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Pinkie Pie is feeling pretty down on herself, unable to recall the happenings at the party she swears took place yesterday. Whilst lamenting, she spots Twilight from her bedroom window only to feel a wave of unsettlement from her friends peculiar actions. This is but the first in a series of panic inducing moments, in which she becomes more and more paranoid and fearful, with only the abstract thoughts in her mind to keep her company.

Abstratum as read by Akash Thereader

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

You really did cause me to shed liquid pride, well done. :raritycry:

:fluttercry: That was beautiful. Bravo!

WTF just happend? :rainbowhuh:

4769099 Half the fun is figuring that out :D

Interesting take on a situation... It took me a loooong while to grasp at what exactly happened and I still do not know the details of what happened to most of the ponies (barring rarity; it seems cut and dry what happened to her).

I will say personal feelings towards the actions and words of the late RD, TS and RAR were kind of... unsettling. The fact that it sounded like they just wanted her to forget about the past and life. the "that doesn't matter" is what hit me hardest.

All in all, good fic. nice turn of events on the sad fic role.

sad. for those who do not see, pinkie died. at first denial put her in pony limbo. but then she remembered, and abstratum (pony heaven) let in the other ponies when they killed themselves for pinkie. 10/10

4775464 Very good theory :D

But as with the nature of the story, knowing exactly what happened is all but speculation so you're both right and wrong. I'm very glad you liked it though. :twilightsmile:

another theory: I am sorry.

pinkemanea Diane pie.
that is her name.
or at least, It used to be. I left some. (was killed) some left me (I killed them)

this the story of a cupcake. the ponies numbers
had come up. it had to be this way. I don't make the rules. pinkemanea does.
I am sorry.

set in the world of cupcakes, this is a sad story. pinkie murders her friends. but she does not. in the cupcakes fanfic, she starts on gilda

rainbow dash is having a going away party for /////////quote] they do not tell pinkie, for they fear she will be sad. Twilight is next. pinkamanea has forced pinkie not to write the last part.

She is going to

the last part is die. rarity blank in the blank means rarity died in the basement. pinkie finds out.
she was the cause. she kills herself to end it.
Instead, she goes to where all suicidals go.
limbo. she then finds her friends, who shun her. they think she is pinkamanea. but she is the Normal pinkie. then pinkamanea, shown as lightning, kills a friend (mr measiore). eventually, she finds out the truth from the diary, and pinkamanea tries to destroy the last of the sanity in pinkie. pinkie escapes to the abstratum, where her friends await. they forgive her, and she goes to pony heaven.

this the the story of a cupcake. The ponies number had come up. It had to be this way. I do not make the rules. pinkamanea does.
I am sorry.

a turtledove studios review

I would like to make a sequel, if you agree to
"after pinkie: insanity" please let me know.

sorry, I cannot edit it, so I cannot edit the text quoting.

4777774 That theory is miles off the mark, but it's certainly a stunningly amazing interpretation of the material.

thank you my good sir, sometimes the best endings were accidental

I will, since you did not mean it that way, make a story after my post :pinkiehappy:

4780333 just make sure it has no clear correlation to my fic.

Comment posted by meepify deleted Aug 15th, 2014

I did. It spiraled into a new, And in my opinion, good, story. check it out if you wish

Hmm. Not bad.

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