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Like most of my stories, I am usually tagged as 'Random'.


Explaining mathematics to Pinkie Pie is not as easy as it seems. Either way, this should prove to be quite interesting...

(Occurs after the events of my story Happy New Year!!! ...now what?, but not necessarily a sequel)

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Comments ( 11 )

Good job that was one of the funniest story's i've read in a while (pinkie knowing what pi is and hating it was quite interesting as you said it was against her chaotic nature was a bit if a surprise) all in all a great read

Come on Twilight , don't be like that :pinkiesad2:
After all , it's for the Greater Good :trollestia:

Pi is okay, but fuck the e though.

As a pi man myself, I must say mentioning tau is a crime against nature.

"How. Dare. You."

:pinkiehappy: Don't you mean "Tau. Dare. You."?

If Towel Day is May 25th and Tau Day is June 28, does that make Tau-el Day June 11th?

As a tauist, take my upvote.

Maybe this story is based off of yours?🤔

I'm amused by this story because Pinkie and Pi day are just perfect, but I'm sad, you the perfect chance to use this...
As your cover art, but didn't :pinkiesad2:

Ah well, like I said, I still enjoyed the story and dare I say it? Pinkie's hate for Pi seems pretty... rational.

I enjoyed a lot reading this story! You made me laugh and smile, so thanks!
You should write something like this again, if you do let me know please!

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