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Puck The Faerie

Person who loves it when ponies and fanfic meet eachother and have many babies.

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So how's my favorite brony in all the nine realms doin? :pinkiesmile:

120197 I see. Interesting. Thanks for the explanation.:twilightsmile:


It's a rather old map that was created in Warcraft III, and RTS game by blizzard that has a more popular offspring World Of Warcraft comes from. Anyways, Defense Of The Ancients is what it's called, i'd get a video reference for you at the moment but school computers are rather dissapointing machines. But long story short, Puck is a Faerie Dragon, a being from a realm known as the Emerald Dream, faerie dragons are one of the many types of protectors the Emerald Dream has, you could say they're naturally born anti-mages.

119491 I see. And he title of the book is A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. Apparently I was mistaken. Anyway, what is this DoTA you speak of? I'm not too familiar with the game abbreviations and such...


I get that alot! I didn't know about I believe.. "A Midnight Summer- "somthing.. Actually I named myself as my favorite lil' fae from DoTA which i'm sure is pretty easy to look up now that DoTA 2 is a thing. Sorry! But I don't really know any shakespearian stuff

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