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Technical Writer from the U.S.A.'s Deep South. Writes horsewords and reviews. New reviews posted every other Thursday! Writing Motto: "Go Big or Go Home!"


So many ponies, so many possibilities! Here I dump 500-word drabbles of two random characters interacting. These stories may include character shipping, friendshipping, or simply trying not to kill one another.

Updates will be whenever I get inspired by a pairing. I see different pairings daily, so surely more of them will catch my attention in time.

Stories will be unrelated to one another unless otherwise specified.

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Somewhere in the Frozen North, a griffon expedition has gone missing. As the only airship specifically designed for the frigid environment, the Aurora Dawn and her crew's first mission out of the shipyards will be to find and rescue this lost expedition.

If only they knew what the expedition was really out there to find...

Inspired by the collective works of H.P. Lovecraft, though familiarity with Lovecraft's works are not necessary to get this.

I experimented quite a bit with narrative in this story, specifically in using different narrative voices depending upon the perspective. I'll leave it up to the readers if I pulled this off effectively.

My thanks to JawJoe for the exceptionally helpful prereading and suggestions on how to make this story all the better.

Now with a Russian translation, courtesy Steel_Ranger!

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This story is a sequel to No Heroes: Life of Pie

Five-year-old Keen Arrow loved her uncle's stories. He could tell them so well, always helping her escape from the bad ponies and the scary times. Wouldn't it be nice if she could be the one to tell him a story for once?

Unfortunately, telling a story doesn't come as naturally for her as it does for Uncle Fine.

Created based on a prompt from Darkevony, this might count as a commissioned piece, though I don't know how well it really fits said prompt. I suppose I'll let them be the judge.

The first chapter takes place during the events of No Heroes Part III - For Dreams, whereas all other chapters are set after the main No Heroes stories. The story makes nods towards the franchise, but doesn't rely on it to tell its story, so you shouldn't have to read anything from the main series to get what is happening here.

The No Heroes Series
Chronological from Top to Bottom:
Shadow Pony
Reddux the Tyrant
No Heroes Part I - The Roster
No Heroes Part II - The Journey Home
Lightning's Bolt
No Heroes Part III - For Dreams
No Heroes Part IV - The Crystal Empress
No Heroes: Beyond the Everfree
No Heroes: Life of Pie
No Heroes: Hot Chocolate at the Isekai
To My Uncle

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An anonymous letter has been sent to Princess Twilight Sparkle with grim news: one of the benches in the local park has been booby trapped! Said trap will trigger whenever the next pony to sit on it stands up.

Not a problem. No need to panic! All she has to do is get to the bench before anypony... sits... on it.

Oh, bother.

Just a silly idea that popped into my head. Written purely as a distraction from my usual projects, with no mind paid to whether it's, yknow, good.

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This story is a sequel to Bulletproof Heart: Sunset at Little Longhorn

She's put it off for seasons, but at last Rarity is following Spike's suggestion and visiting Manehattan. There resides the Arcaenum, where a certain mage of ill repute may be able to help her better understand Coco's gift. But before that, there's the little matter of a filly with a lost sister to clear up.

Why is Trixie so nervous to leave her home? Why won't Scootaloo go to the Manehattan Guard for this? And why does Rarity allow herself to keep getting dragged into these things?

A big thanks to Little Tigress for the commissioned art!

No prereaders this time. It took so long to finish this that I was just ready to release, typos and plot holes be darned! If you see any issues, feel free to PM me about them.

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This story is a sequel to Gunsmoke

Sunset Shimmer meant to visit another video game. Wild West games are always fun, right? But then things go wrong and Sunset's alter ego, Desert Mirage, becomes trapped in an entirely different world. This isn't a video game. The choices she makes matter. With a real chance of hurting somepony, Mirage decides to head home as quickly as possible. That'd be a lot easier if her way back hadn't been stolen. But Mirage has far more to worry about than mere card thieves.

The Bulletproof Heart is on the hunt.

A collaborative project with Wanderer D and a crossover of Bulletproof Heart, Gunsmoke, and Sunset's Isekai. This one's just for fun, folks!

Bangin' cover art commissioned from KorenCZ11.

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Being a rock farmer is simple. You just have to move and break rocks. Couldn't be any more complicated than that. Someday Limestone Pie is going to be as good at it as Papa! Absolutely nothing can threaten this.

Nothing, that is, except Great Uncle Holder Cobblestone and his stupid boulder.

A cutie mark story for everyone's favorite grouchy pony.

Slightly AU because I altered the history of the Pie Farm a bit, but I was convinced by one of my pre-readers that the AU tag wasn't warranted. We shall see!

All my thanks go to NumberFifth and Serketry for their pre-reading, editing, and plot suggestions. Seriously, it helped a lot.

Cover art belongs to Aureai. Tried to get permission but received no reply. Will change it if they ever ask.

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Lightning Dust wants to start her own stunt team, but finding a pony able to make flight suits to her standards has been difficult. After many dead ends, she is prepared to risk Rarity For You in Manehattan. There she'll find not only what she's looking for, but the pony she never knew she needed.

A little slice-of-life that popped into my head and wouldn't go away. Friendshipping with a hint of romance.

My thanks to the immensely helpful ChaseIsOnTheCase and Ghost Mike for prereading.

Cover art by xkappax, used with permission.

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This story is a sequel to Bulletproof Heart

Rarity Belle arrives at the small Eastline town of Little Longhorn. It was supposed to be a quick visit: deliver a package, maybe stay the night, move on.

Instead she finds souls in desperate need. The soul of a mare. The soul of an entire community. Little Longhorn is plagued by the ghosts of heroes, the cinders of battle, and the ever-looming threat of retribution. Perhaps a visit from the Bulletproof Heart is exactly what this town needs.

She can start with the local teacher.

A re-introduction of the Bulletproof Heart, set half a year after the conclusion of the original story. While this does hint at some past events, it is intended to serve as a potential entry point for new readers. May serve as the beginning of a new series of tales in the BPH universe.

My thanks to all the pre-readers: Babroniedad, SorenPixels, Merc the Jerk, Ghost Mike, Wanderer D, and Soge

Cover art commissioned from bakki. Text by me.

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Chrysalis Chrysanthemum is one of the most powerful, feared individuals in the world of corporate business. There is nothing she can't do if she puts her mind to it. At least, that's what she always thought. Then a girl named Sunset Shimmer drops into her life. Chrysalis is set to discover that of all the ways she has succeeded, there's one thing she failed utterly at. Make that three things.

Now she must face the hard truth and find some way to fix it. If only she had the faintest clue how.

The story of Chrysalis as a mother in two parts. Inspired by a long-held and beloved headcanon of mine.

Pre-reading done by Wandering Twilight, Ghost Mike, ShiningBeacon, and AuroraDawn.

Cover art commissioned from AmazingPuffhair, who surprised me by getting it done perfectly in only one try.

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