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'Twas the night before Hearthswarming,
When all through the house,
Two creatures were stirring - neither a mouse.

As the Pies settle into the Apple family home for Hearthswarming, there are two ponies who cannot share in the joy and contentment of time spent with relations.

Contains minor spoilers for series 9, episode 0 The Best Gift Ever.

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I haven’t read the actual story ye,t but I’ll be doing so later. I just wanted to say, I’m not a big shipper, and didn’t really feel any anger or anything over Sugar Belle, and even really liked her. I still do. I don’t hate Sugar Belle. But I do feel so, SO sorry for Marble. It surprised the hell out of me, when I saw that scene, and absolutely broke my heart.

This was really nice! Have to say I prefer the view that Marble and Big Mac never really went out, or yeah, that's kind of harsh on her. But this was a good take on it.

Do you mind if I add the story to the Limestone Pie group?

I know what you mean - I think it's quite good in a way (from a meta point of view), because by writing that in they've rounded out Marble's character a bit, which is always a good thing.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I'm torn over how close Big Mac and Marble were - it's tricky to know. :)

By all means! 'Twould be my pleasure. :raritywink:

Oh, I’m absolutely in agreement. From a storytelling perspective, the scene was excellent! It simply took me by surprise, because I never expected them to actually acknowledge the fact that they had been kind of pushing the idea that these two would make a good pair, and then suddenly turn around and just drop that idea in favour of Sugar Belle.
Instead we get a scene that says quite clearly that, even if Mac didn’t, Marble very much felt something.

This was cute and sad at the same time. This is an amazing way of portraying Marble's feelings here.
Before SugarMac, I was a MarbleMac shipper largely due to the chemistry and the fact I never believed the apples and pies were related anyway. I was also surprised to see how you portrayed Limestone in this given how "rough" she can be.
Great job.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :-) As for the Pies and Apples being related, I really don't see that that's a problem either way - if they are related, it's incredibly distant in any case. I don't what it's like where you're from, but here in the UK incest only refers to first degree relatives - so for example, it's perfectly okay (though admittedly unusual) to marry your first cousin.
It was tricky knowing how to 'do' Limestone. I wanted to portray her as more caring than she might at first appear, and that deep down she just wants the best for her family. I'm glad that came across. :-)

Gosh, I understand how they feel so well. I myself am in my mid-twenties and I haven't even been kissed yet... Not even held a hand! And yet all those around me... It seemed to happen so easily for them.

But the story didn't make me sad. It made me feel better. Because the author (you) obviously believe it isn't too late for anyone. And that gives me hope. Thank you.

And honestly I'm happy to see a story that took that heartbreaking 5-second scene and make something good out of it. My heart broke for Marble. I actually love the idea of her and Big Mac.

I know a couple of people who are about to get married - one's a divorcee, and the other has never been in a relationship - and they're both over seventy years old! So there's always time. =)

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :raritywink:

I'd know that hoarse

I think you mean't horse.
And i really enjoyed this story. Really tells about how she felt at that moment in the show. Also liking this sister moment.

No, I meant hoarse. 'Hoarse' means rough breathing, raspy (like Limestone, or maybe Rainbow). I've used it as a pun; she'd know that horse/hoarse breathing anywhere. =D

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I feel that there's more to Limestone than meets the eye (or ear!).

I think you mean't horse.

I think you meant meant. ;-D

A sweet little story. Well done

I honestly felt really bad at the look on her face then, for an unromantic dope like me that is impressive. I doubt it was intentional or anything, I thought it was just a cute attachment from two similar ponies and Marble thought it was more but Mac moved on.

I get a feeling this will be a season 9 issue and Mac will apologise too her and she will bone with Sugar Belle. Somehow I see Limestone saving the relationship!

That would be good! I'm hoping they go back to more 'traditional' characterisations for the Mane 6 (and others) for this final series; they've moved away a bit too far in the later ones I think.

Well it'll make sense with what we saw. I know sounds a little old fashioned but I bet they'll tie the knot and upon hearing that Marble will totally break down.
I've had mutual attraction that went nowhere but for all I know it was different the other way around and vice-versa.

As for "traditional", well the story canon is about 3 years now (I think some of the seasons overlap and this episode melds in well just after Hearths Warming Club) and they are getting older. They were mid-late teens then, now at least a few of them are 20.

Cute, sweet, and sisterly. Absolutely adorable. Great job!

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