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The Problem of Evil: Personal Reflection · 11:50pm Jul 1st, 2018

This blog post contains spoilers for The Problem of Evil. If you have any interest in reading that story, please consider completing it before reading this post.

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I mentioned "Pinkie's last party" in a recent post, "From sadfic to literature".

Your Pinkie and Rainbow oneshots are fantastic.
Are you still writing?

Big Mac needs YOU, for STALLIONS ON STRIKE~!

CMON EVERYPONY-! Big Mac needs your vote!
The author of "Stallions on Strike" is having a vote... for which story he'll focus on updating~!!!
We need awesome-YOU to go to his blog VOTE AND type C in the comments sections.

STALLIONS ON STRIKE! Go to-> http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/116108/voting-time
Please!!! Hurry. And Celestia thanks you~ :D
"Ah hope this gets me, mah Cutie Mark." <3

Of all of the people who've favorited Lilies of the Valley today... your name is one of my favorites

Quixotic Mage


Thanks for the favorite on Post Nuptials!

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