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All of her life, Scootaloo has dealt with a problem that's kept her from what she wants most. Can the pony she holds in highest esteem help her to overcome her problem and achieve her greatest dream?

Chapters (3)
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Good, more writers writing about simple Scootalove other than myself lately :3 Looking pretty decent so far, keep it up.

This is awesome. Acrophobic Scootaloo is best Scootaloo. Can't wait to see where this goes

I love Scootaloo and Dash. They are the best, I think! :pinkiehappy:

And hang-gliding was such a good idea, too.

I'm liking the just-short-of-outraged ("That's just not right!") Dash here; it's a different spin from the usual, and it opens up some potential conflict without veering off into Scootabuse. This is one I'll watch.

For whatever reason I can't get into this (maybe I'm just not enough of a Scootaloo fan to tolerate a whole fic about her)...

But I do want to say that this seems pretty well-written and planned out. The hang-gliding opening is cool.

Good work! :twilightsmile:

AWESOME!! i hope to read more

989706: Well thanks! I certainly love the potential bond Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo could share canonically. There needs to be an episode about that!

990617: I'm not really sure what you mean... :rainbowhuh:

990711: Well thanks for the comment anyway! Very respectful of you, and I completely get where you're coming from.


So many Scoot fics end with the poor little filly coming to some sort of Bad End, often with Dash wondering if she could have prevented it. I don't pretend to know your storyline in advance, but this doesn't seem to be heading in that direction, for which I am grateful. :scootangel:


Ah, can't have a complete Scootaloo story without a chicken mention.
I look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait for the next chapter can't wait to see what happens next:pinkiehappy: Oh and i'm first to comment on this chappter:derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:

Do continue, good sir, you have my rapt attention

Wow, you got my attention wit this storyline. Lets hope Rainbow can find Scootaloo before it's too late and something bad happens to her. :scootangel:

Glad to see this updated!

993032: Ah... I do see what you mean. I won't give anything away, but it's not gonna be bad. :scootangel:

996643: So very true!

1022960: We shall see :raritywink:

D'awwwwww, that's lovely.

very nice grate chapter i loved it i can't wait for more:derpytongue2:

Yay:yay: she's flying and the story's not complete:pinkiehappy:

1036886: No... I don't believe you do :ajsmug: --> 1036710 :derpytongue2:

1037843: In terms of the primary storyline, that was 'the end' but there is still one addition left to be made to the story.

>>Thecrazyrabidfangirl well it said i was when i was writing it but i was out of service so google chrome waited until i was to send it and if you don't believe me or-well i don't really care it's still a good story (the story not my comment) :derpytongue2:

when is next chapter? :twilightsheepish:

This is so good...
I need moar.

1044894: Soon(TM) :trollestia:.... To be more serious, it should be soon. I just need to write up a particular part of it and then spruce the entire chapter up.

I like this story a great deal, the premise, while nothing new, is well worked out.

However, the execution of chapter three feels rushed, or for lack of a better word a little forced.

Acrophobia isn't something you can cure that easily, and It's more likely that Scootaloo would've been terrified by the speeds and tricks Rainbow Dash did.
The same thing goes for having her try to fly by herself so quickly.

That said, the writing is pretty solid and if you'd just take things a little slower this could be one of the best scootalove stories out there.

Keep on writing!

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." ~Elbert Hubbard


I agree that it felt kind of rushed, in retrospect. After reading your comment it all instantly came to me how I could've extended it out, but oh well.

Though, I feel that Scootaloo could have blocked out her fear by being with someone she idolized so much and the rush of the moment. I myself have acrophobia and aerophobia, and things such as roller coasters terrify me. However, from personal experience, I know that when you get going on something that's such an adrenaline rush like a roller coaster (and what Rainbow Dash took Scootaloo on was the air equivalent) you can block out the fear. Not necessarily overcome it, mind, but at least block it out. I do that every time I go to an amusement park; I'm scared to death of the roller coaster, but once I ride it a time or two, I'm eager to jump back on. That's just my personal experience though, which is what I based this off of. Also, there can be varying degrees of phobia, I suppose. I've known people who are terrified of spiders, and others that'll faint at the very sight of one, literally just pass out.

I can see how this chapter comes across as a "Yay, Scootaloo has overcome her fears" type of thing due to the way I ended it. However, this isn't the last chapter, and I still have one more to publish (hopefully soon).

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks a lot for the comment and critique, it's always nice to see some criticism. :raritystarry:


Awww! Cute story! I love Scootaloo!!:scootangel:

when are you going to update this story :fluttercry:

Is this still an active story or have you dropped it or quit?

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