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One lonely night, Vinyl decides to use her old two-way radio to relieve the tedium. In doing so, she stumbles upon the voice of 'Adi,' who has a story so crazy Vinyl isn't willing to believe it.

But Adi is desperate, so desperate that Vinyl knows something really is wrong. Can her words help Adi overcome whatever is really happening? Even if she can instill hope in this stranger, is hope worth anything against seemingly insurmountable odds?

All Vinyl can do is sit before her radio and talk. Perhaps it will be enough.

Thanks to Mercury Gilado and Starlight Nova for pre-reading and editing.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio! It came as quite the surprise.

Cover Art Credit: HolyShmow

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I like it when people write about vinyl, because everyone has different interpretation about her and thy are all so different. I like this story so far, but I'm gonna keep it tabbed till its finished so I don't have to wait for each chapter. Keep up the good work Paul.
Oh and just because I love doing this.


This is pretty dang interesting! I hope you put out more soonish!

I know exactly what you mean; I generally won't read anything that isn't already finished, either. Good news is that I don't intend this to be too long; aiming for ten chapters. Might be a little longer than that, but we'll see.

This is my first attempt at a story with the 'human' tag, so we shall see how it goes.

Soonish? Perhaps. Not sure when the next chapter will be out, to be honest, though I could have it released as early as this time next week.

Well I can't wait.... 10 chapters... *rubs chin. That's like 4 weeks right?:applejackunsure:
Sounds good to me.

If you check out my page. You will see that THIS GUY, wrote the only story that has made me cry (CRYING IS MANLY). Your a legend bro.

So, how is writing Vinyl like? You've mentioned that Octavia was meant to be similar in character to you, so... um... ?

Oooh. Looks like a cool concept. Will be waiting until it's finished, but when that happens it'll be on the short list for stuff to read.

Uuuuh, no. Although I have written a over 75k in a fortnight before... but that was when I didn't have a job.

Good, I can look forward to a comment from you every chapter. Right? Right? :trixieshiftright:

I have achieved legendary status? I knew I'd get there some day!

Well, Vinyl's nothing like me, not really. For one, I don't do parties and clubs. But I didn't want to make Vinyl famous; doing the 'it's lonely at the top' shtick is passe and didn't really fit what I was going for anyway. I'm trying to take on a more original style of Vinyl while leaving more than enough of her fanon in there to appeal to the expectant masses.

But as far as 'what's it like,' I approach her no differently than I do any other character.

Well then, I shall look forward to your final analysis.

Well this is actually kind of interesting. I think I'll keep my eye on it. So I'll see you at the next chapter.

Glad it's caught your attention. We shall see if that trend continues.

Ok, you caught my attention, question is, can you keep it? :trixieshiftright:

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Please sir, I need more of this. I really like this type of story.

Oh ye of little faith! I have yet to not finish a story, I'm not about to start.

I'm just exited because this story has me hooked like a fucking fish.

This is intriguing. I'll tag this frequency and await the next broadcast.

... those moments where you go through the new posts and you find something special, I mean real special; you can feel there being something just a bit extra about this just by reading the description.
And then you read it and realize that the feeling was correct.

I'm eagerly looking forward to more of this, and if there rest of your works are as intriguing then I'm going to make sure to read them as well.

I'll see you then.

May you not be disappointed.

And so you shall... in time. :rainbowdetermined2:

... I have no idea why but I'm getting a Contact / Gravity crossover vibe.

I eagerly await for more especially since you wrote the controversial Tyrant.

Best of luck, stay healthy, and update soon!


Never saw Contact, actually. Still, I suppose it's possible Gravity had some subconscious influence, y'know?

Huh. How many stories is this?

Finally here!! As a general rule, I don't read stories with a human tag. But... I think I'll make an exception here. This is quite an original concept, and it's actually interesting for once. And I like Vinyl... I like how you write her, and Flash Sentry. Keep it up!

I knew the 'human' tag could be a big turnoff for a lot of people. Heck, it's typically a turnoff for me. However, taking common concepts and approaching them from a new direction is sorta my call sign; I'd be remiss if I didn't at least try. Once this idea hit me, I knew it would be worth trying.

Let us see if you agree.

5323827 Yeah... usually, if I see a human tag, I'll immediately leave the story, but this is your story we're talking about, so I'll give it a chance. So far, it's rather interesting. I think you'll be able to pull it off, if the first chapter is any indication.

Well then, I appreciate the faith! :twilightsmile:

Well, this is certainly off to an interest in start. Keep it up.

A depressed drunken Flash Sentry, a Human in orbit awaiting his eventual death, and a night owl named Vinyl Scratch. This is going to be interesting.

I would probably be very skeptical too, if someone over the radio told me they were a space alien. The odds of sharing the same language are...astronomical.

Can't, I like you regular commentary too much. Sorry.

The odds of several things are going to come up a few times, sort of as a regular in-joke.

I am on the edge of my seat with this story for reasons that I cannot quite grasp. Please update soon.


It'll be late next week, or so I plan. May the next part keep you interested!

Already? We've barely even started!

Oh, don't worry so much. This story won't fall to such a low as that story, not even close.

But of course I'll be trying to generate the feels.


Why the heck don't we have a Diamond Tiara 'devil' emote or an 'Inspiration Manifestation Rarity' one? They would be so useful right about now...

Bah! Not the lack of a 'sad' tag?

Although I must admit, that's only because there's no 'bittersweet' tag...

No!!! Vinyl, turn it back on!!

And now I know why I'm enjoying an HiE story. It actually makes sense.:pinkiegasp: Who'd have thought??!!!:facehoof:

I am really enjoying this... far more than I should enjoy an HiE story. Keep it up!


I am really enjoying this... far more than I should enjoy an HiE story.

It's like a fundamental law of the universe is being broken, right?

Understandable, yes. No less saddening. :fluttercry:

Excellent story direction! I was not expecting that turn of events at all.

Assuming Vinyl even turns on the radio again, this sure puts the alien in a bind. How is she going to convince Vinyl that she's not an alien when she doesn't know the culture and can't ask? Of course, now that the alien knows there are others out there reachable by radio, she can try other channels and times to find someone more amenable to talking to her.

Hmm. Who else might she find? What if she finds a police channel? "Ma'am, this channel is for official use only. I insist that you stop broadcasting at once!" "What are you going to do? Arrest me? Arrest me! That's it, come find me! La la la! Make me stop! Jail would be wonderful compared to where I am now! Ha ha ha ha!"

(Hmm. Maybe I didn't think that through. She doesn't know the culture. There are worse things in the universe than being alone.)


Oh, she'll get Vinyl back. There's a bit of a mystery regarding Vinyl's feelings towards Adi – or, more specifically, Adi's presumed situation – which have already been hinted at in this chapter. Dunno how long it will take to really get to the bottom of it, though.

My only worry is that the 'every character must be nice at all costs or I'll hate them' crowd will blast Vinyl for acting normal. I can't help but suspect that's why I just earned a downvote. :fluttershyouch:

This was a nice chapter. Honestly, I would have the same reaction as Vinyl.

More like HoE, amirite?
Wait, that came out wrong...

Where will it go from here? Vinyl's actions have caused quite the issue now, though more to the point I am surprised noones caught onto the broadcast either.

I'm still debating with myself on whether I should touch that particular topic. On the one hand, I could leave it alone as an oddity. On the other, I can add it to the in-joke of 'what are the odds?' that I already plan on utilizing.

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