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  • Abstratum In loom of a forgotten party, Pinkie Pie's mind wonders to the abstractions. It only gets worse as her friends start acting strange around her, and even start to scare her with their actions. In time she will truely understand what an abstractio by Tori Boshi 5,894 words · 482 views · 22 likes · 1 dislikes
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my stuff.

  • Foalsitter is there hope for those destined to darkness? is there hope for me? please. I just want out. by meepify 3,283 words · 160 views

oh god no. · 6:08am Oct 18th, 2014

I just realized EQ plays is my most loved story. I have to do More.

Report meepify · 106 views · Story: Equestria plays video games ·
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1561681 if you go to a group there will be a list next to it that says similar groups.

Where is the recommended groups list?

1561674What is that? I have never heard of it, could you send me a link?

1561674What is that? I have never heard of it, could you send me a link?

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