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"We are such stuff as dreams are made on." But when our dreams leave us behind we become lost and must search, within and without, for something new.

Art by AeronJVL from here

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That was an excellent story. I do enjoy how Luna was waiting for Twilight up there, and how she also gave Rainbow a grand epitaph. You're never to old to dream.

This fic + The Dark Side of the Moon = Perfection

Also "The foal was grown, the dream was gone, and Rainbow was lost" was pretty much one of the most awesome things ever written

I find it really funny you mention those two things specifically because that line "The foal was grown, the dream was gone, and Rainbow was lost" was ripped from/inspired by the Pink Floyd lyric "The child is grown/ the dream is gone" from comfortably numb.


I KNEW THAT, but I didn't wanna say anything cause people say I talk about Pink Floyd way too much, so, hehe, that's why I quoted it

This is a fic every Rainbow Dash fan SHOULD read! :pinkiehappy: ' I once had a dream... '

EDIT : And that pic is just wonderful!


Let's just hope nobody (if there's someone with that username ,than I don't mean him/her) writes a gore/dark/tragedy story about her death :pinkiesad2:


Gore stuff I wouldn't read ,but Dark/Tragedy perhaps...

Darn, I was trying really hard to not think about how she died and then you went and said that. :fluttercry:
In fairness to Spitfire though, I can't imagine Dash dying of old age in a bed somewhere. As Skywriter of the fic Heretical Fictions said "Rainbow is a little too fond of the idea of messianic blasts in general, but then again, she's always been the 'live fast, die young, leave an atomized corpse' sort."

That's just beautiful, man.

Sad stories are my favorite stories because its happy crying I enjoy. :pinkiesad2:

There goes my pony-travels-to-the-moon story. But that's okay. This was good enough that I'll spare you from my horrible death-whinny. This time.

The style was a little uneven, starting archaic, maybe Edwardian. The "you're too good to be a Wonderbolt" is clever, but implausible. Luna just happening to be on the same cloud Rainbow chooses is more implausible. The most problematic thing is that Luna buried Rainbow years ago, but didn't tell anypony about it. Why?

I think you'd find it interesting to look at some long narrative recountings of George Mallory's final attempt on Mount Everest and the discovery of his body about 80 years later. (Not a Wikipedia page, but maybe the National Geographic article on it.) People wondered all that time whether or not he'd made it to the top. That's very similar to the story you're telling, and it can be told in a lot of ways, with a lot of chronological shuffling of events.

“That’s one small step for ponies, one giant leap for ponykind.” => “That’s one small step for a pony, one giant leap for ponykind.”

Don't let me discourage you. This is very good. But don't believe anypony who says it made me cry. That's a vicious lie! BAD HORSE DOESN'T CRY! Dammit.

She looks like she loves the place! :rainbowkiss:

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