoops:
But I guess it turned out alright. :twilightsmile:

That was horribly confusing, but beautifully so! Very nice. :pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile:

T'was a very good story, if I must say so myself. It's very unique in it's plot. There isn't that many body switch fics when you think about it. Hmm. Well, I enjoyed this.

Who says this is confusing? It might be weird, but not confusing

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